Are Your Kid Shampoos Safe? How to Choose Safe Hair Bath Products

With many mainstream brands touting their products to be “safe” and “gentle” for kids, countless parents and consumers have been tricked into purchasing and using them, without realizing that these products actually contain trace amounts of toxins that are classified unsafe, such as 1,4 dioxane and formaldehyde.

Less than a decade since Campaign for Safe Cosmetics’ investigation on over 50 children’s personal care products, many of the brands involved has since reformulated their products – only to replace them with chemicals that also contain potentially toxic compounds.


So how do we make sure we offer the most kid-friendly hair bath products to our clients?

Tips for Choosing Safe Hair Bath Products for Kids

1.      Less is MORE.

Unlike adults, children have no need for a full line of hair and skincare products. Their skin is highly delicate and vulnerable that ingredients in bath products can strip their skin away of its natural moisture and protective barrier. In order to keep their skin clean and protected, use gentle products with ingredients that are safe for them.

2.      Read the label.

Many 1,4 dioxane and formaldehyde-releasing chemicals are often used in liquid baby soaps and shampoos to preserve water-based products. However, when these chemicals are absorbed by the skin, they can cause allergic reactions and possibly, cancer.

Keep an eye out for these ingredients on the label:


3.      Beware of the ‘Fragrance’ ingredient.

Oh the elusive “fragrance” ingredient. Many companies choose not to reveal the ingredients behind their fragrance since the law does not require them to declare their formulas. As a result, many hide behind the “proprietary blend” curtain as a way to sneak chemicals that are potentially harmful to children. Synthetic fragrance health risks have been touted as the “new secondhand smoke,” and should be avoided as much as possible.


4.      Skip the bubble baths.

In the same investigative report by Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, traces of 1,4 dioxane and formaldehyde were found in many bubble baths. That is because these compounds help create suds and therefore make bath time more “fun” for children. Or so they say.

Several studies have shown (although there is a need for more evidence) that ingredients in bubble baths can cause irritation and dysuria or discomfort in urination.

5.      Use bath products with natural ingredients.


Long before baby bath products were invented, our ancestors turned to Mother Nature to wash their children. Even today, many still rely on plants like Fennel, Helichrysum, Chamomile, and Amaranth to cleanse and calm the skin.

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As parents and hair care professionals, we only want to provide the best products to our clients and children. The best we can do is stay vigilant and always check the label for any questionable ingredients.

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