Professional Organic Salon Products

Shade Chart

Thank your for viewing our virtual Shade Chart. Please place your cursor over the desired swatch to see the color’s level and tone. To view a larger version just click on the swatch.

The Color Wheel

OCS Color Wheel

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A Note on Concentrates and Full Spectrum Colors

Grey Concentrate sits outside the Color Wheel. Our full spectrum colors, which include 4MO, 6TO and 8CA; are multi-tonal colors that have no major tones so they cannot sit on the color wheel, but they can be mixed freely with any other tone.

Hi-Lift 11 Series

Our popular high lift 11 series include:
• 11HN Blue/Violet Base.
• 11HA Blue/Green Base.
• 11HS Violet Base.

Note: These Colors work from a natural base 6 and lighter. Results will be natural, golden blonde.

Useful Tip: To achieve natural or platinum blondes add 1 scoop of Naturlite powder to the Hi-lift Color.
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Predominant Tones


Predominant Pigment



Natural Base

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Natural 1-10 & NN Series 4NN – 8NN

Colors 1-8 are designed to cover grey hair. For resistant grey hair, use the NN series 4NN to 8NN.  To cover grey hair with a fashion color mix with an equal amount of the corresponding base shade. Colors 9-10 are exceptional for grey blending.

• Natural Series Colors all have Blue/Violet base.[/two_columns] [two_columns_last height=”250″] [nggallery id=7] [/two_columns_last]

AH Ash

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Ash 4AH – 10AH

This range has a varying base depending on depth.
• 4AH – 6AH are Green base
• 7AH – 8AH are Green/Blue base
• 10AH is Green/Violet base [/two_columns_last]

Silver (S)

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Silver 8S – 10S

These Colors are mixed tones designed to give soft violet ash (see shade chart for formulae).[/two_columns] [two_columns_last height=”100″] [nggallery id=9] [/two_columns_last]

Gold (GD)

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Gold 4GD – 10GD

These colors have a yellow base with rich natural golden tones.
• 4GD is Yellow/Violet base
• 5GD – 6GD are Yellow/Red base
• 7GD – 8GD are Yellow/Orange base
• 9GD is Yellow base
• 10GD is Yellow/Green base[/two_columns_last]

Gold Copper (GC)

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Gold Copper 6GC – 8GC

These color have an orange/yellow base and are mixed tones to give natural copper gold. Please see shade chart for formula.[/two_columns] [two_columns_last height=”175″] [nggallery id=11] [/two_columns_last]

Copper (CR)

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Copper 4CR – 8CR

Our coppers have an orange base and are designed to give natural copper tones.
• 4CR is Orange/Violet base
• 5CR – 6CR are Orange/Red base
• 7CR is Orange base
• 8CR is Orange/Yellow base [/two_columns_last]

Bright Copper (BC)

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Bright Copper 6BC – 8BC

With a concentrated orange/yellow base, this range will give rich fashion coppers tones.
• 6BC is Red base
• 7BC is Red/Orange base
• 8BC is Red/Yellow base[/two_columns] [two_columns_last height=”125″] [nggallery id=13] [/two_columns_last]

Bright Red Copper (RC)

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Red Copper 5RC – 7RC

These concentrated red/orange base shades are designed to give rich fashion red/copper tones.
• 5RC – 6RC are Red base
• 7RC is Red/Orange base[/two_columns_last]

Full Spectrum Colors

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Full Spectrum Colors 4MO, 6TO, & 8CA

These Colors are designed to give mocha, toffee and caramel tones. The Colors are a combination of different Color ways, therefore they are not found on the Color wheel. Colors used to achieve these tones are blue, gold, copper, grey and violet. [/two_columns] [two_columns_last height=”200″] [nggallery id=15] [/two_columns_last]

Fiery Reds (FR)

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Fiery Reds 4FR – 8FR

These red base tones are designed to give natural red tones.
• 4FR – 5FR are Red/Violet base
• 7FR is Red/Orange base
• 8FR is Red/Yellow base[/two_columns_last]

Mahogany (MH)

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Mahogany 4MH – 7MH

Our Mahogany shades, with a red/blue base will give consistent and natural rich mahogany tones. 6MH is a mixed tone.
• 4MH is Violet base
• 5MH is Violet/Red base
• 7MH is Violet/Orange base[/two_columns] [two_columns_last height=”125″border”] [nggallery id=17] [/two_columns_last]

Concentrates & Intensifiers

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Concentrates & Intensifiers

Concentrates give you the ability to customize colors.  Intensifiers are direct dyes and are designed to give deeper, brighter, more intense colors.[/two_columns_last]

For more information or assistance understanding Organic Color Systems please call 1-888-213-4744 or email Rebecca Gregory, our Technical Director.