6 Beautiful Textures for the Best Summer Hair

6 Beautiful Textures for the Best Summer Hair


The best way to liven up your clients look? Texture. Ideal for all hair types, this effortless, low maintenance style will give your client the right amount of body and movement to spruce up their do’. Lucky for you, we have the perfect styling products to get your client excited about trying out this trendy look.

How to Create Textured Hair Styles


Curly Coils

From kinks to curls! Achieve these luscious locks with the application of Oway Curly Potion. Take some in the palm of your hand and scrunching the hair as you work the product in. No heat necessary.

Styled by @salsalhair

Effortlessly Messy

We love this tousled, messy hair look. Try out this formula to add some dimension while also maintaining an effortless style.’

Styling Process by @leahmichaeltaylor_hairstylist 

On damp hair, add Oway Smoothing Cream mids to ends. Then to beat the humidity, use O&M Surf Bomb Sea Salt Texture Spray for volume and curl activation. Lightly dry the root at the bang area to about 50% to direct the natural waves. Then, diffuse and scrunch to reduce frizz. Add a little Oway Precious Wax to the ends to give more hold to the natural wave and also help with frizz. It’s a great trick when you want to let your hair naturally dry on its own.


Beach Hair

Finish off your client’s freshly painted balayage by adding in some voluminous texture. This styling process will give your hair just the right amount of bounce.

Styling Process by @ashstonehair 

Use a cocktail of Oway Flux Potion and Oway Volumizing Root Spray prior to blow drying. Then curl the hair with Oway Sculpting Mist to give the textured look and then spray with Oway Glamshine Cloud once styled.

Textured Bob

Want to liven up your client’s bob? Throw in a few texturizing products to give it the volume it needs. 

Styling Process by @hairbykotay:

Use Oway Volumizing Root Spray at the root, Oway Glossy Nectar on the ends, and Oway Flux Potion throughout. Do a rough blow dry using hands to get volume at the root. After it’s completely dry, create waves with a flat iron leaving the ends out. After letting the waves cool down, run fingers through to break up the waves and make them look more natural and messy. Finish with Oway Sculpting Mist.


Spruced Curls

To make curled hair look more natural, give it some definition. This simple process will add in a perfect amount of grit and structure. 

Styling Process by @hgreenehair

The secret for making curled hair look more natural: Oway Sea Salt Spray. For clients who have naturally curly hair but want it spruced up a bit now and then, curl the top and around the face with a curling iron or wand (don’t worry about the hair underneath, leave it natural!) to smooth down the cuticle and add more structure. Then, separate curls with your fingers and spray that sea salt goodness! It’ll add a bit of grit and make them curls look more natural but still oh so pretty!

Layered Waves

Nothing brings out layers more than adding in a bit of texture. Give your client’s hair a rough, yet controlled ‘do by using this combo of mists and sprays. 

Styling Process by @healthyhairbyheatherford

Use O&M Atonic Hair Thickening Spritz all over before rough drying the hair. Next, curl it with a 1 ¼ wand and mist it lightly with Oway Sea Salt Spray for hold, crunch with finger to separate it. Then, finish it with Oway Glamshine Cloud to create softness and get rid of flyaways.