Stylist Success Series: Boosting Revenue During the Slow Season

Now that the holiday season is over, you can finally take a breath! While books tend to be the lightest during the month of January, don’t let this take a toll on your revenue! There are plenty of opportunities to meet your new 2023 financial goals during this month and we’d love to share some of our favorite Simply Organic Beauty ways to do so.

Sharpen Your Skill with Education

Stylist education is a valuable (and fun) investment into your future. This will allow you to add more service offerings to your salon menu and even allow you to raise your pricing with your newly acquired skills! We have several online education opportunities planned for 2023, you can check them out and sign up HERE!

Use the HHT Partner Program to Sell Products Online

Are you a part of our Holistic Hair Tribe Partner Program yet? If not, you can join the family HERE.

Through the Partner Program, you will receive a commission on every product sold. While you have more time out from behind the chair this month, take advantage and market yourself and your favorite products online! 

We create digital marketing assets and share access to product imagery for your convenience so that you can utilize them via social media and within your marketing emails. Tailor them to your personal brand, adding an important personal touch that is engaging to those viewing.   

Marketing emails will be a great way to share that now gifting for others is finished, it’s now time to invest in yourself! Use our Simply Organic Beauty ‘Product of the Week’ as content to excite clients. The great part is, you’ll receive POTW at a discount – allowing you to sell to clients with a higher revenue percentage per product. 

Don’t forget to use your unique partner link + code within your emails to receive and boost your commission! You can find that information within your Refersion Dashboard.

Acquire New Clients

Is one of your 2023 business goals to attract more clientele? If so, use January to do just that with marketing! One of the best ways to do this is through social media. 

Sift through your recent content and create new, exciting visuals such as: before and afters, product reviews, and product/hair tutorials to connect with potential clients online. This allows you to showcase you, your salon, and your amazing skill set! 

Pro-tip: It is important to be mindful of the content you’re putting out there, however. Example: If you’re looking to attract more balayage clients – put forward stunning blondes you’ve created. If you’re looking for more curly haired clients this year – show your best curly cuts or even advertise for curly cut models who will receive services at a discounted rate. 

Try taking your business cards and salon menus to local businesses and ask to leave them where their guests can grab one! Not only is this great for local networking, it’s a great way to share your salon with people that are potentially new to the area and looking for a new salon home! 


January can be just as lucrative as your holiday season if you take the time to invest in your business and yourself! With these tips and tricks we’re confident 2023 will be off to a very successful start!