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How to Spring Clean the Salon Marie Kondo Style


Tidying up is not just about decluttering – it’s also about leaving room for things that *truly* matter for your inner peace and space. Do the things you have in the salon give you joy? Or are you holding on to things because you should or they’ve served purpose in the past?

This Spring, give your salon a fresh start. Inspired by Marie Kondo’s popular KonMari Method™, we’ve put together five hassle-free spring cleaning tips that will leave your salon clean and sparkling.

Spark joy in the salon with these spring cleaning tips and tidying techniques!


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Step One: Pre-cleansing ritual.

Marie Kondo suggests starting your cleaning experience with greeting your space and saying thanks for all the wonderful memories and opportunities it has provided you.

Step Two: Purify the air.


Once your pre-cleaning ritual is complete, purify your space of any negative energy by burning sage (aka smudging) or diffusing pure essential oils. This will set a joyful mood and a more positive atmosphere as you tidy up your salon.You can also use our all-natural Oway Bio-Rich Water to replace your air fresheners. This versatile spray is made from essential oil hydrolates, so it contains properties needed to detoxify and freshen the air.

Step Three: Organize by category.

Many of us love to organize our things according to season or room. Unfortunately, doing this can lead to having similar items scattered in different areas of the salon.

If you have a small suite, you need to make use of your space mindfully, and this is where the KonMari Method™ comes in.Marie Kondo’s method is all about simplicity. Organizing items by category, such as Tools, Garments, Accessories, etc. will help you save time looking for them and putting them away. For tiny accessories like clips or bobby pins, Oway’s signature amber glass jars are perfect. They’re infinitely recyclable and make for cute decor, too.


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Step Four: Discard and donate anything that you don’t need.

Obvious things like leftover hair color and other unused salon treatments should be properly discarded. Donate old salon tools to businesses or individuals who would find use for them. But before you toss them aside – Marie Kondo suggests thanking each item for serving its purpose.

However, this concept is not only limited to physical items. Sometimes as we transition to a more holistic lifestyle, we have a hard time ditching our old ways. To ensure that your salon is as green as possible, ask yourself: Are the products I’m using contain chemicals that may harm the health of my team and clients? Are the ingredients cruelty-free and ethically sourced? Are my tools, equipment and furniture eco-friendly and made from sustainable materials?


Step Five: Freshen up your linens.

Make sure your linens are folded and stacked neatly and upright, so that they look tidy and are easy to find. Keep them extra fresh with Oway Tratto Fabric & Lingerie Spray, it’s the ultimate luxury spray and enlivens the atmosphere with a bubbly and warm citrus blend. You can spritz it on your Oway Regenerated Cotton Collection salon garments as an inviting treat for your team and clients.

An important part of the KonMari Method™ is to “tidy everything at once”. It’s more rewarding if you are able to complete the project the same day. If you have a large space, get your staff or loved ones to participate in tidying up to encourage teamwork. The idea is to create a space that sparks joy and who better to do it with than the people closest to you? 🙂

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