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The votes are in! Thousands of hair stylists voted in Beauty Launchpad’s Reader’s Choice Awards every year, and we’re proud to sayOrganic Way (Oway)’s Hcolor has won best professional ammonia-free hair color for 2 years in a row (2015 & 2016)!


Best Professional Ammonia-Free Hair Color

Organic Way’s Hcolor is a permanent ammonia-free hair color line that covers grey, while nourishing the hair and scalp with biodynamic botanicals, organic essential oils and fair trade ingredients. They’re the first color line in the professional beauty industry to use ‘Farm to Chair’ ingredients grown on their 100% chemical-free farms in Bologna, Italy.

Organic Way, also known as Oway, is a unique player amongst ammonia-free hair color brands due to their holistic approach to hair, health and the delicate world around us.

Organic Way uses innovative green chemistry to create gentle formulations that deliver rich, multifaceted color results. Their balanced use of therapeutic essential oils and plant butters creates a hair color experience unlike any other.

Many stylists and clients with allergies choose Hcolor as their go-to color. But, even those without sensitivities choose the Organic Way because of the unrivaled color results and hair health.

The perfect balance between natural and effective, Oway’s Hcolor is the first organic color that’s predictable and easy-to-use, while boasting these amazing benefits.

Ammonia Free Hcolor Benefits

  • 95 Shades
  • No Harsh Fumes
  • Full Grey Coverage
  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan
  • Long Lasting, Shiny Hair Color
  • Nourishing Organic Ingredients
  • Respects Hair’s pH and Structural Integrity

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  1. Hannah Bachman

    Let’s start with: What is/are the oxidative ingredient(s)? i.e. PPD, PPT, MEA, etc. Or is this temp/semi/topical color only? I would like to know this before requesting any info.

    • No problem, Hannah. Hcolor uses small percentages of PPD and MEA to permanently color hair. The focus here is on percentages. Ammonia-free hair color lines with too much MEA have not done much to replace ammonia because the pH is still severely altered. As you know, when the pH of the hair is too high, the cuticle is damage and has difficulty closing. This results are quick-to-fade, lackluster color.

  2. Charles Flood

    You should take a look Oringinal Minerals O&M CCT permanent color, that doesn’t contain any PPD’S, ammonia, resorcinol,ect.
    I’ve been using this brand of color and wet line for 3 years and I’m loving it. Best shine no Unpleasant odors great grey coverage the best, check it out!

  3. Heavy burden

    What is the specific percentage of PPD included in the temp/semi color product? And how does it compare to other professional salon coloring products (e.g., INOA). Thank you.

  4. Janet Cinquegrana

    Does your hair color have any chemicals in it or not? The post belong seems to say you have small amounts of PPD

  5. Azad

    What is the benefit when these product range are in monopoly of hairdressers?! those ladies who dye their own hair at home know that this is not a rocket science to use tubes or salon range hair colors. So being in control of hairdressers does not help to promote your message. So disappointed about this.

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