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As hair stylists, a large part of our success and happiness depends on our self-confidence. Without it, interacting with people and marketing our services can be tough—especially if the client is being difficult.

So how do we regain our confidence after hitting a low point? Below are some powerful ways to help you get back in the game.

Hair Stylist Confidence Building Tips

Overcome the Impostor Syndrome.

Many creatives suffer from Impostor Syndrome. Some of us tend to have this little voice in our head, saying we’re going to fail. That every time we create something, we feel like a fraud – and our clients and colleagues are going to find to out.

Our work is our extension of ourselves and selling a part of ourselves to people we don’t know can make us feel vulnerable. Realize that you are the expert and no one else knows your work more than you do. So, each time you doubt your abilities behind the chair, tell yourself it’s the Impostor Syndrome. You’ll find that the situation is not as bad as you think it is.

 Take credit for your work.

Being humble is great, but constantly dismissing your own accomplishments can undermine your self-worth. One marker of Impostor Syndrome is the inability to internalize your achievements. When something good happens, we think it’s mostly luck – without considering the amount of work we’ve put into it.

Just imagine how horrifying it can be for a customer to hear that you’re relying on luck while coloring or treating their hair. Most people are drawn to others who are knowledgeable in their field. When you allow yourself to take credit for your success while accepting responsibility for your mistakes, you allow other people to see you as a successful, responsible artist: an instant confidence booster.

Turn negative situations into positive ones.

So you got the formula right, but instead of pink – you turned a client’s hair into purple. She goes berserk, and your confidence sinks to nothing. And it’s okay. Mistakes happen, and you shouldn’t take it personally.

Dealing with rejection and criticism can be devastating, but instead of giving up, look at the situation as a learning opportunity. Ask yourself what you might have done wrong (wrong color ratio or developer, maybe?) and how you can fix it, so it doesn’t happen with other clients.

Remember that every successful person has failed at some point in their lives. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not making progress.

Focus on progress, not perfection.

When you strive for perfection, you’re putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Far too many artists hold back from sharing their work or from experimenting for fear of being vulnerable – without realizing that their vulnerability is what makes them unique.

Some of the hair color formulas we love today were created by accident. And it’s because of artists who aren’t afraid to shake up the norm and put themselves out there.


Invest in you.

As hair stylists, our education doesn’t stop when we finish cosmetology school. To truly succeed in our field, we constantly need to strive for self-improvement. Sign up for certification classes to gain a new skill. Read up on the latest salon marketing tips to attract new clients.  Watch free online trainings to brush up on a specific skill set or gain more knowledge.

Investing in your education allows you to understand your field better and hone your communication skills. The more you know how to communicate your art to you clients, the more confident you become.


Getting your confidence back is not easy. But as long as you have a positive mindset and willingness to fail, you can’t be defeated. Besides, you’re helping other people feel good about themselves. That in itself is the best reward one can ask for. Only a few people are given the rare opportunity to transform other’s lives.

So relax, have fun, and keep learning.

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  1. Lois Beigli

    Thank you, everyone can get shaken off base occasionally.

    • Absolutely, Lois. What do you do when you have those off days? Any tips for regaining your footing?

      • Lois Beigli

        sure, I try not to take things personally. I try to look outside myself and just realize I can only control myself not others really. I reward myself by going outside into nature between clients and eating great food, after that everything goes back into balance. when I feel like I need a professional boost I seek visuals from original mentors(vidal Sassoon, trevor sorbie) and look at the cutting edge haircuts. .we have to remember as stylists what a powerful thing touching people’s heads is and with this work we have to learn to let things go and just do the best work we can. if I can practice compassionate listening as well as do stellar hair, I feel like I am reaching my potential every day.

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