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Thank your for viewing our virtual Shade Chart. Please place your cursor over the desired swatch to see the color’s level and tone. To view a larger version just click on the swatch.

The Color Wheel

OCS Color Wheel

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A Note on Concentrates and Full Spectrum Colors

Grey Concentrate sits outside the Color Wheel. Our full spectrum colors, which include 4MO, 6TO and 8CA; are multi-tonal colors that have no major tones so they cannot sit on the color wheel, but they can be mixed freely with any other tone.

Hi-Lift 11 Series

Our popular high lift 11 series include:
• 11HN Blue/Violet Base.
• 11HA Blue/Green Base.
• 11HS Violet Base.

Note: These Colors work from a natural base 6 and lighter. Results will be natural, golden blonde.

Useful Tip: To achieve natural or platinum blondes add 1 scoop of Naturlite powder to the Hi-lift Color.
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Predominant Tones


Predominant Pigment

1 Blue
2 Blue-Violet
3 Violet
4 Violet-Red
5 Red
6 Red-Orange
7 Organge
8 Orange-Yellow
9 Yellow
10 Yellow-Blue
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Natural Base

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Natural 1-10 & NN Series 4NN – 8NN

Colors 1-8 are designed to cover grey hair. For resistant grey hair, use the NN series 4NN to 8NN.  To cover grey hair with a fashion color mix with an equal amount of the corresponding base shade. Colors 9-10 are exceptional for grey blending.

• Natural Series Colors all have Blue/Violet base.[/two_columns] [two_columns_last height=”250″] [nggallery id=7] [/two_columns_last] [hozbreak]

AH Ash

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Ash 4AH – 10AH

This range has a varying base depending on depth.
• 4AH – 6AH are Green base
• 7AH – 8AH are Green/Blue base
• 10AH is Green/Violet base [/two_columns_last] [hozbreak]

Silver (S)

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Silver 8S – 10S

These Colors are mixed tones designed to give soft violet ash (see shade chart for formulae).[/two_columns] [two_columns_last height=”100″] [nggallery id=9] [/two_columns_last] [hozbreak]

Gold (GD)

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Gold 4GD – 10GD

These colors have a yellow base with rich natural golden tones.
• 4GD is Yellow/Violet base
• 5GD – 6GD are Yellow/Red base
• 7GD – 8GD are Yellow/Orange base
• 9GD is Yellow base
• 10GD is Yellow/Green base[/two_columns_last] [hozbreak]

Gold Copper (GC)

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Gold Copper 6GC – 8GC

These color have an orange/yellow base and are mixed tones to give natural copper gold. Please see shade chart for formula.[/two_columns] [two_columns_last height=”175″] [nggallery id=11] [/two_columns_last] [hozbreak]

Copper (CR)

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Copper 4CR – 8CR

Our coppers have an orange base and are designed to give natural copper tones.
• 4CR is Orange/Violet base
• 5CR – 6CR are Orange/Red base
• 7CR is Orange base
• 8CR is Orange/Yellow base [/two_columns_last] [hozbreak]

Bright Copper (BC)

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Bright Copper 6BC – 8BC

With a concentrated orange/yellow base, this range will give rich fashion coppers tones.
• 6BC is Red base
• 7BC is Red/Orange base
• 8BC is Red/Yellow base[/two_columns] [two_columns_last height=”125″] [nggallery id=13] [/two_columns_last] [hozbreak]

Bright Red Copper (RC)

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Red Copper 5RC – 7RC

These concentrated red/orange base shades are designed to give rich fashion red/copper tones.
• 5RC – 6RC are Red base
• 7RC is Red/Orange base[/two_columns_last] [hozbreak]

Full Spectrum Colors

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Full Spectrum Colors 4MO, 6TO, & 8CA

These Colors are designed to give mocha, toffee and caramel tones. The Colors are a combination of different Color ways, therefore they are not found on the Color wheel. Colors used to achieve these tones are blue, gold, copper, grey and violet. [/two_columns] [two_columns_last height=”200″] [nggallery id=15] [/two_columns_last] [hozbreak]

Fiery Reds (FR)

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Fiery Reds 4FR – 8FR

These red base tones are designed to give natural red tones.
• 4FR – 5FR are Red/Violet base
• 7FR is Red/Orange base
• 8FR is Red/Yellow base[/two_columns_last] [hozbreak]

Mahogany (MH)

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Mahogany 4MH – 7MH

Our Mahogany shades, with a red/blue base will give consistent and natural rich mahogany tones. 6MH is a mixed tone.
• 4MH is Violet base
• 5MH is Violet/Red base
• 7MH is Violet/Orange base[/two_columns] [two_columns_last height=”125″border”] [nggallery id=17] [/two_columns_last] [hozbreak]

Concentrates & Intensifiers

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Concentrates & Intensifiers

Concentrates give you the ability to customize colors.  Intensifiers are direct dyes and are designed to give deeper, brighter, more intense colors.[/two_columns_last]

For more information or assistance understanding Organic Color Systems please call 1-888-213-4744 or email Rebecca Gregory, our Technical Director.