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5 Air Purifying Plants To Detoxify Your Salon


If the idea of an eye-catching new salon plant didn’t grab your attention, just wait until you hear the detoxifying benefits of these indoor air purifying plants! For a plant to make our list, it must meet the following requirements:

  • Hard to Kill
  • Eliminate Common Salon Air Pollutants
  • Aesthetically Pleasing Salon Decoration

In case you are wondering which airborne chemicals decrease salon air quality the most, we made this handy chart for you below:

5 Most Common Salon Air Toxins
Formaldehyde Permanent Straightening Treatments, Keratin Treatments, Nail Polish, Nail Polish Hardeners Known Human Carcinogen
Ammonia Hair Color, Perm Systems, Window Cleaners, Floor Waxes Corrosive, damages cells upon breathing, swallowing or skin contact, Respiratory Irritant
Benzene Hair Colors, Plastics, Pesticides, Detergents, Synthetic Fibers Known Human Carcinogen, especially Leukemia
Trichloroethylene Hair Extensions Glue, Lace Wig Glue Long term exposure causes liver, kidney and skin damage


Best Indoor Air Purifying Plants for the Salon



Peace Lily

Eye-catching and easy-to-care for, Peace Lily’s would look beautiful in a salon of any size. Their elegant white spathes and low maintenance care routine, make them an all-around all-star plant to have on display at the salon.

Removes: formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, benzene and ammonia.
Care Tips: Low light or medium, indirect sunlight – soil: evenly moist; water weekly

Aloe Vera

This healing succulent has multiple uses in the salon. It removes formaldehyde and benzene from the air, but it’s soothing gel can come in handy when you get the occasional hot tool burn. Tip: Our tribe of holistic hair stylists love to mix freshly cut aloe into fruit water for an extra kick of Vitamin E, or on clients with sensitive scalps!

Removes: formaldehyde, benzene
Care Tips: Loves sunlight, allow soil to dry between waterings

English Ivy


These mesmerizing, vine-like plants can make a striking statement in any organic salon. Not only does it remove benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene, it removes airborne mold and feces. Yes, feces. So, don’t be afraid to put English Ivy in your salon restroom.

Removes: benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, mold, feces
Care Tips: moist, even soil – water weekly, thrive in bright to low light




If you prefer a pop of brightly colored blooms for the salon, look no further than azaleas! This evergreen plant can thrive in salon without direct sunlight and even eliminates formaldehyde from the air. However, you’ll want to opt for greenhouse azaleas, as they’ll be able to survive indoors.

Removes: formaldehyde
Care Tips: prefers moist, even soil, humidity, cooler temps



Weeping Fig

The Weeping Fig requires a bit more tender love and attention, but it’s intricately twisted trunk makes a beautiful statement in the salon.

Removes: Benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia

Care Tips: bright light, allow soil to dry between waterings, sensitive to temp changes

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5 Amazing Benefits of Amber Glass Salon Products

In an industry overflowing with plastic packaging, some brands are taking eco-friendly salon products to the next level.  Oway is the first professional hair company to adopt amber glass bottles as it’s primary source of packaging.

Amber glass is not only environmentally-friendly, but is 100% non-toxic – making it ideal for green salons everywhere.


Plastic packaging accounts for 90% of all pollution in our oceans, and can leach harmful chemicals into our salon products.

Why Choose Amber Glass for Eco-Friendly Salon Products?

#1 Glass is 100% Infinitely Recyclable

Fun fact: glass is one of the only recyclable materials that can be re-used again and again – all without losing strength, durability or pureness.

Recycled plastic weakens over time and eventually cannot be re-purposed. And, where do you think unusable plastic is discarded at the end of its lifecycle? You guessed it – landfills and oceans.

#2 Amber Glass is Eye-Catching and Repurposeful

If you’ve browsed the DIY-crazed social network, Pinterest, lately, you’ll see thousands of crafts involving amber glass.

This unique material will give your green salon infinite upcycling and decor opportunities! From soy candles to indoor plant holders, the possibilities are endless with gorgeous glass!

Seriously, only with Oway’s eco-friendly salon products can you turn a once amazing pomade into a makeup brush or clip holder (as seen on the right).


#3 Recycling Glass Is 40% Less Polluting Than Plastic

When you’re an eco-friendly salon, reducing your environmental impact is vital. Although plastic bottles can be recycled, the process is much more polluting than glass.

In fact, the process of recycling glass releases 40% less carbon in the air than plastic. Not to mention, less raw materials and energy are needed to reuse glass.

Choosing amber glass as your eco-friendly salon product packaging significantly decreases your environmental impact and carbon footprint.

#4 Protects Precious Ingredients From UV Light

Amber glass bottles are ideal for ensuring we reap all the wonderful benefits from active botanical ingredients.

Just how the sun’s UV rays damage our skin if left unprotected, they also adversely affect the purity of our eco-friendly salon products.

Not only does amber glass protect delicate, organic ingredients from photo damage, but allows us to eliminate toxic, synthetic preservatives, like parabens.


#5 Glass is 100% Non-Toxic and Safe

In a recent study from Environmental Health Perspective, scientists found over 70% of plastic leaches hormone-mimicking chemicals into the substance it stores.

These undesirable plastic byproducts can wreak havoc on the human body’s endocrine system – the part of the body responsible for balancing hormones – making them exceptionally problematic for women.

Also known as estrogenic activity (EA) makers, these unseen ingredients are highly correlated with increased breast cancer rates – the most prominent cancer type among women in the United States.

When you choose eco-friendly salon products made with amber glass, you’re choosing products kind to your tresses, the environment, and your health.

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