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Did you know the hairdressing industry is one of the biggest consumers of energy among small businesses?

On March 24, 2018, we invite our #HolisticHairTribe to join us in celebrating Earth Hour 2018 and reaffirm our community’s commitment to change salons for the better through sustainable salon products and practices.

You don’t have to do anything extravagant to participate. By doing the following activities for Earth Hour and continuing to do so after that, you will not only reduce your energy bills but you will also help the environment and avoid unnecessary energy waste.

Energy Conservation Tips

Switch off non-essential lights.

It may sound minor, but switching off non-essential lights for an hour during Earth Hour will help demonstrate to your local community that you are passionate about the environment. By doing so, you are also helping them be aware about their own energy consumption and inspire them to follow your path.

Zone your salon.

If you’ve got an appointment during Earth Hour, zoning your salon is the way to go. Light areas that you will be using and turn off lights in areas that are empty.

Upgrade lighting with low-energy bulbs

About 40% of your salon’s energy use is spent on lighting. Replacing traditional, halogen bulbs for low-energy ones like LED lights will help you save 20-25% of energy, allowing you to save approximately $75 each year.

Unplug unused salon equipment.

Some salon equipment, like electric clipper chargers, curlers, hairdryers, and straighteners, still use energy even when on standby. In fact, according to the National Hairdressers Federation Industry Body, leaving equipment on standby could cost you hundreds of dollars in a year.

Make sure appliances and equipment has an ‘Energy Star’ to save on energy bills.

Energy Star is a service mark given to energy-efficient equipment and appliances. Having this on your salon appliances gives you the confidence that the products you’re using do not contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.


Minimize heating and air conditioning.

Heating and air conditioning account for 60-100% of your salon’s total energy use. By reducing your heating usage by at least 1 degree Celsius and opting to open your doors and windows instead beginning Earth Hour, you will notice a decrease in your energy bill by the end of the year.

Check your salon’s boiler.

Is your boiler serviced regularly? A poorly maintained boiler can cost you money, not to mention consume unnecessary energy. On the other hand, a well-maintained boiler can help reduce at least 10% of your annual energy consumption.

How will you #Connect2Earth for Earth Hour?

Check out the video below from WWF.

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