Transform Your Salon Space Using Aromatherapy!


Do you remember the way some of your favorite memories smell? Yep, you heard me right.

Scent has been heavily documented to be linked to memory, as I’m sure we all know. The smell of a certain store, or a family member’s clothing or home. Maybe the smell of cookies baking, or a fresh nighttime breeze. Smell creates a feel-good memory that can last a lifetime!

Create a memorable aromatherapeutic experience for your guests with some of our favorite tips for incorporating our Simply Organic Essential Oil Blends into your salon.

Diffuse your favorite Essential Oil blend in our stylish Simply Organic Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser to create a relaxing, memorable salon experience for your guests. Its stone design and quiet diffusion make it perfect for any salon environment.

Winter is almost over, but keep your salon staff and guest’s immune systems going strong by diffusing our new IMMUNITY Essential Oil. It helps to boost respiratory health with the incorporation of Moluccan Clove, Lemon and Rosemary. This powerful blend of traditional herbaceous oils boasts antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral benefits that have been known to fight against flus, infections and viruses.

Eliminate toxins by adding Detox Blend to your favorite unscented organic all purpose cleaner for a fresh, clean scent. No more toxic smells or chemicals! You can also add to a mini-spray bottle of distilled water to create an invigorating, aromatic room mist. Thai Lemongrass, & Orange Oil purify the air by absorbing pollutants and leave your salon smelling amazing.

Mix your favorite essential oil blend with a carrier oil or lotion to create a massage oil. We personally love Relax Blend for its calming properties. Treat guests to a relaxing hand massage while they process in the shampoo bowl or at the chair. This small act of kindness can really brighten someone’s day!

Put a drop or two on a cotton ball and add to your towel storage cabinets to help eliminate stale odors. It will also add a subtle aroma to your spa towels!

Add a small drop of your favorite oil to hot towels before men’s services. The moisture and warmth open up the pores, and the aromatics will help stimulate the senses. Guest’s notice when you go the extra mile!

Getting ready for a long day of double booked full highlights? Something as simple as taking the time each morning to be present (even something as small as five minutes will do!) can really boost productivity and elevate mood. Take a seat someplace comfy, place both feet on the floor, grab a bottle of our Enlighten Blend Essential Oil and INHALE. Aromatherapy has so many benefits – mood elevation among them. Enjoy its powerful effects the rest of the work day. Pro-tip: Keep your bottle handy for any stressful moments you may encounter that could use a pick me up.

Ready to wind down after a long day behind the chair? Add Relax Blend to your bath or shower before you hop in. The hot water will help release its aromatherapeutic properties. Now, take a deep breath.