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There are 4 types of hair color changes clients are looking to make. The first type of change, and arguably the simplest is “no change”

“No Change”
When a client comes in looking for no change, they are happy with their hair color and simply looking for some basic maintenance. These clients should typically come in once a month. People in this category are the most common clients and will make up most of your clientele.  These clients are easy. You will not need to worry about a different color formula for every visit. However, sometimes they may request a simple alteration such as a conditioning treatment or color wash. Be kind to these clients as they will be your most frequent and loyal customers returning time and again for hair color maintenance.


“Small Change”

This second category is the second most common group of clientele. These clients are coming in for a change to their usual hair color. They are seeking highlights or possibly to brighten up their natural hair color. These clients are not looking for a drastic change, but something subtle and attractive.

“Big Change”

This category of clientele is very fun to work with. They may want a whole new hair color or they may want a total makeover. An example would be going from salt and pepper to brunette or blonde.


“Color Correction”

This category of clientele is very similar to the “Big Change” clientele, but with the added difference that they have the potential to be some of your best advertisers. These clients have suffered a recent hair color mishap and will do whatever it takes to get fix their hair disaster. If you can fix their hair, they will be some of your most loyal customers and will tell all their friends about how fantastic your salon and services are.

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