A Stylist’s Clean Beauty Guide to Women’s History Month

We love that our industry is female dominated every month but especially during the month of March! Women’s History Month is an important time to celebrate and recognize the amazing women in our industry. Especially the women who have pioneered the way to get us to this point. 

We champion the women in our industry and our clean beauty family every day but this month we’re sharing ways you can share in that with us and with the women in your lives. 

Support Other Salons + Stylists 

Women supporting women is essential especially in business. This can make a huge impact on your business and is a great way to make someone’s day! 

Some ways you can accomplish this without losing clientele are to: 

  • Shout out another salon on your social media
  • Partner in a product or service giveaway
  • Get your hair done by a fellow stylist and shout them out

Write a Sparkling Review For a Women-Owned Salon, Business, or Stylist! 

We all know what great reviews can do for us as stylists. Taking a few minutes to write a review for a female stylist/salon can significantly impact their success. They will truly appreciate this small gesture and they will be prompted to do the same for you and your business. 

Be a Mentor for Someone New to the Industry 

Beauty schools across the country are constantly graduating new stylists into the industry. We also know that the best education comes from working with and/or being mentored by a successful stylist in the industry. Whether they’re new to your salon or not, reach out and offer to help them out. From career advice to technical skills, this will be a great opportunity for an upcoming stylist who may be intimidated by being new to the industry. 

Be an Ally for Female Stylists + Salon Owners  

Taking the time to educate yourself about intersectionality, inclusion, and diversity, will help you truly understand unfairness, especially for the women barbers and women-owned businesses in our industry. This will allow you to see the progress, how far we have come as a society and also recognize how far we still have to go. Continuing to educate yourself on women’s history, as well as the history of our industry will give you a better understanding of the things women have done to get us where we are today. 


Did you know we carry some of the best women-owned beauty brands you know and love?! 

Original & Mineral 

Joyce Bryce Smith, CEO and Founder

Inspired by her experience as a stylist, Jose Bryce Smith created Original Mineral with a vision to bring nature and luxury together in a line of Australian-born color, care, and styling products that are safe, effective, and beautiful to use.

Intelligent Nutrients

Nicole Rechelbacher and Kiran Stordalen, Founders and Owners

Co-creators Nicole Rechelbacher and Kiran Stordalen founded Intelligent Nutrients, a luxury beauty company, that combines nature and science to offer impeccable, high-quality products that produce stunning results.

Paper Not Foil

Amanda Buckingham, Creator and Owner

In an industry known for single-use, Amanda Buckingham’s creation, Paper Not Foil, has been at the forefront of the eco-friendly beauty tools movement. In addition to being 100% tree-free, this revolutionary product is reusable and fully recyclable, reducing single-use waste and protecting forests vital to our ecosystem.


Anissa Salazar, Founder and CEO

Prompted by her love of hair and over 12 years of experience as a hairstylist in the entertainment industry, Anissa Salazar honored her Mexican roots by infusing traditional Mexican herbal remedies to create mindful haircare for all generations.


Lynsie Galbraith, Co-Founder

Viori co-founder Lynsie Galbraith was inspired to create the solid beauty brand after time spent in the rice-terraced mountains of Longsheng with the Red Yao Tribe. In collaboration with the Tribe, Viori’s bars are not only ideal for travel but cut down on packaging waste and lost product that comes with traditional care products.


These clean beauty pioneers are truly paving the way for future generations of women-owned brands and businesses that we can’t wait to partner with! 

Shop our women-owned brands and share this blog with women in the industry that you think are amazing!