4 Amazing Benefits of Bio-Rich Water


Nestled away in the green hills of Bologna, Italy is OrtOfficina. This is the Organic Way’s 50,000 sqm of family-owned, biodynamic farmland where 12 types of medicinal plants are harvested without the use of chemicals, solvents or machinery.

After these precious botanicals are handpicked, they are steam distilled  without any chemicals, and transformed into 100% pure organic essential oils. These precious essential oils become the active ingredients and all natural fragrance in Oway products.

But did you know the remaining water from the steam distillation is packed full of nutrients? This extraordinary water is known as Hydrolates –  it’s the heart and soul powering our Bio-Rich Water.


What are Hydrolates?

Hydrolates are active waters, deeply infused with soluble plant extracts, making it rich in benefits.

They’re excellent invigorators of the mind, body and hair as they boast refreshing, moisturizing, decongestant and astringent properties.

Instead of casting away this precious water, Oway has harnessed it’s amazing properties to create Bio Rich Water – a versatile spray that can be used in these 4 unique ways:


Great for hydrating hair and increasing combability, this spray can replace your leave-in conditioner or detangler. And when you are looking for a something to rewet the hair with while you are cutting, look no further!

Your sectioning will be spot on as this spray smoothes the rough scales of the hair down for sleek and hydrated strands that are easy to guide and manipulate.

Cutting will be a breeze!


Not only does this light, fragrant spray envelope you in it’s subtle floral and citrus scents, but it seals the cuticle down to protect you from any unpleasant smells that might intrude.

Everyday pollutants like cooking fumes and smoke typically absorb quickly in the hair and are extremely hard to get out or cover up. Spray Bio-rich Water into hair daily before going out and keep hair freshness protected all day.

This can also be sprayed all over the skin after showering for the same effect from head to toe.


Bio-rich Water makes for the perfect setting spray for makeup applications. As described above, this lotion creates a barrier between your skin and the outside world, so it’s an excellent way to keep your skin safe from any makeup that could potentially be absorbed.

It will also help your newly painted face to last longer, without dripping, smudging, or smearing. Spray directly on skin after cleansing and before applying any powders or concealers.


Bio-rich Water is not just a great way to freshen your locks but also use it to refresh your space. It has the power to neutralize unwanted odors and leaves a light natural scent behind. Take advantage of this feature by spraying the air around your client during their service, especially while they are relaxing with color or a treatment.

This completes the spa-like feel of the Oway experience.

How do you use Oway’s Bio-Rich Water? Share below!