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What if you could reduce your hair color processing to 1/3 the time? Better yet, what if you could it do with 99% naturally-derived, vegan ingredients?

Let us introduce you to the color tool that will save you time and money at the salon – Hypercolor Accelerating Drops.

What are Hypercolor Accelerating Drops?

Hypercolor is the development time accelerator oil specifically formulated for Organic Way Hcolor. Hypercolor benefits include:

  • Decreases Color Process to 1/3 the Time
  • Gives Superior Grey Coverage
  • Adds Shine + Enhances Color Shades
  • Protects + Nourishes Hair Fiber

How does Hypercolor work?

Thanks to the Organic Way (Oway)’s Green Chemistry, hair stylists are able to harness the power of nourishing, natural ingredients without the use of harsh chemicals.

Hypercolor’s innovative formula is an exclusive blend of rice bran oil, jojoba oil, biodynamic hibiscus flower extract, fair trade date seed oil, organic perilla oil, lavender oil, olive oil, sandalwood oil, rosewood oil, and coriander seed oil.

These ingredients encapsulate the color molecules, protecting the pigments from premature oxidation, while improving the “wetting capacity.” This process allows the color to penetrate quickly and effectively into the cortex, once the low to medium heat source is applied.

For example: Normal processing can take up to 45 minutes. However, with Hypercolor and low to medium heat, coverage can be achieved within 15 minutes.

Does Hypercolor contain PEGs, parabens, synthetic fragrance or SLS?

No, you don’t want PEGs in your hair color or processing tools, especially when heat is applied. Find out Why You Should Avoid PEGs in your Hair Color.

Who would love Hypercolor?

Any client is a good candidate for Hypercolor. Specifically those who don’t like to sit or are pressed for time. Grey coverage clients who typically have long processing times appreciate the use of Hypercolor.

As a stylist, it can be a wonderful tool to allow you to book more appointments and increase your daily sales.

How to use Hypercolor Accelerator Drops

The proper mixing and measuring of both Hypercolor and Hcolor is crucial to achieve the best results.

The rule of the thumb is to mix 5 drops of Hypercolor per 30 ml (1 ounce) of color and developer.

#1 Measure the color alone on scale and then determine the combined weight of color and developer.

Example: For a grey coverage application – the mixing ratio is 1:1, color to developer.

*If you have 30 ml of color in the bowl, you will eventually be adding 30 ml of your chosen developer. However, based on the total mix (color + developer), you will need 10 drops of Hypercolor; added BEFORE your developer.

This allows Hypercolor’s exclusive oil blend to capture and protect the color molecules.

#2 Add appropriate number of Hypercolor drops into color ONLY and mix thoroughly.

#3 Mix in correct amount of developer.

#4 Apply color normally.

#5 Poke 10-15 holes in a plastic cap and place over applied color.

#6 Put client under a dry heat source with a low to medium setting (~100 °F) for 10-15 minutes.

*10 minutes for normal processing, 15 minutes for resistant grey coverage.

#7 Let client sit out 5 more minutes to cool.

#8 Rinse color normally and complete the service as desired.

Results with Hypercolor

Below you can see full grey coverage with Hypercolor from Simply Organic Beauty Educator, Tatyana Kosogina.


Does this sound like a valuable tool for your salon? Comment below!