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50way Salons 2020: Call for Submissions


The time of year is here again! Want to be a 5Oway Salons? Applying will give you the chance to be one of 50 Oway salons worldwide to be featured in the 5Oway Salons 2020 book.

Check out 7 of the winners from North America this year for inspiration for your application. All you need to do is fill out the form below with 5 high-res pictures of your favorite spaces in your salon and let us know why being an environmentally friendly salon is important to your business.

The deadline for submissions is November 15th. We can’t wait to see what you submit!

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Green + Anchor Salon


Green + Anchor Salon is a contemporary minimalists dream. Green + Anchor strives to provide clients and stylists with a clean-air salon, making sure all products are free from GMOs, EDTA, SLS/SLES, Parabens, Petrolatum, Phalates, Mineral Oils.

They are located in beautiful Bankers Hill, San Diego in mixed-use structured lofts, with natural light and air-purifying plants aplenty.

Nova Arts Salon


Nova Arts Salon is a Los Angeles studio featuring exposed brick, plants teeming with life and organic and non-toxic products, of course.

They pride themselves in being up to something more, thriving off of and getting inspiration from their community—nature, the world and their clients alike. The end-goal of every haircut and color is creating looks that mirror the inner beauty of each of their clients.

Salon Lavender


Lavender Salon is coined as a botanical salon—quite a fitting motto for the name! They provide clients personalized salon services using the cleanest products available.

If you’re in Portland, Maine and are looking for a reboot of both mind and body, this is the salon for you. You’ll leave with a new look and a fresh mindset after a super relaxing and rejuvenating appointment.

Smoke + Mirrors


Repurposing is at the heart of this charming salon in Baltimore, Maryland. The wood at the stations at Smoke + Mirrors Salon are from Leah Taylor’s family farm and you can see charming bottles of herbs and flowers scattered throughout the salon, all in empty Oway bottles.

A homey feel paired with a unique experience is what you can expect when visiting this salon. They’re green, purposeful and all about providing the cleanest services to their clients.

Creature Studio


Creature Studio Salon is the result of a fun-loving collaboration between husband and wife. Welcoming all people without judgement, this studio offers a safe space for organic and non-toxic transformation. They know that there is no reason to expose their clients to harsh chemicals and toxins when there is a clean way to get the same results!

Located in the heart of Atlanta, GA, this salon is always bustling and full of life.

Artemis Salon


Re-purposed soy candles in Oway Mask jars, an eco-water-conserving shampoo station, re-used wood furniture and an Oway Refill Station are just a few of the jewels you’ll stumble upon when entering Artemis Salon.

Located in Matawan, New Jersey, Artemis loves sharing the Organic Way of life with their clients, slowly making their community more environmentally conscious and moving towards a healthier way of life—in and out of the salon.

ZuZu Salon


Non-toxic living is at the heart of this posh salon located in Portland, Oregon. ZuZu Salon nailed down how to offer clients exactly what they want in a holistic way, which is better for customers and stylists alike!

Oway keeps this salon inspired by providing the right tools and clean formulas for a reliable, creative and professional non-toxic salon.

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