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Formula Friday: Easy, Romantic Valentine’s Day Hair Styles


Tis’ the season to be adored! Whether you’re getting ready for a romantic date or going to dinner with your besties this Valentine’s Day, we’ve prepared six breathtaking looks that will make hearts skip a beat.

Valentine’s Day Hairstyles

Hitched & Happy Half ‘Do

  • Prep with a few pumps of O&M Know Knott Detangling Spray and O&M Atonic Thickening Spritz on clean hair for volume and heat protection. Then dry hair without a brush to create volume.
  • When the hair is 80% dry, add O&M Rootalicious Root Lift Spray for even more volume. Next, use the O&M Classic Hair Brush to add volume at the roots and smooth out the ends.
  • Using a large barrel curling iron, create a curl two inches from the roots. Work both sides, curling to the crown and angling the curls away from the face.
  • Spray with O&M Queenie Firm Hold Hairspray and allow to cool.
  • Use a rat tail comb and separate hair from the recession line, taking it to the crown. Back comb this section from the front then braid from the middle back. Secure with a band leaving the ends out. You can use a smaller curling iron to give curl to the ends.
  • Place a few bobby pins into the braid and push forward before you pin to create extra volume.You can add a few clips to secure the ends as an accent.
  • Use a large basin comb to soften the curls and set the style in place with O&M Queenie Firm Hold Hairspray. The hairspray will help create more volume in the crown.

Heartfelt Half Bun

  • Use a rat tail comb to release some of the braids in sections and create loops of hair. Then, secure firmly with pins.
  • Run through ends of hair for soft curls.
  • Place a few drops of O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum onto fingers and pull through ends of hair to add shine and separate the curls. The longer you leave the curls to cool, the longer they will last.

The Fairytale Ending Bun

  • Pull strands out of woven bun to create a waterfall effect. Use fringe pins to secure the style in place. Fringe pins can be woven through hair to support creating more volume than bobby pins.
  • Using the metal end of the rat tail comb, separate the braided sections to create volume and texture in the bun, giving a flower like appearance.
  • Use the curling iron to reinforce the waterfall curls for a more dramatic effect.
  • Mist hair with O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Spray to complete the look. A drop of O&M Frizzy Logic Shine Serum in the fingers will make the hair easier to braid.

The Imperfectly Perfect Ponytail

  • To create this look, shampoo the hair with Oway Silver Steel Hair Bath. This will remove any unwanted warm tones in the hair and brighten the blonde.
  • Then condition with Oway Moisturizing Hair Mask.
  • Towel dry and spray the Oway Volumizing Root Spray at the root of the hair. Blow dry using a large round brush, over the roots to create a voluminous blowout.
  • Apply a light dusting of Oway Plant & Mineral Refresh at the root to add texture.
  • Back comb at the top at the parietal ridge into the crown area. Pull the hair back and secure ponytail with a rubber band.
  • Take a one inch piece of hair from the bottom of the ponytail to wrap around it. Secure with small bobby pins.
  • Back comb the ponytail. Once it's secured and finished, style using Oway Sculpting Mist.

Romantic Half Twist

  • For this sweet look, shampoo the hair using Oway Moisturizing Hair Bath and condition the hair using Oway Moisturizing Hair Mask. Towel dry the hair and add Oway Flux Potion to smooth, add volume and blow dry the hair.
  • Use a wide barrel curling iron or flat iron to create loose curls. Make sure to spritz the hair with Oway Thermal Stress Protector prior to curling. This protects from heat damage, provides a medium hold, and leaves the curl with an extra-shiny finish.
  • Allow the curls to cool, then lightly tousle and scrunch the hair using Oway Sea Salt Spray to achieve these romantic curls.
  • Take a two-inch section of the fringe and start rolling the hair to the back and pin as you go. Repeat on the opposite side, then connect both sides with a rubber band.
  • Cover the rubber band with a half inch section of hair taken from under the pony tail and pin.
  • Complete this look with with Oway Glamshine Cloud for immediate shine and Oway Sculpting Mist for hold.

Flirty Side Braid

  • Create your part and begin a French braid on the heavier side working towards the back. Once you have created your braid approximately halfway around the head, pin hair under the remainder of the loose hair. We suggest pinning the braid throughout where needed.
  • To complete this style, use Oway Glamshine Cloud for immediate shine and to tame any “fly-aways”. Use OOway Sculpting Mist to hold your style.

Break the Norm Not Hearts: Your Holistic Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love with something rare and special. No matter what form your love takes—family, friends or salon clientele—we’ve got the perfect gift for everyone. Here are our top 5 Valentine's Day gift suggestions for finding something as unique as your loved ones.

Check out our recommended Valentine's Day gifts!

Oway Skin & Body Care Kits 

For the beauty obsessed, Oway’s NATRUE-certified Skin and Body Care Kits contain all the essentials to cleanse, tone and moisturize. Each product is formulated with healing and rejuvenating properties from biodynamic-organic ingredients straight from Oway’s family farms in Bologna, Italy. A perfect addition to their skin and body care ritual without the overwhelming chemicals.


Oway Men's Grooming Kit


Men deserve some pampering, too. This Valentine’s Day, give him Oway Men’s Grooming Kit. It’s a great gift for dads, husbands, brothers, and salon clients who deserve some extra luxury. This kit contains a potent mixture of antioxidant-rich properties from Primordial Active Ingredients and Techno-Botanicals that will nurture and protect the skin and hair from external aggressors.

Own Way Fragrance 

For a natural alternative to fragrance, Oway OWN Way has created a scent that is 100% non-toxic and plant-based. Formulated for both him and her, it’s the perfect gift for anyone you love. Only 999 bottles have been produced, so it’s a rare and exclusive treat. Its earthy and resinous aroma will certainly linger longer than flowers!


O&M Hair Styling Kit 


Help them get ready for date night with O&M Hair Styling Kits. It’s also a great way to maintain their hair ‘dos throughout the day. There are ZERO phthalates, sulfates ammonia or other scary ingredients in every O&M product so they can focus on looking their best on Valentine’s Day without worrying about toxins.

Aromatherapy Ritual Kits 

What better way to show your love than giving the gift of positive energy and healing? Ritual Kits are creative and can be customized for each person’s specific needs. Tie fresh sage bushels together and add in our Simply Organic Signature Essential Oils to diffuse at home. Add personalized crystals or quartz to enhance intentions. Homeopathic candles also give a nice accent to the kit, to help prepare the mind for meditation.


So, there you have it. Here are some awesome ways to help in your quest for hard-to-find holistic gifts. Remember, putting your love and effort in everything is the most valuable gift of all!


Educator Spotlight: Robert Sapienza


Hair cutting is an art and skill that any hairdresser can develop. With the right technique and ample practice, you can master any hair cut your clients want, just like our Educator of the Month.

Robert Sapienza is the lead cutter and stylist at Ka’ton Salon in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. On February 10th, he will be sharing his cutting and styling techniques, as well as health and body form tips to a long career behind the chair. Learn more about Rob’s Holistic Cutting and Styling Class in Tampa Bay, FL.

Get to know Rob!


Can you tell us a little about your experience getting into the hair industry?

I attended the Aveda Institute Las Vegas while still performing professionally with Cirque Du Soleil and other shows in Las Vegas. After an injury, I chose to go full time into the hair industry and never looked back.

Who are your mentors? Do you have anyone that you look up to?

Daniel Holzberger is my mentor and happy to call ‘friend’. His passion and talent for cutting hair and his ability to translate it to others is a gift. 

How did hair cutting become your specialty?

I chose Hair Cutting while working for the Van Michael Salon group and specialized with advanced education. Eventually, it became my passion.

What advice would you give to someone starting off in this trade who wants to specialize in hair cutting?

Continuing education is key.


All of these play a role in creating a “look” for someone that will truly fit them. Our clients should wear their hair, not the other way around. Never be afraid to say NO.

What got you interested in the holistic hair/ lifestyle?

Fitness and health have always been in my life. It was a natural progression.

How do you try to incorporate holistic rituals in your salon? In your own life?

At Ka’ton Salon, we pride ourselves on having a fully clean air salon, utilizing the Oway experiences and rituals.

Do you have any advice for salons and stylists who want to switch to a more organic/sustainable line?

Think of it as just changing lanes on an icy road.  The road is the same but one lane is healthier, faster and cleaner.


What is your favorite part of our profession?

Being able to create a look specific to an individual that will bring them joy.

Where do you see yourself down the line, career-wise?

Growth and Happiness is all I ask for the rest will come.




Witness Rob in action on February 10, 2019 in Tampa Bay, FL. The Holistic Cutting and Styling Class will center on 3 FOCAL POINTS:

Cutting Techniques with Two Unique, Versatile Designs

[1] Breaking the Bob: Break the classic bob haircut down to strong graduation techniques with tailor made shapes to suit a client's individual lifestyle, texture and facial features.

[2] Freedom Through Weight Removal: Shatter the rules of haircutting by removing weight in a creative and stylish way through strong graduation.

Oway + O&M Styling Product Knowledge

Learn the differences between these two top-notch non-toxic styling lines, as well as in-depth styling cocktails applicable to a variety of looks. We'll also deep dive into the ingredients, pH, hold and shine factors of each product through a prep, style and finish lens.

Holistic Health & Body Form

Get back to the basics of proper hand, arm and full body positioning alignment that will ensure the longevity of your creative career and overall health.


5 Toxic Chemicals to Avoid in the Salon

Did you know: 1 in 5 hairstylists will suffer an illness directly related to the occupation? Hair Stylists are exposed to a wide range of toxic chemicals that we may not know about, until it’s too late.

This week we’re focusing on YOUR health and wellness, and the top 5 chemicals you SHOULD avoid.

Toxic Chemicals to Avoid in the Salon


Ammonia is the most common pH-adjuster in hair color. Its primary function is to open the cuticle and allow for pigment to penetrate. It’s a gaseous substance that’s not only bad for the hair, but for your overall health too. In fact, the World Health Organization and the United States Environmental Protection Agency classify it as TOXIC.

Why? Because it’s a highly corrosive substance used in commercial cleaning products and even explosives! Frequent exposure to ammonia can cause serious complications on the skin, not to mention damage to the eyes, liver, kidneys and lungs.

However, NOT ALL AMMONIA-FREE HAIR COLORS ARE CREATED EQUAL. It’s not enough to simply swap ammonia for Ethanolamine - we need to focus on the percentage of pH adjuster present in our formulas. The higher the pH, the more damaged hair can become. Ammonia-free hair color brands like Oway and Original & Mineral have a balanced formulation! Meaning, they contain a very LOW, optimal percentage of Ethanolamine mixed with ultra high percentages of nourishing organic ingredients that deliver real benefits to the hair and scalp. 



Used as preservative in cosmetics, formaldehyde has been linked to many illnesses like eye and throat irritations, asthma, developmental toxicity. In fact, it’s a known cancer-causing chemical. While many brands have removed “FORMALDEHYDE” in their ingredients list (thanks to the FDA), some have found a way to sneak this toxic chemical into their products through another chemical called Methylene Glycol.

Methylene Glycol is simply Formaldehyde mixed with Water, and releases Formaldehyde when heated with an iron or blowdryer. So if a product is claiming as “Formaldehyde-Free”, be sure to check the label and look for this ingredient.

3. PEGS or Polyethylene Glycols

PEGs are synthetic petrochemicals found in a wide range of cosmetics, including hair care and color products. When used in high percentages, PEGs make it easier for other harmful chemicals to penetrate the skin - and you don’t want that to happen. Why? It makes you vulnerable to illnesses and allergic reactions.

But remember: PEGS come in different sizes. Most PEGs are followed by a number, which represents the molecular size - like PEG-100. The lower the number, the smaller the molecular size of the PEG. So when molecules are small, the greater the ability to deliver undesirable ingredients into the skin and scalp.

Another factor to remember is the % level. If the PEG is listed first on the ingredients label, it means there’s a high % of PEGs in the product. If it is, throw it away! Several PEG compounds like Ethylene Oxide and 1,4 Dioxane were found to have carcinogenic ingredients by the International Journal of Toxicology. Ethylene Oxide was even used as a nerve gas in the World War II.



The dangers of synthetic fragrance are not always obvious to many of us. However, countless studies have shown that fragrance MAY contain chemicals that are full of hormone disruptors and carcinogens. Companies are not required to disclose the nearly 5,000 additional chemicals hiding under the guise of “Fragrance.”

So, why do regulatory agencies like the FDA give the ingredient “Fragrance” a pass? It was originally developed to protect a company’s proprietary perfume blend or trade secrets, under the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1966. In other words, it protected Coty and Chanel No. 5 from copycats.

This allows companies to slip chemicals like benzene, styrene, phthalates and petroleum into their products without our knowledge. These toxins mimic the body’s hormones and disrupts the body’s normal functions.

PRO TIP: Go for products that use natural ingredients and essential oils for their fragrance and spell it out on their ingredients list. Not only do they smell amazing, they’re great for your health too!

5. Be careful with PIGMENTS.

This is very tricky territory for us hair stylists. Hair coloring, after all, is still a chemical process and we need pigments to give our clients the hair of their dreams. Some are highly sensitive to pigments like PPD or paraphenelynediamine. So for these types of clients, choosing hair color that either has a very low amount of PPD in it or PPD-free altogether is the best option.


Unlike consumer cosmetics, the Hairdressing Industry is less regulated, so these toxins may be hidden in your salon products without your knowledge.

It’s important to not single out just these chemicals I mentioned but to look at the formula as a whole. Many companies would “greenwash” their products by promoting them as Ammonia-Free when in fact - it’s still filled with toxic ingredients! Do the products have organic, natural ingredients in there that promote the health of the hair and scalp? Always remember that what’s included is just as important as what’s left out.

So as holistic hair stylists, it is crucial that you know about the ingredients in professional products you are using in your salon business to build trust and rapport with your clientele.

PRO TIP: Always Read the Label. Speak to the manufacturer and ask questions about their ingredients. Most importantly, choose brands that are committed to changing salons for the better.


4 Valentine’s Day Marketing Ideas for Salons and Spas


Roses are red. Violets are blue. If you’re not planning your Valentine’s Day promotions yet, you might lose a few (dollars, that is).

Did you know: Valentine’s Day is the third largest consumer-spending holiday in the US, just behind the winter holidays and Mother’s Day?

In fact, this year Americans are expected to drop a collective $30 billion for gifts on February 14th, averaging $220 per person. Although this number is slightly lower than last year’s statistics, it’s a huge opportunity to get in on the promotions right now to capture those potential sales and clients.

So, here are some Valentine’s Day salon marketing ideas that will help you win the hearts of your holistic community.

Valentine’s Day Salon Marketing Ideas

1. Bundle up.


According to statistics, Valentine’s Day is when most spas make the most profit. With more couples opting for services like massage and spa treatments as presents, this is a great time to score some product sales as well.

Do you have Oway skincare products that need some push? Try bundling them with your couple’s massage service. How about offering a discount on your O&M hair styling products when your client comes in for a new 'do for her date? The possibilities are endless.

2. Make it a Galentine’s Day.

What’s a Galentine’s Day you ask? Usually celebrated on the 13th of February, it’s a special day when you and your girl friends get together and celebrate each other!

All you have to do is organize a spa party or a blowout-with-your-bestie kind of day where clients get to bring the special ladies in their lives and get a discount on services.

3. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like roses (or champagne).

Some clients may not have plans on Valentine’s Day and this is a perfect opportunity to show them how much they mean to you. As soon as they come in, greet them with a rose or a glass of champagne. Be sure to diffuse some relaxing essential oils and play your V-Day music playlist to set the mood in the salon.

Trust us when we say these small gestures of appreciation will never be forgotten.

TIP: Check with your state laws before offering wine or champagne. Some states require a license for alcohol consumption on their premises.


4. Gift cards galore.

Say what you will about gift cards but they’re actually a lifesaver for so many people. Especially men. Instead of accidentally buying something their significant others won’t like, gift cards can be transformed into something worthwhile.

Apart from that, gift cards are amazing marketing tools for your salon. Because they are passed on to people, they increase your business visibility and as a result, will expand your clientele.

Be sure to make your gift cards accessible though. Offering a digital option or e-gift card will not only ensure fast delivery, it’s good for the environment too! Not to mention, clients get to personalize their gift cards by choosing a design they like. If you don’t offer this option - we highly recommend that you do.

Have you started your salon promotions?Share your tried-and-tested Valentine’s Day promotions in the comments!


Trending Hair Colors This Week – Vol. 82


Winter is usually the season for warm, rich hues. But this week, we’re changing it up by paying homage to the blues and blondes of winter.

Check out our favorites below!


Winter Solstice Hair Color Formula

Hair by Kaehler Hope Reitz

If you haven’t tried O&M CØR.restore yet, you’re missing out! It’s a perfect balayage buddy to make sure hair stays strong and healthy while lifting.

Balayage: O&M Ammonia Free Keratin Powder Lightener + O&M CØR.color 20 vol Activator + O&M CØR.restore Treatment Launch Kit

Styled with Oway Thermal Stress Protector, Oway Glossy Nectar, and O&M Style Guru Styling Cream


Jack Frost Hair Color Formula

Hair by Josh Powell of Smoke + Mirrors, MD 

Tired of platinum? Give it a cool twist by giving a smokey purple shadow root and glazing the hair with the formula below!

Starting Level 6

Platinum Card Refresh: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener

Glaze: Equal Parts O&M CØR.color 10.6 Lightest Violet Blonde+ O&M CØR.color 12.8 Super Peal Blonde+ O&M CØR.color 9.0 Very Light Blonde + O&M CØR.color 10.16 Lightest Ash Violet Blonde


Winter Raven Hair Color Formula

Hair by Kristina Fetto of Grow - Organic Hair Salon, NJ

Who says brunette clients can’t experiment with color? Kristina proved them wrong by creating this edgy Black Blue hair color using Oway.

Balayage to level 8: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener

Toner: Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer with Oway Hcolor 0.8 Blue Booster/Tone Corrector for 10 mins


Iris & Ice Hair Color Formula

Hair by Luna of Creature ATL

If your client is looking to freshen up their blonde, shadow root is the way to go. Kick it up a notch by giving her lavender roots.

New Growth: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener

Pretoned: Oway Hcolor 90.11 Intense Ash Super Bleaching Blonde + Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum

Shadow Root: Oway Hmelt Mysterious Purple + Oway Hmelt Blue Charm


Frostine Hair Color Formula

Hair by Sarah Rose Ghelfi of Lotus Organic Hair Studio

Here’s a tip from Sarah: To make your blondes pop even more, create contrast! Adding lowlights in balayage panels will give your blondes dimension and soft, natural look.

Lowlight Panels: 3g Oway Hcolor 6.1 Ash Dark Blonde + 35g Oway Hcolor 9.31 Beige Very Light Blonde+ 5g Oway Hcolor 10.1 Ash Extra Light Blonde + 2 drops Oway Hmelt Divine Gold with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Balayage: O&M Paint Powder Clay Lightener

Shampoo: O&M Conquer Blonde Silver Shampoo


Aspen Hair Color Formula

Hair by Maren McKenna

The difference some babylights and a shadow root can make. Maren gave her client a fresh, new winter blonde mane using the following formula.

Babylights: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener+ Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer

Root Tap: Oway Hcolor 7.1 Ash Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Toner: Oway Hcolor 9.1 Ash Very Light Blonde + Oway Hcolor 90.2 Irisee Super Bleaching Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer


Salon Marketing Strategies to Elevate Your Salon Business in 2019

With the new year comes new opportunities to build and grow your salon business. But in order to take advantage of these opportunities, you need a solid salon marketing plan.

Here are some salon marketing strategies that will drive your business to new highs this year.

Salon Marketing Tips

1. Revisit your past year.

To get an idea of what you need to change and improve in the new year, you have to assess how your business performed with the marketing strategies you used.

The first step is to go over your past year’s marketing plan and identify which strategies and promotions gave positive and negative results. This way, you’ll know which strategies were effective for you and your business, and which ones you can do without in 2019.

As soon as you’ve completed this step, Salon Today recommends conducting a SWOT Analysis. This type of test identifies your business Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Your salon’s busy location is one Strength. Or, the fact that you’re probably one of the few holistic hair stylists in your community is a fantastic Opportunity you could use to your advantage. Social Media Marketing could be your Weakness, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into an opportunity to reach more clientele. Last but definitely not the least, do not forget to look into Threats that can potentially hurt your business and find solutions for them.


2. Write down your business goals for the year.

After evaluating your business performance last year, write down what you intend to achieve at the end of the year.

Do you want to increase your client list? Improve your client retention? Do you want to learn new hair cutting techniques? Or get certified in Oway and Original & Mineral? How about boosting your social media presence?

Having a clear idea of your goals will help you create an effective salon marketing strategy.


3. Create a Salon Marketing Calendar to guide your marketing decisions.

There’s no shortage of holidays to celebrate every month. As a business owner, it’s important to keep track of them, regardless of how bizarre and trivial they seem. You don’t have to participate in every holiday – simply find one (or a few) that works for you and your salon.


People are attracted to any thing that’s different, so your promotions are bound to get noticed by potential clients, especially online. Because holiday content is timely and attention-grabbing, incorporating it in your marketing strategy will certainly get you more traffic and engagement.

4. Step up your Instagram game.

Today, Instagram has more than 1 BILLION ACTIVE USERS. If your salon still doesn’t have an Instagram page, then sign up today because you’re missing out on tons of potential clients! I know there’s always new things happening with social media and sometimes it can seem overwhelming but making sure your presence is there is key for boosting your brand.

First things first: Be sure your salon’s Instagram is a BUSINESS ACCOUNT and not a personal one. Switching to a Business Account has a lot of perks:

  • People can easily contact you by phone or email through your business profile.

  • You get access to Instagram Insights - an analytics tool that provides real-time data about your demographic: their location, age group and their online behavior. You also get an insight into which type of content attracts followers and engagement. All of this data you can use to take your Instagram page and your business to the next level.

  • Most importantly, clients can now book through Instagram! They no longer have to call or go to another website or app to set an appointment, saving them time and giving you more bookings. Popular salon booking softwares like Vagaro and StyleSeat are already integrated into the platform. Making it easy for you to gain new clients!


Here’s the fun part: Instagram makes it so easy to run giveaways. All you have to do is post, create your own hashtag for easy tracking and require a follow, like or comment and people will come flooding your page. Holidays like Mother’s Day is always a great time to give back to clients. Things like Mother & Daughter Makeover Giveaway is a popular one among clients. Instagram Giveaways do not have to cost a lot - as long as it’s enough to make noticeable difference, like a haircut and gloss or partial highlights, then you’ll be sure to get a lot of engagement and even new clients out of it.

Take it a step further by putting together a basket giveaway, including products or prizes from other businesses within your holistic circle and post on each business’ Instagram page. This way, you get maximum exposure without spending a fortune.

With Instagram’s algorithm changing daily and usually not in the favor of small businesses it’s more important than ever to boost engagement and use every tool Instagram gives you to reach new and current clients!

5. Integrate Chatbots into your Facebook page.

First, does your business have a Facebook page? If not, we highly encourage you to get one. Social media is the new search engine, many young customers especially millennials and Gen Zs use Facebook and Instagram when searching for and verifying a business. The absence of a social media page will make them think twice about doing business with you. So if this year your goal is to increase your client list, you need to step up your social media game.


Second, as soon as you have your Facebook page set up, be sure to integrate chatbots. There are reports that some people are uncomfortable talking on the phone or face to face to ask questions or book an appointment, and chatbots are great at fulfilling such requests. In fact, reports over 45% of clients actually prefer interacting with chatbots for customer service, according to research.

Through the new Facebook Chatbot service, clients can:

  • Get answers to FAQs
  • Book an appointment
  • Perform cancellations
  • Get new offers or discounts
  • Order products
  • Many more!

As a busy hair stylist, this will help you to attend to your client’s needs online without even lifting a finger, allowing you to focus on your clients in the salon.

Want more Salon Business Marketing Tips? Sign up for our Newsletter below!

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Green is the New Black: Fresh, Sustainable Twists on the Salon Dress Code


The hair salon and black uniform have been going together for decades like lightener and foils. Black looks great on just about anyone, and can easily be dressed up or down. Most importantly, it hides stains! Because of these reasons, many consider black as the (unofficial) standard for salon professionals.

However, adhering to this notion can prevent your business from standing apart from the rest. This year, ditch the black plastic capes and adopt these fresh, sustainable ways to spruce up your salon’s professional and green appeal!

Oway Regenerated Cotton Collection


The Oway Regenerated Cotton Collection is a set of eco-friendly and biodegradable covers that will change your client’s perception of your salon. Each item in the collection is thoughtfully crafted with the highest standard of fabric cutting, assembly and finish to create timeless, classic pieces you and your clients can use without guilt. They are made with 50% repurposed cotton scraps weaved with natural cotton yarn to produce soft and breathable garments that bring both style and comfort.

Neatly adorned with the Oway embroidered logo, each garment also comes in an elegant drawstring bag for safe storage. Because let’s be honest - these pieces are too pretty not to protect!


Oway Regenerated Cotton Kimono

Wrap your clients in style with the Oway Regenerated Cotton Kimono. A true product of Italian craftsmanship and quality, this charming garment introduces clients to the world of holistic hairdressing. It’s designed with wide sleeves and cotton belt to ensure mobility and put the wearer at ease.  Trendy and elegant, your customers will not be disappointed.


Oway Regenerated Cotton Cape

The Oway Regenerated Cotton Cape gives a twist on the classic salon cape. With a wide and enveloping design, it is specifically made to fit all clients. It also comes with an adjustable, soft cotton tie strap, so it does not give that tight-around-the-neck feeling traditional salon wraps do. With this comfy cape, you can now kick your Velcro and button closures to the curb!



Oway Regenerated Cotton Apron

Wearing matching garments is key to setting the mood and adding a professional touch to your services. Oway has created the Regenerated Cotton Apron - a lightweight, modifiable apron to complement the Kimono and Cape. It’s designed with highly functional pockets and fine metal loops to customize the apron according to your needs. After all, the stylist’s ability to move effortlessly is just as important as the clients!


Oway Biodegradable Capes

For an extra layer of protection, try Oway’s Biodegradable Capes sourced from maize, a renewable corn material. These salon capes are completely decomposable and reusable, making them eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. Plus, they comes in a box of 30, so they’re plentiful to boot!


Many hair stylists prefer black as it is the least likely to show color, spills or other salon mishaps. But with the new Oway Regenerated Collection, you can now add a twist to your salon uniform. Not only can you experiment with your looks, you also get to choose a more environmentally friendly option and make a stand against waste!


Trending Hair Colors This Week – Vol. 81


New year, new formulas! If you’re looking to start 2019 off with a bang, check out these hair color formulas from our Holistic Hair Tribe!

See our favorites below!


Flamingo Hair Color Formula

Hair by Kai Fujimoto

We’re obsessed with Kai Fujimoto’s rosy take on Living Coral – Pantone’s Color for the Year. Would you believe there’s Oway Mysterious Purple in this formula?

On Pre-lightened Level 9 Hair: 40g Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum  + 80g Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer + 60drops of Oway Hmelt Playful Rose + 60drops of Oway Hmelt Mysterious Purple

Processing Time: 20mins


Rosewood Hair Color Formula

Hair by Heather Dill

To give depth to the hair color, Heather suggests pulling the base through a few pieces, then painting the Ends formula on the rest. Be sure to comb it all together for a blended look.

Base: Oway Hcolor 3.0 Natural Dark Brown + Oway Hcolor 4.6 Red Brown + half Oway Hmelt Red Energy

Mids to Ends: Oway Hcolor 6.0 Natural Dark Blonde + Oway Hcolor 6.66 Deep Red Dark Blonde + Oway Hcolor 5.46 Red Coppery Light Brown + half dropper Oway Hmelt Mysterious Purple + half dropper Oway Hmelt Red Energy


Sunset Coral Hair Color Formula

Hair by Autumn Beaty of The Lotus Room Organic Salon

Sunset-inspired hair colors are probably one of the prettiest hair colors ever created. When it’s as beautiful as this one, it’s hard not to be blown away.

Prelightened with O&M Paint Powder Clay Lightener

Base: O&M CØR.color 44.65 Red Intense Brown with O&M CØR.color 10 vol Activator

Mids: Oway Hcolor 7.43 Copper Golden Blonde + O&M CØR.color 3.5 vol Activator

Ends: O&M CØR.color 9.03 Very Light Beige Blonde + O&M CØR.color 10.0 Lightest Blonde + O&M CØR.color 3.5 vol Activator


Primrose Hair Color Formula

Hair by Teena Smith of Smoke + Mirrors Baltimore

Everything about this look is too beautiful for words. From the cut to hair color and dimension, this is one of the best works we’ve seen in our community so far.

Partial babylights: Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener

Pretoned: Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum + Oway Hcolor 10.1 Ash Extra Light Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Rose Color

Roots: 10g Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum + 10g Oway Hcolor 10.1 Ash Extra Light Blonde + 3 drops Oway Hmelt Playful Rosee + 3 drops Oway Hmelt Green Harmony

Ends: Same formula + diluted with Oway Hmilk No Stress Conditioning Treatment


Tulip Garden Hair Color Formula

Hair by Heather Leigh Ford of Ananda Organic Salon

When you’re only halfway done but the tones already look amazing. Heather can relate. Use her formula below to re-create this on your client.

Roots: Equal parts Oway Hcolor 6.77 Deep Purple Dark Blonde + Oway Hcolor 6.66 Deep Red Dark Blonde + Oway Hcolor 9.3 Golden Very Light Blonde with Oway Hcatalyst 20 Volume Cream Developer

Melted into: Equal parts Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum + Oway Hcolor 6.77 Deep Purple Dark Blonde with Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer

Previously Prelightened a Clean Level 9 Mids to Ends


Winter Berry Hair Color Formula

Hair by Katie Karlo of Artemis Salon

Katie’s client was a natural level 5 with lighter ends. To give her hair amazing shine and dimension, she used the formula below:

Roots to Ends: Oway Hcolor 4.56 Red Mahogany Brown + 15vol

Processing Time: 35mins

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5 Ways to Reduce Your Salon’s Environmental Impact

Did you know Hair Salons can be some of the biggest offenders of the environment? From excess water and electricity usage to all the plastic filling our oceans and landfills, salons produced a lot of waste.

In fact, over 150 million pounds of trash are produced in salons each year. But going green doesn't have to be hard and expensive.

Adopting more sustainable practices behind the chair can save the planet and your wallet. Here are five easy ways to reduce your salons environmental impact.

How to Go Green at the Salon

1. Choose more sustainable salon products.

Every dollar we spend is a vote for how we want the world to be. It's important to partner with brands and companies that are not only dedicated to the green movement but are pushing the needle in terms of sustainability.

It's not enough to just have products that can be recycled or use post-consumer plastic. We want to kick plastic out of salons altogether.

HERE'S WHY: Plastic never breaks down in the environment. And it's WEAK. Plastic is weak because it's not infinitely recyclable. What that means is that eventually, plastic cannot be recycled anymore because it has become too weak and compromised to be used as packaging. 

So what happens once you can't recycle plastic anymore? It ends up in our oceans and landfills. Not only is plastic harmful to wildlife and the environment, but it's also bad for us. 

Plastic leaches harmful chemicals into our products that we use on our heads every day. So, eliminating plastic in the salon is paramount.


THE ALTERNATIVE: Oway is a company that vowed to remove plastic packaging from all of their products. People told them they were crazy and that it couldn't be done. Well Oway makes the impossible possible.

For our products, we've chosen amber glass. Amber glass is infinitely recyclable. It's strong, durable and can be used again and again without losing strength.


Benefits of Amber Glass

But who needs to recycle when you can upcycle?

  • Amber glass is eye-catching and gorgeous and can be used to create all sorts of salon decor. You can use it to store your combs, clips and brushes.

  • Another benefit of amber glass is that it's an all-natural preservative. The dark color protects the product from UV light and lets you have more natural products without the harmful chemicals

You may be thinking: What about my tools, like brushes and bowls. Oway makes tools made from 100% corps straw. Corps straw is an all-natural renewable resource that can be transformed into strong, durable salon tools.

2. Encourage your team to be mindful their water consumption at the salon. 

Check all water fixtures for even the slightest leak. Even a slow drip can run up your water bill and waste as much as 300 gallons of water a month.

While looking at your water fixtures, consider implementing an eco-friendly alternative. For example, ECOHEADS reduces water and energy consumption by 65%.


3. Choose LED lighting.

LED light bulbs lower your energy consumption by 75% and last 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs, reducing your energy waste and electricity bill.

4. Implement a Salon Refill Program.

Having a Salon Refill Program is not only fun for your staff and clients, but it also has so many benefits for your business, your clients and the planet.

Implementing it is simple.

  • First, you need to create a refill station for your products in order to make this program a success.

  • You'll need to opt for professional-sized hair care and styling products.

  • Since you'll be saving money on product with this program, you can pass the discount along to your clients, breeding loyalty and retention


5. Choose air-purifying plants.

Instead of wasteful purifiers, you can choose plants to detoxify your salon. Pants like English Ivy and Peace Lily remove common salon toxins like ammonia, formaldehyde and excess CO2.

Now that you know 5 easy ways to go green in your salon, be sure to check out our other videos and articles that will help you change your salon to the better!

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