Meet Tecuane – Mindful Haircare for All Generations

Meet Tecuane, the newest brand to join the Simply Organic Family!

Tecuane [te-KWAH-nay] is a woman and Latina-owned luxurious clean hair care brand, that honors Mexican culture and gender fluidity by infusing traditional Mexican herbal remedies with plant-based ingredients to create a nutrient-rich, multi-beneficial scalp care tonic for all hair types and textures.

Anissa Salazar, CEO and Founder of Tecuane, has been a hairstylist and barber in the entertainment industry for over 12 years, working with people like Natalie Portman, Maya Rudolph, Chris Pine, and more. However, her love of haircare has been present since childhood. As the grandchild of Mexican immigrants, her family and heritage have had a significant impact on the creation of Tecuane. 

Growing up in a household with a range of hair textures made finding care products difficult. This was something that was kept in mind during the product development process, as Anissa’s goal was to create a tonic that could benefit all, regardless of hair type or texture.

After returning to her roots and using inspiration from her childhood memories and her grandmother’s magical plant-based remedies, she created Tecuane to share a sustainable method of haircare with all generations.

Their mission, ethics, and diversity not only make them an incredible company, but a powerhouse partner in our collective mission to transform haircare for both people and planet.