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5 Money-Making Features Your Salon Website Must Have


With many businesses and consumers relying on digital technology, having a well-oiled website is a necessity. But the cost of maintaining a website can be too much for some, not to mention navigating the waters of marketing a salon business online can be very intimidating especially for DIYers.

At Simply Organic Beauty, we strive to help our clients grow their business, so we’re letting you in on our trade secrets! Below are the top 5 money-making strategies you can use to bring in more clients to your salon with minimal marketing effort and expenses.

Must-Have Money-Making Website Features

Newsletter Opt-In

Some people cringe at the thought of creating an email newsletter for their business, but the truth is, it remains as one of the most cost-effective and powerful profit-making machines. In fact, in a 2017 study by B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends, email marketing is still the most successful marketing strategy ahead of social media.1


And it doesn’t come as a surprise. Newsletters help you grow your client list at a fraction of a cost and time. Clients and prospective clients sign up for this service voluntarily. This means they are truly interested in what your salon has to offer, helping you to easily identify who your target clients are and update them on sales and events in a single swoop.

PRO TIP: Our favorite email marketing services for your salon website are MailChimp and Constant Contact. They’re free to start and simple to use. They also offer nice templates if you’re worried about designing your own.

Online Booking

Gone are the days when clients have to personally visit and wait for businesses to open before they can book an appointment. Now clients can do that from the comfort of their own home at any time. By having an Online Booking system in place, you can receive reservations 24/7.

User-friendly Online Booking apps like Vagaro, Square, and Schedulicity allow you to embed their widget on your salon website so clients can view your calendar and book an appointment without having to go to another website. They’re convenient, take the workload off your shoulders, and make for great customer service.

Unlike phone and in-person reservations, Online Booking systems also allow clients to check out what other customers have to say about your salon’s services and products. Which brings us to our next money-making feature.


Here’s a fact: 92% percent of consumers read online reviews and 84% of this number trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Yankelovich, a market research firm, found that 75% of people have negative perceptions about advertising2, meaning they are savvy enough to know when a brand is being dishonest. Hence, they turn to online testimonials to validate claims.

By adding a Testimonials page to your salon website, you are “humanizing” your business and providing prospective customers a glimpse into your salon, which helps convince them to book your services. You can either activate Testimonials on your website or embed reviews from sites like Yelp, Google+, and even Facebook. This way, you get to keep clients on your site and increase your conversions.


Portfolios aren’t just for writers, photographers, and graphic artists anymore. In the age of social media, you’re more likely to encounter a potential client asking about a hair color they saw online. Take advantage of this by including a gallery of your work on your website.


There are hundreds of website plug-ins that allow you to embed pictures (even your Instagram page) on your website. This way you can show your skills and increase your online visibility at the same time.

Gift Cards

e-gift-cardsGift Cards are powerful sales and relationship-building strategy every business should adopt. Unlike discount coupons, pre-paid gift cards have greater perceived value. They provide instant revenue and motivate clients to purchase your products and services immediately. In fact, 2 out of 3 consumers tend to spend more than 40% of the card’s value, and would almost always do repeat business.

Electronic Gift Card tools like Giftly and Yiftee allow your clients to buy gift cards through your site and send it to people they love. It’s one the most underestimated salon website design features!

Learn more here:


1 Content Marketing Institutes. 2017. B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends. Available: http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/2017_B2B_Research_FINAL.pdf

2 Elliott, S. THE MEDIA BUSINESS: ADVERTISING; A survey of consumer attitudes reveals the depth of the challenge that the agencies face. Availanle: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/04/14/business/media-business-advertising-survey-consumer-attitudes-reveals-depth-challenge.html

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Salon Website 101: Elements of a Successful Salon Website

In the age of Google and social media, having a website is crucial for your business. It enables potential customers to find and learn about your salon. But it doesn’t just end in having a website. To take advantage of the incredible benefits of having an online presence, your website should have all the necessary features that will make them feel confident about doing business with you.

Think of a website as an extension of your salon. It should have all the important information about you, your team, and your company. This allows potential customers to know you and trust you with their hair.

We rounded up 4 essential elements of a salon website to help you develop and gain new customers.

Elements of a Successful Salon Website


First and foremost, the main goal of having a website is to provide a convenient way for potential clients to get in touch with you. But if your website does not highlight your contact information, you will most likely lose their business.

  • Putting your Contact Information on BOTH your Home and Contact Page is essential. There are clients who don’t like navigating menus, so having your information in a prominent place on the home page allows them to easily find it and reach you.
  • Contact Forms do not cut it anymore. Clients today prefer immediate information. Whether it is a phone call, text message, social media, or email, your website should display multiple points of contact. This also includes your complete mailing address.
  • Use a Call to Action (CTA). CTAs entice a visitor take an action that’s beneficial to your business. Phrases as simple as “Call Us” or “Book an Appointment” can help convert a regular web browser into a paying client.
  • The Internet is here to stay, so whether you like it or not – we must move with the times. Having an Online Booking System allows your salon to receive reservations 24/7 and immediately notify your clients of your availability in seconds. It minimizes your workload and, at the same time, keeps your clients happy. It’s a WIN-WIN!


Your salon culture is critical to your success. It shapes and influences your clients’ attitudes and behaviors toward your business. Many clients go to salons to relax and feel comfortable and welcome. If your website showcases that, earning their business is going to be easy.

Having the following on your website will help:

  • Your Salon Logo & Colors. Believe it or not – keeping your website’s colors and logos consistent with your brand plays a major role in decision-making.

Neuroscientiest Bevil Conway believes that humans are hardwired for certain hues.1

Greens, for example, can have a balancing and harmonizing effect, which is perfect for a Holistic Salon website.

  • Unique and Professional Salon Photos. As much as you can, avoid using generic stock photos. Clients have unique needs, and by using stock photos, your salon will look pretty much the same as the next salon. Investing in professional pictures will help set your business apart from all the others on your street.
  • Your Salon’s Story, Team, and Values. This will help determine if you’re a good fit for them. As Holistic Hair Stylists, we cater to clients who are trying to maintain a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Highlighting that on your website by sharing your team’s story and values will help attract more clients who are looking to do the same.


Admit it – walking into a salon and asking for the cost of a service can be very intimidating, especially for new clients. Disclosing your services and pricing helps alleviate their worry, and thus are more likely to set up an appointment now that they know they can afford your services.

However, be sure to include proper disclosure regarding your salon policies and procedures to avoid any misunderstanding.


For instance, include in the fine print that prices posted on your website are base prices, and total cost of service will vary depending on the treatments needed as well as the length of hair. We don’t want to lose their business over a simple mix-up.


Never underestimate the power of an up-to-date website. This can be in the form of a Blog, Testimonials, Portfolio, and Service/Product pages.

  • Even though you offer outstanding services, prospective clients want to hear an unbiased opinion. They want reviews from real people to validate your claim, and this is where Testimonials/Reviews page come in. Like personal recommendations, people nowadays turn to online reviews before making a purchase. 2 Testimonials provide a human element to your business, bridging the gap between you and your potential clients.
  • Having a Blog can help you drive more traffic to your website, increasing your website’s SEO performance. This puts you at the top of the search results on Google as well as positions your salon as the expert in your field. A monthly or quarterly blog post is recommended.
  • As Holistic Hair Stylists, our work is our business card. Before-and-Afters are an excellent way to showcase your skills and your ability to improve your client’s hair.
  • For customers, nothing can be more annoying than finding out that their favorite product is sold out. Or when a service had a price increase. This can lead to negative reviews and can cost you to lose their business, so be sure to keep your Product and Service pages updated.


1 Jaffe, E. (2014). The Fascination Neuroscience of Colors. Available: https://www.fastcodesign.com/3027740/evidence/the-fascinating-neuroscience-of-color

2 Anderson, M. (2013). 2013 Study: 79% Of Consumers Trust Online Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations. Available: http://searchengineland.com/2013-study-79-of-consumers-trust-online-reviews-as-much-as-personal-recommendations-164565

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Decoding the Label: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Beauty Labels


In recent years, the role of packaging in branding and marketing has become more important than ever. In fact, the packaging is now considered an integral part of the “marketing mix.” This comes as no surprise as consumers are becoming more and more visual.

However, many beauty companies tend to focus more on the front label, stamping it with attention-grabbing designs and a laundry list of adjectives to catch the consumer’s attention. But behind the clever packaging are often overlooked details that deserve more attention. The back label is where you can find all the important information you need. These are the smaller texts and symbols that may seem insignificant at first glance but are in fact all you need to determine the quality of the product.


Below are the key elements to take note of when you go shopping for beauty products.

Ingredients List

oway-ingredients-listAccording to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), ingredients must be declared in descending order of predominance.1 This means that the ingredient with the largest amount in the product comes first. So if an ingredient is listed near the end, there’s only a very small percentage of that ingredient present in the product.

It is important to note, however, that some ingredients only need low percentages in order to work, so you might find those at the end of the list.

Shelf Life

Remember that little open jar icon often found at the corner or bottom of the label? It is the PAO symbol, which means Period After Opening. The number and M in it indicate the number of months the product is safe to use after it is unsealed.

If you cannot locate the PAO symbol, the product may be using the Best Before End Date symbol or BBE, which looks like either an hourglass or egg timer. The European Union requires all cosmetics to use either of these symbols. In contrast, the FDA does not require any expiration dates printed on the label, because according to the agency, it is the manufacturers’ responsibility to make sure their products are safe.2


The cosmetics industry in the US is highly unregulated.

While the US Department of Agriculture offers the USDA Organic seal for products claiming to have organic ingredients, the FDA does not have the legal authority to approve cosmetics before they go on the market (except when they contain additives).3

So who checks these beauty products for harmful chemicals? The answer is no one. As a result, countless products containing toxic ingredients can enter the market without restriction.

But thanks to private and non-government organizations such as Ecocert, PETA, and Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (Leaping Bunny), you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the right products for your needs.

  • USDA Organic – The USDA Organic or Certified Organic seal signifies that at least 95% of the ingredients are certified organic and free of synthetic additives like pesticides, preservatives, dyes, among others.
  • Ecocert Organic/Natural – Similar to USDA Organic, an Ecocert Organic symbol on the label means at least 95% of the plant-based ingredients, and at least 10% of them by weight are organic. On the other hand, Ecocert Natural signifies that least 50% of the product’s plant-based ingredients and at least 5% by weight are organic.
  • PETA – Products bearing PETA’s cruelty-free logo indicates that the company provided a signed assurance or statement verifying that they do not conduct or commit any animal tests on their ingredients.
  • Leaping Bunny – This certification means that the company has voluntarily pledged that their products are 100% clear of animal testing from all stages of product development.

Recycling and Disposal

We’ve all seen that triangle made of arrows, also known as the Mobius Loop, but not many of us know what it truly stands for. Yes, it does mean it’s recyclable, but the amount that can be recycled will depend on the numerical code indicated inside the loop. Furthermore, the code will help you determine which packaging is safe and does not leach into the product. Plastic packaging labeled with codes 1, 3, 6, and 7 are said to be more likely to contain phthalates and BPA.

Because Organic Way’s packaging is made of glass, you won’t be able to find a number in the loop. This means that the packaging is 100% safe and infinitely recyclable. However, if you decide not to recycle, the trash bin icon (usually placed near the loop) is a reminder to throw it in the appropriate recycling bin.


Sometimes the packaging is unable to fit all the required information on the label, like usage instructions and product warnings. In their place, you’ll find a Refer to Insert symbol which looks like a hand pointing at an open book. This symbol means that you’ll find all important information in a leaflet or card.

Below is a comprehensive guide on how to understand Oway labels:



1 US Food & Drug Administration. Cosmetic Ingredient Labeling. Available: https://www.fda.gov/cosmetics/labeling/regulations/ucm126444.htm#clga

2 US Food & Drug Administration. Shelf Life/Expiration Dating. Available: https://www.fda.gov/Cosmetics/Labeling/ExpirationDating/ucm2005204.htm

3 US Food & Drug Administration. FDA Authority Over Cosmetics: How Cosmetics Are Not FDA-Approved, but Are FDA-Regulated. Available: https://www.fda.gov/cosmetics/guidanceregulation/lawsregulations/ucm074162.htm


Trending Hair Colors This Week


When we’re looking for some hair color inspiration, we know we can always turn to our #HolisticHairTribe to provide us what we need. From classic all-over colors to stunning colormelts and peek-a-boos, name it and our talented stylists have done it.

Check out our top picks this week:


Fiery Red Hair Color Formula

Hair by Desiree Cerda

How gorgeous is this color? We love how Desiree blended the roots into the Rose Gold ends instead of going for an all-over color. This gave the hair a deeper dimension and natural sun-kissed look.

Natural Level: 7

Roots: Oway Hcolor 5.6 Red Light Brown + Oway Hcolor 5.46 Red Coppery Light Brown + Oway Hcolor 0.6 Red Booster (2:1:1) with Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Mids: Oway Hcolor 7.66 Deep Red Blonde with Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Ends (On Pre-lightened Hair): Oway Hcolor 90.3 Golden Super Bleaching Blonde + Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum + Oway Hcolor 0.6 Red Booster (2:1:1) with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Black Taffy Hair Color Formula

Hair by Erica Nuhn

The peek-a-boo hair trend is gaining more momentum on social media recently and we are here for it. We love seeing stylists use colors that you wouldn’t normally pair together – like pink and black. And the risk turned out quite beautifully.

Lightening (Ends): Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer

Lightening (Roots): Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Lowlight: Equal Parts Oway Hcolor 4.0 Natural Brown + Oway Hcolor 5.0 Natural Light Brown

Toner: Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum + Oway Hcolor 9.1 Ash Very Light Blonde with a dot of Oway Hcolor 0.3 Golden Booster


Caramel Blonde Hair Color Formula

Hair by Lisa Marie

Like Honey Blondes, Caramel Blondes give that healthy, natural look. It’s perfect for those looking for low maintenance hair color because of less re-growth and it compliments most skin tones.

Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Roots: Oway Hcolor 7.1 Ash Blonde + Oway Hcolor 8.1 Ash Light Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Mids & Ends: Oway Hcolor 9.31 Beige Very Light Blonde + Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Caramel Blonde Hair Color Formula

Hair by Summer Reid

If you’re a brunette, Caramel Blonde is a great choice for when you want to go light. This delicious hue can soften any complexion and makes an excellent transition color from dark brown to light blonde.

Roots: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener with 35vol

Ends: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener with Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer + Oway Hmilk No Stress Conditioning Treatment

Lowlights: Oway Hcolor 7.1 Ash Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Pastel Orchid Hair Color Formula

Hair by Leah Michael Taylor

Just when we thought pastel hair season is over, Leah served us with stunning orchid hair. This pink and purple hybrid will definitely make us miss Spring.

Pre-lightened Hair

Roots: Oway Hcolor 6.62 Irisee Red Dark Blonde + Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Melted: Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum + Oway Hcolor 10.1 Ash Extra Light Blonde + a little Oway Hcolor 9.1 Ash Very Light Blonde + Oway Hcolor 0.7 Purple Booster + with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Cool Blonde Hair Color Formula

Hair by Erica Walker

As we approach the summer season, cool blondes will begin showing up everywhere. It comes as no surprise since more and more people are choosing cool tones to match the summer heat. Take it to the next level by creating a transition from regrowth to ends to give it more depth and dimension.

Lift: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Toner: Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum

Which is your favorite this week?

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BERGAMOT OIL BENEFITS: The Natural Solution to Dry, Damaged Hair


With the rise of aromatherapy and its proven wonders in recent years, it doesn’t come as a surprise that essential oils have become a fixture in the beauty industry. One of those essential oils come from a tropical tree in South Asia.

Bergamot or Citrus bergamia is primarily cultivated for its fruit, but its mood-lifting spicy, citrusy smell and nourishing properties have made it a highly sought-after ingredient for manufacturing personal care products, especially hair care.

Benefits of Bergamot Oil to the Hair

Promotes Hair Growth

oway-sunway-productsUsed mainly in aromatherapy for its stimulating properties, Bergamot Oil can also be applied on the scalp to revive the hair bulbs and encourage hair growth. Bergamot’s natural stimulants direct blood flow to the scalp, ensuring proper delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. As a result, the hair fibers are nourished and begin to grow significantly.

We recommend: Oway After-Sun Hair & Body Bath to detoxify the hair and scalp after sun exposure. It’s great for removing traces of salt and chlorine which can leave the scalp and hair dry and damaged.

Adds Shine

Dull and dry hair is a common problem that affects both men and women. Free radicals are everywhere, and if our body does not have adequate protection we’re bound to experience the effects.

Like Grapefruit Peel Oil, Bergamot Oil is rich in antioxidants and antimicrobials that help shield the hair and scalp against the damaging effects of oxidative stress. The antioxidants also strip off the dirt and chemicals that are causing the hair to dry out, revealing healthier, shiny hair.

Cleans the Scalp

All those nasty chemicals from hair care products can build up on the scalp, clogging pores and irritating the scalp. This results in various scalp issues like acne and eczema. The antimicrobial properties of Bergamot are effective in getting rid of the buildup because they inhibit the growth of bacteria before they cause a full-blown infection.

We recommend: Oway Purifying Hair Bath for its ability to eliminate dandruff and excess oil. The Bergamot Oil and other pure essential oils infused in this products help detoxify the scalp of bacteria and fungus that are causing scalp irritation.

Conditions Hair

Rich in fatty acids, Bergamot can tame frizzy hair with its conditioning and antiseptic properties. Due to silicone and chemical buildup, the hair can become dry and prone to damage. Bergamot reverses that by washing away all the buildup, allowing the cuticles to breathe and receive the moisture they need to make the hair look hydrated and healthy.

Relaxes the Scalp

Perhaps the most notable feature of Bergamot is its calming properties. When used on the scalp, it not only stimulates blood flow but it also induces soothing effects. This is why Bergamot Oil is often used in aromatherapy in reducing stress, anxiety, and even blood pressure. A few drops of this wonder oil will immediately calm your mind and senses.


We recommend: Bio-Rich Water for its aromatherapeutic benefits. The pure essential oil hydrolates in this spray eliminate toxins in the air and deliver soothing properties, invigorating the mind, body, and hair.

Like many essential oils, Bergamot Oil cannot be applied directly to the hair and scalp without diluting it first. Mixing it with a carrier oil like Jojoba Oil will not only keep irritation at bay, but also activate all the nourishing properties of Bergamot. The result: a healthy and balanced head of hair.

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Salon Visual Merchandising 101: 7 Elements of Retail Displays That Drive Sales


It’s no surprise that most stylists dislike “selling” retail. Love it or hate it, “selling” or retailing is critical to maintaining a profitable business, and when done right, merchandising alone could increase your retail revenue by 35%.  Not a bad increase for letting your display do the “selling” for you.

Not an artist or designer? No worries. Follow a few key elements outlined below, and your displays will look like you hired a pro.

Salon Display vs Fixture

First, it’s important to understand the difference between a well merchandised display and well merchandised retail fixture.

A fixture is meant to “house” the products that you carry in an organized manner, fully stocked, oriented from left to right then top to bottom with proper shelf talkers.

The purpose of a display is to highlight certain products by increasing their visibility. A display does not need to show all the items in a product line – focusing on three to five products makes a display less cluttered and more appealing to the eye. Displays should be engaging, changed out frequently, and strategically placed to guide the customer through the space, keeping their interest while they shop.

Key Elements of Visual Merchandising For Salons

1. What?

  • Determine what product or products are going to be featured. Displays can be centered around just one product, three, or five. Odd numbers are easier to work with and more enticing to the eye.

2. Why?

  • Know your purpose. What is the product promotion and what is the purpose of the display, specifically? Of course, your primary purpose is to sell more products, but make sure to integrate the display with the needs of your target customer. Start with determining who is your target customer and why would they want to make this purchase.

Don’t forget to educate your team on the details of the product and promotion. This ensures that your salon and staff are speaking the same language.

3. How Much?

  • Set a budget. It is important to set a budget for your display so that your extra profits aren’t spent paying for the display props. Spending a lot on creating a display does not always mean that you will profit more from its sales.

4. Where?

  • Placement is key. As a rule, when we walk into a room we tend to look and walk towards the right. If possible, this would be prime real estate for you to establish a “feature” display.

5. How?

  • Add props. Props are great tools for engaging your customers with your display. When using props, stick to an 80/20 ratio: 80% products, 20% props. Props of varying colors, heights, and texture make your display more interesting. Think about why the customer should want to purchase this item and go from there. For example: If your promotion involves products that provide protection from the sun, incorporating sunglasses, a beach towel, and a pair of flip flops appeals to your customers’ desire to take a vacation while reminding them to purchase products that protect their skin and hair. You may want to try several layouts until you’re happy with your results. Scents and music are also effective if they support your message. The more senses that can be integrated, the more powerful the display.

6. Share

  • Promote your message. Just as important as the display is sharing the message of what your promotion is. Just because you “build it” does not mean “they will come buy it”. This involves the use of proper signage of course. Signage should relay your message in a style suited to your display. Keep in mind the price point of your products and be sure you’re not using a flimsy hand-written sign to sell a $100 gift set.

Don’t forget to utilize social media to promote your message. Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are perfect outlets for posting attractive images of your display. Be sure that your message is either expressed in the photo or explained in your posting.


7. Measure

  • Evaluate your strategy. Be sure to track the sales from your display to measure its success. Also, take into consideration other indicators that your display was a success like client comments, the amount of time clients spent interacting with the display, likes and shares on social media, etc.

TIP: Creating small displays in other areas of the salon like shampoo area, hallway, bathroom, or treatment rooms (if you have them) are also great reminders of a promotion you are having. Repeating your promotional message several times within your salon is more likely to be noticed and produce a sale.

Check out these “shelfies” from our #HolisticHairTribe for inspiration:

For a more detailed look into how Merchandising can help you grow your business, be sure to watch out for our upcoming online course: Secrets of Successful Salon & Spa Merchandising (Boost Your Retail Sales by 35%.)

Tracy Olson

About the Author

Tracy Olson

As the Simply Organic Education and Technical Department Manager, Tracy brings to us more than 25 years of experience in the salon industry. As a former salon owner and artistic director, Tracy has worked with salons, spas, schools, and health clubs in developing design solutions and strategies to help increase their retail sales. If you want to learn more how to bring organic, eco-friendly hair products to your salon, please contact us at 888-213-4744

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Trending Hair Colors This Week


Time and again, our #HolisticHairTribe has shown us that when it comes to talent, our community always delivers. And so as we inch closer to summer, you can expect to see more lighter hair colors in the coming weeks. But for now, we’re offering a sneak peek of what’s to come.

Check out our favorite hair colors this week:


Flaming Red Hair Color Formula

Hair by Anna Lundeberg

Getting the perfect red is a huge task for many hair stylists, because not all reds are the same. You get it wrong and it can look unnatural. But when you get it right, it can turn people’s heads.

Roots: Oway Hcolor 4.56 Red Mahogany Brown with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Mids: Oway Hcolor 6.66 Deep Red Dark Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Ends: Oway Hcolor 8.66 Deep Red Light Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

oway-hair-colorPlatinum Ash Hair Color Formula

Hair by Heather Leigh Ford

Tired of your regular blonde hair? This Platinum Ash hair color by Heather is a great color to freshen up your look. We recommend adding some shadow root to give your hair more dimension.

Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer

Pull through (Midshaft + Around Parietal and Crown):  Oway Hcolor 6.1 Ash Dark Blonde + Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Toner: Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum + Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Nude Blonde Hair Color Formula

Hair by Danielle of goodhairla

Don’t you just love it when you get your desired balay without having to add any toners? This Nude Blonde by Danielle only used Oway creamy plant butter-based lightener and developer to create this babe hair.

Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer


Nude Blonde Hair Color Formula

Hair by Summer Reid

Because one Nude Blonde is not enough. Here’s another perfect blonde balayage Summer did for a client – no toner needed!

Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer


Salted Caramel Hair Color Formula

Hair by Meredith Johnson

When it comes to deliciously blended balayage, we know we can always rely on Meredith to deliver. This one though is a true balayage (meaning she didn’t use any foils), and we’re nothing but impressed.

Painted: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener and Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer

Toner (10 mins): 2 parts Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum + 1 part Oway Hcolor 7.1 Ash Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Champagne Peach Hair Color Formula

Hair by Michaela Svanfelt

If you’re not quite into the Rose Gold trend but want something softer, this Champagne Peach hair color by Michaela is a great alternative. It has the charm of pink and gold combined, only more muted.

Lightening: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener with Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Toner: 30 mL Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum + 30 mL Oway Hcolor 10.1 Ash Extra Light Blonde + 3 mL Oway Hcolor 0.6 Red Booster with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Which are your favorites this week?

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RICE BRAN OIL BENEFITS: The Asian Secret to Beautiful, Healthy Hair


Known for their youthful looks, many Asians are often mistaken for being younger than they actually are. And it looks like we have finally uncovered their ultimate beauty secret. It’s called Gamma oryzanol or Rice Bran Oil.

Packed with anti-aging emollients and antioxidant properties, this oil has been a part of the Asian skin care regimen for years. But aside from improving the condition of the skin, Rice Bran Oil also offers various benefits to the hair.

Benefits of Rice Bran Oil to the Hair

Prevents Hypersensitivity

oway-hypercolorPerhaps the most notable feature of Rice Bran Oil is its hypoallergenic properties, something that many vegetable oils do not possess. This makes the oil a great remedy for irritations and hypersensitivity.

If you have a hypersensitive client, make sure to use salon products that contain Rice Bran Oil, such as Oway Hypercolor to nourish and protect the scalp and hair during a technical service.

Prevents Damage

Split ends are a common sign that your hair needs some TLC – stat. Unfortunately, the only remedy for split ends is to chop them off, but it doesn’t mean you can’t prevent it from happening again. All the hair needs is a hair care regimen that enhances the protective barriers of the hair against external aggressors.

Rice Bran Oil contains rich amounts of antioxidants that help protect the hair from UV exposure. This oil also has a high smoking point, making it a natural heat protectant.

Fights Dandruff

Due to its high vitamin E content, Rice Bran Oil stimulates blood flow to the scalp and proper healing, which affect scalp health and dandruff control. This is because the vitamin E in the oil is an antioxidant in itself.

Like Cotton Protein and Kukui Butter, Rice Bran Oil helps fight off free radicals and bacteria that’s causing the irritation. So when a client comes in for a scalp treatment, we recommend using Oway Zanthoxylum Soothing Gel to provide immediate relief. The Rice Bran Oil in it helps alleviate the itching and discomfort caused by dandruff.

Thickens Hair

Rice Bran Oil is also rich in omega-6 fatty acids and oleic acid. Combine them with the antioxidants found in this wonder oil, and you have a hair growth super potion. Applying Rice Bran Oil regularly to thinning spots will help stimulate blood circulation in those areas, reviving the hair follicles to create strong and healthy hair.

Delays Premature Greying

Finding grey hairs can be frightening for some as its usually associated with aging. Contrary to popular belief, grey hair doesn’t depend solely on age. It’s when our body starts producing less melanin – the pigment that gives the strands their natural color – that causes a sudden onset of grey hairs.


This phenomenon is due to oxidative stress, a condition resulting from the imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants.1 Rice Bran Oil supplies the hair and scalp great amounts of antioxidants to prevent the hair from losing pigment due to oxidative stress. Did we also mention Oway Hcolor contains this wonder oil?

Truly, we cannot deny the benefits natural antioxidants like Rice Bran Oil bring to our body. Isn’t it amazing how nature has all the solutions we need for healthier, stronger hair?


1Roos, D et al. (2012). Role of Calcium and Mitochondria in MeHg-Mediated Cytotoxicity. Available: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3425894/

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This Potentially Toxic Chemical May Be Lurking in Your Salon Products


Last month, New York senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand petitioned the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban the chemical 1,4-dioxane from personal care products due to its potentially cancerous effect, according to The Hill.1

This came on the heels of a report by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) naming 1,4-dioxane as one of the high-hazard chemicals to be evaluated for safety in November last year.2 The Environmental Working Group lists about 8,000 personal care products containing this chemical, but what makes it dangerous to our health?

What is 1,4-dioxane?

1,4-dioxane is a by-product of the manufacturing process of cosmetic and home products such as detergents, foaming agents, emulsifiers, and solvents. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated that for the most part, the types of products in which 1,4-dioxane is found are only in contact with the skin for a short time as it readily evaporates upon application. 3


Scott Faber, senior vice president of government affairs at the Environmental Working Group (EWG), argues that 1,4-dioxane has “no real purpose in cosmetics” and only damages our health. So this begs the question: why is this ingredient still present in everyday products?

Unfortunately, there’s a serious lack of cosmetics regulation in the U.S. Because 1,4-dioxane is only a by-product, companies are not required to list it as ingredient, allowing them to just hide it behind the blanket term “FRAGRANCE”.

How dangerous is 1,4-dioxane?

Back in the 70s, a National Cancer Institute study found a link between 1,4-dioxane and cancer in animals when administered at high levels.

Although cosmetics contain far lower concentrations of this chemical, constant exposure to carcinogens over prolonged periods provides a greater chance of contracting cancers. 4

Countless hair dyes contain cancer-causing agents such as ammonia, formaldehyde, and PEGs or Polyethylene glycol (an ingredient containing 1,4 dioxane). This puts hairdressers among the top 3 occupations – just behind rubber manufacturing and agriculture – at a higher risk of this deadly disease, which affects the following:

  • Lungs
  • Breasts
  • Bladder
  • Larynx

Ingredients such as PEGs also enhanced product absorption, which can cause more damage if 1,4 dioxane is present. This is why we recommend avoiding PEGs in hair color.

How do we identify 1,4 dioxane?

1,4-dioxane can be easily identified by looking for the following prefix, word, or syllables in the labels5: PEGs, Polyethylene, Polyoxyethylene, or any ingredients with “-eth-” or “-oxynol-“.

How can we avoid this carcinogen?

Here are the steps you can take to protect yourself against accidentally using 1,4-dioxane in your salon:

  1. Always read the label.
  2. Avoid the 5 Toxic Ps: Polyethylene glycols, Phthalates, Parabens, Perfume or Fragrance, and Paraffins.
  3. Choose organic hair color and hair care products that contain the least amount of chemicals.
1,4 dioxane-dangers

It should be noted that there’s no data yet describing the effects of 1,4-dioxane in humans, but is it really worth the risk? If a potentially dangerous chemical does not serve any purpose at all, why do we still need to use it? It’s better to be safe than sorry, don’t you think?


1 The Hill. (2017). Dems petition FDA to ban potentially toxic chemical from shampoos, body wash. Available: http://thehill.com/regulation/pending-regs/328720-ny-dems-petition-fda-to-ban-toxic-chemical-from-shampoos-body-wash

2 United States Environmental Protection Agency. (2016). EPA Names First Chemicals for Review Under New TSCA Legislation. Available: https://www.epa.gov/newsreleases/epa-names-first-chemicals-review-under-new-tsca-legislation

3,5 United States Food & Drug Administration. 1,4-Dioxane A Manufacturing Byproduct. Available: https://www.fda.gov/cosmetics/productsingredients/potentialcontaminants/ucm101566.htm

4 Takkouche B et al. (2009). Risk of cancer among hairdressers and related workers: a meta-analysis. Available: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19755396

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Trending Hair Colors This Week


Our #HolisticHairTribe keeps getting better week after week, disproving the notion that organic hair color is not effective. From ravishing reds to gorgeous colormelts, there’s so many tones and hues you can do with Oway.

Check out the hair colors we loved this week!


Dark Garnet Hair Color Formula

Hair by Yeli’s Organic Salon

If there’s a shade that’s really popular with our Tribe, it’s the Oway Reds. They’re deep and vibrant, and just brings out the hair’s beauty. Case in point: This Dark Garnet hair color by Yeli.

Roots: 1oz Oway Hcolor 7.0 Natural Blonde + 1oz Oway Hcolor 7.66 Deep Red Blonde + Oway Hcolor 0.7 Purple Booster with Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Highlights: Oway Hcolor 8.66 Deep Red Light Blonde + Oway Hcolor 0.6 Red Booster with Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer

Ends (Refreshed): Oway Hcolor 7.66 Deep Red Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Purple Sunset Hair Color Formula

Hair by Stephanie Schmidt

Don’t you think it’s amazing how stylists can recreate nature by just using hair dyes? This sunset-inspired hair color by Stephanie is just marvelous to look at!

Base: Oway Hcolor 5.31 Beige Light Brown + Oway Hcolor 6.31 Beige Dark Blonde

Colormelt: Oway Hcolor 0.7 Purple Booster with Oway Hcolor 0.6 Red Booster + Oway Hcolor 90.2 Irisee Super Bleaching Blonde


Sunkissed Bronde Hair Color Formula

Hair by Merissa Luetjen

This darker take on the summer favorite Sunkissed Blonde is giving us some major hair envy. Those varying tones of cool and honey highlights gave the brown base more dimension and character.

Base: Natural Color

Balayage (Foils): Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener with Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Balayaged Ends (No Foil + Saturated): Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener with Oway Hcatalyst 40 Volume Cream Developer for 20 minutes, then Oway Hmilk No Stress Conditioning Treatment

Toner: 30g Oway Hcolor 9.1 Ash Very Light Blonde + 15g Oway Hcolor 8.1 Ash Light Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Sugar Plum Hair Color Formula

Hair by Abigail Waldrum

This Sugar Plum-inspired hair color by Abigail was the highlight of our week. We adore hues that remind us of our favorite childhood candy.

Roots & Mids (1:1): Oway Hnectar 6.77 Blueberry Dark Blonde with 25 vol 1:1

Ends: Melted Down to Tone for 10 minutes


Raisin Purple Hair Color Formula

Hair by Josie Ragains

A second Tribe favorite is our Violets. Like our Reds, they’re highly pigmented and give the hair that glossy finish when used in conjunction with Oway’s conditioning treatments.

Percentage of Grey: 50%

Roots & Mids: 20g Oway Hcolor 6.0 Natural Dark Blonde + 20g Oway Hcolor 6.77 Deep Purple Dark Blonde with Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Ends (Refreshed): Oway Hcolor 6.77 Deep Purple Dark Blonde + Oway Hmilk No Stress Conditioning Treatment with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Golden Blonde Hair Color Formula

Hair by Kristine Hartman

A little update goes a long way. This blonde babe wanted a fresher look, so Kristine did some lowlights and balayage for dimension and “The Drop” to brighten up the blonde.

Natural Level: 7

Freehand Balayage: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener + 6oz Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer

Color: Pinky Finger Nail Oway Hcolor 0.7 Purple Booster with 4oz Oway Hmilk No Stress Conditioning Treatment + 2oz Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Which are your top picks this week?

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