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Painting the lines between physical and emotional, alchemy is known as the predecessor to modern day chemistry and even schools of psychology. The philosophical principles of alchemy have spanned centuries and continents of ancient cultures, but much of their enlightening message always remained universal – to transform. Whether it was a physical or emotional transformation, they sought to heal, change and consciously create the world within and around them.

Areté’s Alchemic Color is a celebration of the art and science of alchemy, where we’ve unearthed a new, golden era for the modern day alchemist - the hair stylist. 

Alchemic Color Tubes

Benefits of Alchemic Color

♥   91 Intermixable shades (View shade guide here)

♥   18 Tonal Families, 6 Color Concentrates, and 1 Colorless Clear

♥   100% Flawless grey coverage

♥   Available in large 3.4oz tubes with a cost-effective mixing ratio of 1 to 1.5

♥   Free from Ammonia, PPD, Resorcinol, and Gluten

♥   Vegan, cruelty-free formulas

♥   Hybrid color range - Tones, refreshes & covers grey

♥   Neutral fragrance for irritation-free coloring

♥   Conscious formulation can be better for sensitive or health-conscious clients

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Meet Our Ingredients

In keeping with our vision of beauty through conscious creation, Alchemic Color is crafted without ammonia, PPDs, resorcinol, gluten and animal-derived ingredients. Within our infinitely recyclable aluminum tubes, you’ll find innovation, tradition, authenticity, craftsmanship and performance that promotes the health of the planet, people and beauty professionals.



Hair & Scalp Wellness Color Complex

A culmination of innovation and tradition, VINAPLEX-100combines our new world of scientific advancement and ethics with old-world botanical remedies and craftsmanship to create a groundbreaking new complex for hair health and scalp wellness.

Born from grapes, or Vitis Vinifera, we’ve combined the isolated molecules of traditional, 100-year-old bio-fermented Balsamic Vinegar with RESVERATROL — nature’s most powerful antioxidant — to create a breakthrough in beauty alchemy. 

This complex strengthens and remineralizes the hair, while working from the bulb level to promote protection from aging, damage and oxidative stress. 

For centuries, Balsamic Vinegar has been revered as Italy’s healing elixir. VINAPLEX-100 innovates the future and celebrates the history of this extraordinary ingredient with a passion and respect for culture, craftsmanship and ethics that embody beauty through conscious creation.

Oil Complex 2

ITALIAN GOLD organic oil blend

Golden Oil Complex

At the heart of Alchemic Color is our sacred trio of cold-pressed, organic oils. Sustainably sourced from the oleiferous lands of Italy, each oil is revered as a form of ITALIAN GOLD. Rich in benefits for the hair and scalp, this nutritive oil blend enhances color absorption, protects from damage and moisture loss and delivers scalp soothing properties.

Pomegranate Oil (Red Gold) - The paradoxical pomegranate has long been a symbol of transformation. It represents a mediation between light and dark, death and rebirth, and the transition of life’s seasons. It’s a naturally powerful antioxidant that protects, nourishes and delivers a regenerative action on the hair during the alchemical color transformation. 

Apricot Oil (Yellow Gold) - Apricot Oil once adorned the medicinal and cosmetic cabinets of Ancient Greece and Rome, where it was revered for its ability to hydrate and heal. Its high antioxidant content and lightweight consistency help the hair retain moisture and defend against the elements.

Olive Oil (Green Gold) - For over 6,000 years Olive Oil has been cherished as a symbol of peace. For hair and skin, it's rich in vitamins, oleic acid and squalene, which penetrate the cuticle to deliver intense hydration and softness.

Phytokeratin Protein

Phytokeratin Protein

Vegan Keratin Substitute

Composed of Hydrolyzed Oat Protein and Hydrolyzed Rice Bran Protein, this ingredient is vital to Alchemic Color's formulation, replacing keratin lost in the coloring process. By enveloping each strand in protein, it effectively treats brittle, dll, fine, dry and dehydrated hair while adding strength and shine. 

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