Meet Ashley Mooney: CEO of Simply Organic Beauty

Ashley Mooney is the current CEO and President of Simply Organic Beauty, a sustainable, holistic beauty brand house and distribution company headquartered in St. Petersburg, FL. Over the past year, she has stepped into her new CEO title with a drive to further the mission of clean, sustainable beauty and dedicated wellness of people, our planet and beauty professionals. Ashley’s extensive industry experience has directly led to the creation of  Simply Organic Beauty’s newest addition ARETÉ. Keep reading to learn more about the woman behind the brand and how she got her start.

Ashley has always had a passion for the beauty industry. As a child, her mother’s cosmetology school attendance made a major impact. Despite the chemical cuts and hair-do overs, she cherishes fond memories of their late-night hair experiments. This time together was truly transformative, creative, fun and helped Ashley form a special connection to the industry that no other craft or career could facilitate.

Over eleven years ago Ashley began her journey with Simply Organic Beauty as an intern in the marketing department, excited by the opportunity to join a values-driven organization that focused on wellness and sustainability. Post-graduation and a few jobs later, she found herself back at Simply Organic Beauty in 2012, this time as a Social Media Strategist. It wasn’t long before her talent, tenacity, and passion catapulted her to VP of Marketing, President, and now CEO. It is a combination of her knowledge, experience, and love of helping beauty professionals that has culminated in the creation of ARETÈ.

ARETÉ, a classic philosophical concept meaning the pursuit of “excellence” in everything, is the manifestation of over two decades of commitment to Simply Organic Beauty’s core values of wellness for people and the planet.  We’ve actively listened and integrated the feedback of our clients, consumers, chemists and environmentalists to create a brand that goes beyond the claims of clean, green and effective, but elevates how we create and nurture our inner and outer worlds.

Excellence over perfection is a philosophy Ashley held close through the creation process. From time-honored ingredients and infinitely recyclable olive glass packaging to elevated education and multi-sensorial salon experiences, this brand isn creating a collective of beautiful people, places and products. The hope is that stylists and clients can truly feel every ounce of intention and thought put into this line, inspiring them to consciously create beauty wherever they go.

What does the future hold for Ashley Mooney and Simply Organic Beauty? The future is steeped in the mission Simply Organic Beauty was founded on: to change salons for the better. In this pursuit, the company must respect its roots and continue to listen to the needs of the community and world. Trends and needs can change rapidly, and stylists and salons need a true partner who can stay nimble, in tune, and hopefully, inspire them along the way. Through Ashley’s leadership, the Simply Organic Beauty team won’t stop innovating or consciously creating excellent products and experiences for beauty professionals, people and the planet.