Quick & Easy Holiday Hair Updos to Try ASAP

The holidays are the most nerve-wracking season for many hairdressers: holiday parties left and right; tourists coming from everywhere; last-minute cancellations and bookings for holiday hairdos, among other things. From all this chaos, it can be challenging to instantly come up with a hair style that’s both quick and stylish.

So today, we did 3 elegant ‘dos that will allow you to re-create them in the salon in no-time, using our Oway and Original & Mineral Holiday Hair Kits.

Easy Holiday Hair Styles

Low Bun Updo Tutorial

STEP 1. Prep the hair with O&M Atonic Thickening Spray to add body to the hair.

STEP 2. Create a pony using an elastic, leaving a section of hair on the sides.

STEP 3. Apply a few drops of O&M Frizzy Logic Serum to smooth flyaways. Then, make a hole above the elastic and flip the pony through it.

STEP 4. Take the remaining sections and tie another pony, then flip it through the hole.

STEP 5. Spray with O&M Queenie Firm Hold Hair Spray to control texture and set.

STEP 6. Tie the two ponies together near the bottom of the section.

STEP 7. Flip the whole pony, tucking it securely into a bun using bobby pins.

STEP 8. Add more pins and spray with O&M Queenie once more to secure.

STEP 9. Spray with O&M Frizzy Logic Spray to tame flyaways and give the hair a soft shine.

STEP 10. Finish by adding an accent for an elegant touch.


Waterfall Braided Bun Tutorial


STEP 1. Prep the hair with Oway Thermal Stress Protector prior to curling the ends.

STEP 2. To create a waterfall braid, begin by taking a large vertical section of hair from the front, and divide into three sections.

STEP 3. Cross the back section over the middle section, and then the front section over the middle.

STEP 4. Next, as you cross the back section over the middle for the second time, be sure to bring in a section of hair underneath to create a French braid.

STEP 5. Repeat this process until you reach the back opposite corner of the head.

STEP 6. Tie a pony with the remaining section of hair and spray with Oway Glamshine Cloud to tame flyaways.

STEP 7. Then, spray the hair with Oway Sculpting Mist to hold the style.

STEP 8. Back comb the pony to give the hair more body and texture.

STEP 9. Pin curled strands onto the side to create a low bun.

STEP 10. Finish by applying a few drops of Oway Glossy Nectar.

STEP 11. If necessary, secure the bun by adding more pins.

STEP 12. If your client has bangs, apply Oway Precious Wax to control the bangs.

STEP 9. Add a sparkly accent to finish the look.


Headband Bun Tutorial

STEP 1. Comb the hair to smooth and detangle.

STEP 2. Take a headband and put it on top of the smoothed hair. 

STEP 3. Use the O&M Frizzy Logic Serum to tame any flyaways.

STEP 4. Take a section of hair on each side and tuck it in the headband. The thickness of sections determined by the desired final look and density of hair.

STEP 5. Continue tucking sections moving to the back, alternating sides each time for balance.

STEP 6. Spray with O&M Queenie Firm Hold Hair Spray to set the style. Center section: Make sure all pieces are neatly tucked for a balanced bun.

STEP 7. Secure the bun with extra pins if necessary.

STEP 8. Then apply O&M Frizzy Logic Spray to give the hair a soft sheen.

STEP 9. And voila! You’re done!


Which of these hair styles are you excited to try this season?