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About Golden Hour Botanicals

Golden Hour is the time just before sunset or right before sunrise. It's when the sun provides a beautiful, gentle, and natural light to the skin. This magical light softens your features and dissolves the appearance of any impurities. Golden Hour Botanicals mimics this visually dimensional radiance through nature's sublime nutrients. Comprised of nature's most skin-loving botanicals, each product contains the highest quality of natural ingredients available. With a minimalist mindset, Golden Hour Botanicals delivers a thoughtfully curated line of skincare essentials to treat your skin from head to toe, revealing a natural glow.


Golden Hour Botanicals is committed to:

  • Clean, innovative formulations
  • Plant-infused, botanical-based products
  • Results-driven remedies for all skin types
  • Ingredient transparency
  • Providing the percentage of organic ingredients in every product
  • Sourcing ingredients sustainably and with respect for people and planet

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Organic and natural plant-based ingredients power Golden Hour Botanicals to transform skin and bring out a natural glow.


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