2019 Top Salon Booking Apps

2019 Top Salon Booking Apps

As a salon owner or independent stylist, it may be overwhelming to stay organized between all the constant bookings, cancelations, rescheduling, etc. Without a proper scheduling platform, this process can become a quick nightmare of mistakes, which could potentially lead to double-bookings or worse, losing a client.

Customer retention is one of the most important aspects of building a business in the hairdressing industry, so having a convenient and effective way of booking is critical to maintain and grow your salon.

Fortunately, there are platforms that offer a variety of advanced services to push your salon to the next level. Check out some of these top salon booking apps to find out which one is right for you.

Salon Scheduling Softwares Compared



GlossGenius makes the life of an independent stylist easy with no training, set-up, or hardware required. Everything from bookings to payments are done solely online or through their mobile app to help you stay in control of your business wherever you go. The processing rate is 2.6%, which is the lowest in the industry, with no hidden fees. You can also send unlimited reminders to clients, which help prevent no-shows and last-minute cancellations.

Included in this software is a customizable website that you can tailor based on your brand, portfolio, pricing, and more. Your website is transferable through the GlossGenius app as well so clients can view it on their mobile device. Additionally, this platform offers integration abilities for clients to schedule appointments through your social media accounts, giving your business more exposure and increased bookings.



Perfect for large salons, Vagaro is a salon software and app that offers various tools and services beyond just client bookings. This versatile software provides features including 24/7 scheduling, customizable email marketing, a POS system, in-depth reporting, website builder, and much more. Available on any device, Vagaro allows clients to conveniently schedule and reschedule appointments whenever necessary. Clients also have the option to receive updates, reminders, and confirmation about their current booking to ensure they never miss another appointment. As a stylist, you are notified about any scheduled or changed bookings as well.



Ideal for independent professionals, StyleSeat is an affordable software specifically designed to build and easily manage your business all on your own. This is the perfect online destination for clients if they are looking to locate stylists in the area. Purchasing a full-service plan provides you with a custom VIP link in which you can promote yourself through social media, email marketing, or promotions. Once you set up your professional site, you can include your services, availability, and more, ultimately giving potential and existing clients all the information they need to complete their booking. The more you promote, the easier it’ll be for people to find you and score more bookings.



This platform is dedicated to help you build, save, and grow. One of Square’s highlighted features is their customer prioritization to develop long-lasting relationships and keep your clients coming back. All of your client’s personal information, such as appointment history, payment method, and purchases, is securely stored within a customer profile to make checkouts and rebooking as simple as possible. Square automatically creates a profile for each of your clients, as well as allows you to directly import your existing client base into their system. You’ll have all the info you need to get your clients in and out in a breeze.



Mindbody is all about making connections with your current and potential clients and expanding your outreach. On top of offering booking options and POS, this app is loaded with marketing tools and features that give you the freedom to create customized campaigns and messages. Based on clients’ history and interaction, you have the ability to target specific segments within your client list and send them personalized messages and promotions. This keeps clients actively engaged in your salon specials and encourages them to rebook, which they can do directly through the Mindbody app.



Powerful and innovative, Meevo is an all-in-one business management software with an abundance of tools and features designed to make your job as easy as possible. Beneficial for any fast-paced salon, it’s advanced navigation capabilities enable you toggle between tasks and multitask like a pro. Meevo also offers voice recognition so you can locate information almost instantly. Not only does this software streamline the checkout process, you can set targeted business goals to help improve operations and productivity. This feature will motivate your stylists to surpass their goals and stay engaged with clients regularly.

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