Hair Color for Seniors – Trends and Techniques

Hair Color for Senior CitizensSalon clients are becoming a bit older as the American population ages. Understanding the unique tactics, trends, and techniques to accomplish beautiful and healthy hair color for seniors is become more and more important. Beautiful, shiny, natural and /or accents of vibrant shades of hair, can be worn at any stage of the game. Depending on the individual’s style and image desired, the shape and color of hair can reflect both the personality and enhance class while still having a feel of sass.

A blend of the two looks, classy and sassy, can create a youthful feel as well as maintaining a feel of elegance and sophistication. For example, a rich velvety mocha accented with creamy café au lait shades with a touch of luminous gold spun pops of brilliance. This will give the effect of creating beautiful depth and eye-catching details while still having a soft balance that accentuates the clients best features and natural beauty.

It is rare as stylists’ if we hear a woman come in and ask to look “her age”. It does happen occasionally, however in most cases women would prefer to look a bit more youthful, yet still maintain a professional image.

It is important to stay cognizant of the new trends and think outside the box with ideas of how to unite current looks into wearable softer effects that the average daily woman can be comfortable and proud to wear. Try creating a modified look for their personal needs every season to keep their interests piqued.

Offering creative suggestions to keep the image fun and exciting is imperative so that your client does not get bored and start to feel frumpy, discontented with their look. It could very well be the deciding factor between the cost of losing a client or keeping one. If you keep creatively thinking forward and personalizing a current look for your clients it will keep them excited and build credibility as a stylist. Think about it, when was the last time you asked your lady you normally always do the same thing on if they would like to “modify” or “enhance” their look? By continuing to keep their appearance updated, yet balanced with softness will keep excitement and flair to their image. The clients response to your creative suggestion to enhance their look may just surprise you. A tip to remember for the next service is to take notes about your suggestion and formula choice and possibly their next service , if not the current one, will have your new look for them to flaunt.

An example formula for a woman looking for a balance of elegance and fun:
[list style=”arrow” color=”green”]

  • Base color 4MO ½ oz, 5NN ½ oz 20 or 30 volume depending on lift needed and grey coverage
  • Foiled highlights of 8AH¼ oz, 8N ¼ oz 20 or 30 volume developer
  • Foiled highlights of naturlite powder and 2:1 ratio of developer to powder, use 10 or 20 cream volume developer.


An example formula for more of sassy/classy choice:
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  • Base color of 6NN and 6CR equal parts 20 or 30 volume developer.
  • foils of 5FR and 5CR (ratio depending on how much vibrancy is desired) 20 for softer effect, 30 volume for brighter effect.


When creating the balance of youthful and sophistication, sometimes it is helpful to choose either the color to be more of the bolder choice with a natural slightly conservative shape; or choose to go edgier with the haircut and softer on the color choice. Style and image will depend on the personality and lifestyle of your client so be sure and discuss this prior to adding bolder effects. Don’t forget to suggest new ideas and dare to step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, it can be fun for both you and the client. With Organic Color Systems the opportunities are endless with a finish of satin feel to the hair with luminous, long lasting shine and excellent coverage.

Written by Jennifer Andrews for Organic Salon Systems