The Ultimate 2016 Hair Color Trends Guide

2016 Hair Color Trends Guide

2016 is officially here, and with it a new hair color trends guide to inspire you all yearlong! While last year’s bold, vibrant colors were certainly stunning (we’re looking at you, Galaxy Hair), we predict 2016 hair color to eschew more natural, earthy tones. From antique-brushed blondes to rustic copper reds and browns, this is the only 2016 Hair Color Trends Guide you need this year!

2016 Hair Color Trends for Blondes


Sandstone Blonde

blonde-hair-colors-2016 hair-color-ideas-for-blondes-2016

Image Credits: Pinterest

A beautiful blend of beige and taupe-like hues.

Sandstone is a hair color trend inspired by wind swept sands with soft shadowing and ripples of color.

Pair a neutral root feathered down to lighter pieces of wheat and beige blondes to achieve this look.

Honey Butter Blonde

blonde-hair-color-ideas-2016 2016-blonde-hair-colors

Image Credits: Pinterest

A light golden blonde with warm undertones and strategic platinum placement. For a multi-faceted look, use a honey hue as your base or root and softly weave strands of golden and white blonde. Pay extra attention to face-framing highlights which should accent and enhance your client’s complexion.

Tip: this hair color usually works better on neutral to warm skin tones.


Strawberries & Champagne

blonde-hair-color-trends strawberry-blonde-hair-color

Image Credits: Pinterest

What better way to ring in 2016 than with a hair color inspired by New Year’s favorite sparkly sweet drink? Strawberries & Champagne is a dazzling blend of both champagne and strawberry blonde. A great hair color option for blondes who want to dabble in some reddish-gold tones without an overall commitment to “red hair.”

Amber Sunrise

strawberry-blonde-hair-color-trend Copper-Blonde-Hair-Color-Trend

Image Credits: Pinterest

And for those clients who are ready to go on full-on copper blonde, bask in the ambience of Amber Sunrise. Soft and reflective, this color is characterized by it’s golden copper tones.

Imagine the sun at the start of each day – it’s golden gaze and orange embrace is bright and welcoming, but also represents renewal.

There may be no better way to start the year than with an Amber Sunrise.


Crystal Ash

ash-blonde-ombre ash-blonde-balayage

Image Credits: Pinterest

A clean, light blonde with a natural ash base. When trying to achieve this hair color trend for your clients

visualize a crystal’s first emergence from rock: it’s cool, pristine and strong.

The key to Crystal Ash is to lift the hair to a pale, light blonde, while maintaining it’s integrity and strength. Hair won’t embody crystal-like features if it’s over damaged from lightening.

Tip: We recommend lifting with Hbleach (it’s made with kaolin and kukui butter and keeps the hair in amazing condition).

Hair Color Trends for Brunettes


Tiger Eye

tiger-eye-brown-hair-color-trend brown-hair-color-trends-2016

Image Credits: Pinterest


An ancient stone worn for protection and confidence, Tiger Eye is known for it’s rich browns and golds.

It’s thought to have healing powers and can be a great color choice for clients who want to begin next year’s journey with courage, strength and willpower. Re-create this hair color with handpainted caramel highlights paired with a warm or dark chocolate base.


brown-hair-color-ideas-2016 Brunette-Hair-Color-Trend-2016

Image Credits: Pinterest

A precious gemstone, Topaz can come in a variety of colors. From golden brown to reddish-copper, this color is known for it’s multi-dimensional reflects. Thought to promote self-realization and control, Topaz may be a great choice for clients looking to bring about these qualities in 2016. To re-create this hair color trend, select a mocha brown base and delicately weave copper fine accents through the mids and ends.

Caramel Bronde

bronde-hair-color-trend bronde-hair-color-pinterest

Image Credits: Pinterest


A balanced blend of blonde and brown, we’re no stranger to the highly requested “bronde hair color trend.” However, 2016 will be the year of Caramel Bronde. Picture light, caramel browns paired with neutral to golden highlights. Victoria’s Secret model, Gigi Hadid, is widely known for her beachy waves and bronde hair color.



ronze-hair-color red-hair-color-trend-2016

Image Credits: Pinterest

A striking combination of red and bronze tones “Ronde” is another color name mashup that’s bound to get many requests in 2016. This deep copper and warm brown hair color is best suited for warm to golden skin tones, like actress Emma Stone.

Sunkissed Auburn

red-hair-color-ideas auburn-hair-color-trend

Image Credits: Pinterest

If you haven’t caught on yet, copper hair color is definitely having a moment in 2016!

Sunkissed Auburn is a delicate blend of soft copper red and gold.

Even celebrity, Lauren Conrad, has opted for sunkissed auburn, as she announced her new hair color on Instagram just a few weeks ago (which just so happens to match her hair stylist’s color, Kristen Ess). To achieve the “sunkissed look” opt for your favorite handpainting or balayage technique.

Rustic Copper

copper-red-hair-color-trend red-hair-color-ideas

Image Credits: Pinterest

Rustic copper is one of the metals considered to be a “healing metal,” and is both energizing and grounding. With it’s spicy, energetic gold hues, any client willing to go for this deep copper hair color will notice a spike in attention and overall energy. This color is best suited for skin tones with warm undertones.

Purple Dahlia

violet-red-hair-color-trends mahoghany-hair-colors

Image Credits: Instagram via @Guy_tang, Pinterest

Dahlia flowers grow in a vivid array of shapes and colors. From pre-dominantly red or fuchsia hues,

Purple Dahlia is a versatile, violet-red hair color.

Depending on your client’s preference or skin tone, it can be formulated to focus more purple or red.

Antique Rose

antique-rose-hair-color-2016 hair-color-trend-2016

Image Credits: Pinterest


We mentioned bright, bold fashion colors are going to take a backseat in 2016, but don’t count out all pastel colors.

Instead of ultra vivid colors that are quick-to-fade, expect more muted pastels. Think of dusty pinks and vintage washed blues that are soft and subtle.

One color in particular is Antique Rose – a mixture of soft copper and pink tones.

If you need more proof that pastels will be soft and subtle in 2016, check out Pantone’s colors of the Year: Serenity and Rose Quartz.


serenity-hair-color-trend 2016-hair-color-trend-serenity

Image Credits: Pinterest


A bluish-lavender color that can be interpreted to be more powder blue or lavender. Above are a few ways this color trend may unfold.

Rose Quartz

rose-quartz-hair-color-trend 2016-rose-quartz-color

Image Credits: Pinterest


A soft, muted powder pink. Rose Quartz is known as the “love stone,” and can be a beautiful color to attract romance into your client’s life. This light pink can be used as an all over color for your fashion-forward clients or a few streaks can be added to pique interest in your blondes.

2016 Hair Color Techniques

Shadow Root

shadow-root-color blonde-root-blending-trend

Image Credits: Instagram via @Meredithabloom, Pinterest


Roots aren’t just for trees. Whether your’e creating a bright, fashion colored root (like this stunning purple) or just trying to ease the regrowth for your blonde clientele, shadow rooting is a great technique to add to your arsenal in 2016.


Contouring-With-Hair-Color hair-color-contouring-trend-2016

Image Credits: Via Instagram @HairAndMakeupBySteph, Pinterest


You read correctly. Contouring isn’t just the latest, greatest makeup trend, it’s also being requested by color clients. So, what is it exactly? It’s the next step up from face-framing highlights and is custom for each client. Contouring with hair color can be a great way to enhance or draw attention away from your client’s features.

Tip: Use darker tones to create shadows to narrow or shorten face shapes. Use lighter colors to elongate and illuminate certain areas of the face.

***Note: This is a compilation of trends our experts have spotted through our own salons, social media and celebrities. In order for our clients to get the most out of these articles, we provide a guide to formulating these beautiful 2016 Hair Color Trends with the color lines we offer: Organic Way (Oway) and Original & Mineral (O&M).***

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