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Keep It Clean: Spring Hair Care Essentials


With a new season comes new environmental stressors and as a result, new hair woes.

Luckily for us, spring is usually on our side when it comes to beauty! Eveything naturally rejuvenates in the spring. No more cold winds, no more heat blasting at home and in every shop and no more over-dry hair and annoying frizz.

What, then, is best for your hair during spring?

Read on for our 5 spring beauty must-haves!

Spring Into Curls


If you’ve got curly locks, Oway’s Curly Line is for you. It’s perfect for spring, with the Curly Hair Bath being super cleansing and able to return curls to their natural shape after lots of heavy moisture in winter. The Curly Hair Mask detangles to protect from breakage and the Curly Potion, the ultimate styling aid, shapes and defines curls for long lasting, soft definition.

While embracing your natural curl pattern and texture can be a challenge, your hair care routine should be easy and light, especially during spring. This line takes out all questions and complications (plus, has no synthetic fragrance, parabens, PEGs, phthalates, etc.) so it will keep your routine simple and clean all season long.

Get That Spring Glow


While you slathered on all that heavy moisturizer to keep skin from flaking in winter, you might have clogged a few pores in the process. And now that there’s some natural moisture in the air, it is the perfect time to use a gentle exfoliator.

The key word is gentle. When you use granules that are too large, you end up micro-tearing your skin and causing irritation. Oway’s Glowing Face Gommage gently exfoliates with Fair Trade Green Clay to slough away dead skin cells and unclog pores to reveal refreshed skin.

It’s perfect for spring because it also reduces pore size and banishes excess oil and shine, which are common skin conditions as the weather changes from dry to moist. For extra exfoliation, after you have applied and massaged into skin, allow it to dry. Once dry, massage again before rinsing with lukewarm water.

Flowerfall Showers Bring Spring Flowers

There is no better time of year to treat yourself to a revitalizing Flowerfall + Hydro-dhara Treatment. We tend to go into a bit of a hibernation in winter, whether it be with our minds, bodies or attitudes. And there is nothing wrong with that! Winter is a time to rest and reflect. But with spring just around the corner, it is time to awaken!

The Flowerfall Treatment revives the scalp and hair, tones with an energy boost and invigorates all senses. Drop after drop, it will bring new energy and life to tired scalps and minds. Rose, Lavender and Rosemary essential oil distillates create a blissful moment of well-being while providing anti-aging and energizing benefits.

Don’t forget to grab a Flowerfall Aromatherapy Spray to bring the luxurious distillates and awakening ambiance home.


Refreshed + Revitalized

Oway’s Regenerating Booster may be tiny, but it is mighty! There is no better way to refresh and revitalize your skin for the warmer season.

The Regenerating Booster protects skin against damage caused by external aggressors, paramount for prepping to spend more time outside at parties and in parks as the weather warms up. It stimulates collagen production, which you can never get enough of. And it has long lasting anti-inflammatory benefits. This helps to fight skin inflammation and redness.

If the Regenerating Booster isn’t already apart of your skincare routine, spring is the perfect time to add it. You can put it on directly to your face and neck or pair it with the Radiance Face Balm and massage into your skin until absorbed.

Sun Safely


The best part about spring is the fact that you get to spend more time outside under the suns wonderful rays. While so many of us love the sun and the warmth, it isn’t always our skin or hairs best friend.

Beach bums, this one is especially for you. It’s time to put away the heavy moisturizing winter masks for some after-sun care via Oway’s Sunway After Sun Hair and Body Care.

These products will protect and replenish your hair during the long, hot spring and summer days! The Sunway Hair and Body Bath gently removes salt, chlorine, sand and sunscreen that can leave the hair and skin feeling cakey, dull and dry. The Sunway After Sun Hair Mask restores and replenishes hair stressed by the sun and the After Sun Body Balm has the same effect on skin. If you’ve got colored hair, the Sunway Sun Protective Elixir is a must-have.

Get started with your spring routine ASAP by shopping below!


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