Oway Scalp Treatments Overview

If our hair are the plants, our scalp is the soil.

To achieve strong, healthy hair, we must tend to where it grows – the scalp. When the scalp environment is imbalanced, issues such as hair loss, dandruff and dermatitis can cause unnecessary physical and mental stress. Typically, these scalp sufferers end up in our salon chair, pleading for guidance and support from their trusted Hair Stylist.

However, a lack of scalp expertise can send our professional confidence spiraling downward. We know nothing is more frustrating than feeling unable to service and support a client due to lack of education. Most beauty school curriculums lack trichology and organic scalp care products have been sparse — until now.

By the end of our training, you’ll gain the confidence and technical know-how to help your clients tackle their scalp concerns, head on.

Chapter 1: Introduction

In our Oway Holistic Scalp Treatments Training video, we teach you our innovative, holistic approach to scalp care. You’ll learn how to identify and treat problematic scalps with our state-of-the-art diagnostics tools and plant-powered products from Simply Organic Beauty’s Oway brand.

Chapter 2: Tools + Products (1:36)

In this chapter, you’ll get familiar with the exclusive service tools and products needed to perform a successful scalp treatment.


  • Tricho-analyzer // this state-of-the-art scalp microscope transforms your consultations and treatment services by providing an interactive, magnified view of the hair and scalp. It’s innovative, micro video technology allows both you and our client to take a deeper look at issues plaguing the hair and scalp. Rather than telling your clients about their hair and scalp, now you can show them with a high resolution LCD monitor that can magnify up to 200x! Not only does this increase trust, but products and services can be recommended with absolute confidence.
  • Oway Scalp Treatments Guide Poster // this handy tool will help you effectively identify and diagnose the scalp issues displayed on your Tricho-analyzer screen. It also provides a quick overview of which Oway scalp products and treatments to select, as well as how to customize and mix your botanical scalp treatment blend.


  • Salon Cape // Brushes // Combs // Clips // necessary accessories to ensure precise applications and client experience.
  • Wooden Bowl Mixing Kit // this apothecarial-style application kit ensures your scalp treatments are 100% pure, non-toxic and eco-friendly. The kit contains your mixing bowl, spatula, measuring spoon and application brush.



  • Oway AROMA Tea // A true holistic salon experience engages all senses. AROMA is Oway’s signature loose leaf herbal tea blend that allows clients to taste som of the wonderful biodynamic botanicals found in the products used on them. Soothing and calming, salon guests can relax and enjoy their scalp treatments. Made with 100% biodynamic and organic botanicals grown on our Oway family farms in Bologna, Italy.
  • Oway Aroma Tea Pot // Made strong, non-toxic glass and a built-in, reusable tea filter, this tea pot is perfect for serving up your AROMA tea.
  • Oway Aroma Tea Mugs // Complete your holistic health ritual by serving your AROMA tea in this strong, non-toxic mini tea mugs.
  • Oway Remedy Hand Balm // Our ultra-healing hand treatment that softens and repairs the skin with nourishing Organic Chia Butter and Fair Trade Patauà Oil. A perfect way to engage your client sense of touch and release tension of the hands.
  • Oway NOTA Essential Oil // The sense of smell is one of the most powerful ways the mind makes memories, and NOTA was expressly designed to turn a simple salon appointment into a unique, unforgettable experience. Add it to a warm towel and wrap around your client’s head while the Scalp Treatment processes.
  • Salon Towels // Use to wrap around your client’s head during the Scalp Treatment.

Chapter 3: Client Consultation (2:58)

Every successful salon service begins with a thoughtful consultation. Be sure to ask these questions during your client conversation:

  • What symptoms are you experiencing? Ex: Itchy, Redness, Sensitivity, Flaking, Excess Oil, Hair Loss
  • Are you willing to commit to a series of scalp treatments to remedy the problem?
  • Will you purchase the necessary home care products to maintain your treatment results?

Questions like these manage your client’s expectations and build the necessary trust needed to remedy their scalp concerns. Be sure to take detailed notes during your consultation and even offer them a discount on product or future appointments, if they purchase their sessions in a package.

Chapter 4: Scalp Analysis + Diagnosis (3:38)

During this step, you’ll analyze your client’s scalp with our revolutionary Tricho-analyzer! Once you see the scalp at 200x magnification, you’ll be able to recommend the right treatment path. Oway offers 4 series of holistic scalp treatment products that can be customized to match your client’s individual needs

Chapter 5: Treatment Types (4:14)

Purifying Scalp Treatments

Designed for scalps with dry or oily dandruff, desquamation and itching.

Rebalancing Scalp Treatments

Designed for eliminating yellow spots, excess shine and hair follicle clogging oil buildup.

Soothing Scalp Treatments

Designed for your clients with irritation, eczema, psoriasis, sensitivity, redness and itching.

Hair Loss Scalp Treatments

For clients suffering from simple hair loss, subcutaneous trophism, hair loss with presence of dermatitis or sensitization, hair loss caused by excess sebum, or hair loss caused by dandruff.

**Note: Sometimes a mixture of products from each collection might be needed to remedy the issue. These cases are explained in your Oway Scalp Treatments Guide Poster

Chapter 6: Scalp Treatment Application + Ritual (6:35)

After you’ve measured and mixed your custom treatment, apply directly to your clients scalp. Proceed with a scalp massage, as recommended by your Oway Scalp Treatments Guide Poster.

You will then begin your Holistic Scalp Treatments Ritual, where you provide your client with ultimate relaxation experience by engaging all 5 senses.

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