BERGAMOT OIL BENEFITS: The Natural Solution to Dry, Damaged Hair

With the rise of aromatherapy and its proven wonders in recent years, it doesn’t come as a surprise that essential oils have become a fixture in the beauty industry. One of those essential oils come from a tropical tree in South Asia.

Bergamot or Citrus bergamia is primarily cultivated for its fruit, but its mood-lifting spicy, citrusy smell and nourishing properties have made it a highly sought-after ingredient for manufacturing personal care products, especially hair care.

Benefits of Bergamot Oil to the Hair

Promotes Hair Growth

oway-sunway-productsUsed mainly in aromatherapy for its stimulating properties, Bergamot Oil can also be applied on the scalp to revive the hair bulbs and encourage hair growth. Bergamot’s natural stimulants direct blood flow to the scalp, ensuring proper delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. As a result, the hair fibers are nourished and begin to grow significantly.

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Adds Shine

Dull and dry hair is a common problem that affects both men and women. Free radicals are everywhere, and if our body does not have adequate protection we’re bound to experience the effects.

Like Grapefruit Peel Oil, Bergamot Oil is rich in antioxidants and antimicrobials that help shield the hair and scalp against the damaging effects of oxidative stress. The antioxidants also strip off the dirt and chemicals that are causing the hair to dry out, revealing healthier, shiny hair.

Cleans the Scalp

All those nasty chemicals from hair care products can build up on the scalp, clogging pores and irritating the scalp. This results in various scalp issues like acne and eczema. The antimicrobial properties of Bergamot are effective in getting rid of the buildup because they inhibit the growth of bacteria before they cause a full-blown infection.

We recommend: Oway Purifying Hair Bath for its ability to eliminate dandruff and excess oil. The Bergamot Oil and other pure essential oils infused in this products help detoxify the scalp of bacteria and fungus that are causing scalp irritation.

Conditions Hair

Rich in fatty acids, Bergamot can tame frizzy hair with its conditioning and antiseptic properties. Due to silicone and chemical buildup, the hair can become dry and prone to damage. Bergamot reverses that by washing away all the buildup, allowing the cuticles to breathe and receive the moisture they need to make the hair look hydrated and healthy.

Relaxes the Scalp

Perhaps the most notable feature of Bergamot is its calming properties. When used on the scalp, it not only stimulates blood flow but it also induces soothing effects. This is why Bergamot Oil is often used in aromatherapy in reducing stress, anxiety, and even blood pressure. A few drops of this wonder oil will immediately calm your mind and senses.


We recommend: Bio-Rich Water for its aromatherapeutic benefits. The pure essential oil hydrolates in this spray eliminate toxins in the air and deliver soothing properties, invigorating the mind, body, and hair.

Like many essential oils, Bergamot Oil cannot be applied directly to the hair and scalp without diluting it first. Mixing it with a carrier oil like Jojoba Oil will not only keep irritation at bay, but also activate all the nourishing properties of Bergamot. The result: a healthy and balanced head of hair.