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What is Hmilk No Stress?

Hmilk No Stress is a highly versatile conditioner you’ll want at your back bar at all times! It’s moisturizing and protective properties make it ideal for many salon scenarios such as:

  • Cosmetic Color Removals
  • In Between Technical Services
  • Treatment Before Toning
  • Developer Customization

Hmilk Key Ingredients

Biodynamic Hibiscus Extract: This is a powerful antioxidant, rich in flavonoids, organic acids, carbohydrates, and vitamins. It helps protect hair from damaging free radicals and other external aggressions. It improves hair structure and builds strength.

Organic Perilla Oil: This ingredient is rich in fatty acids that nourish the hair. It is soothing and calming on the scalp, and is anti-aging with its high flavonoid content.

Fair Trade Date Oil: Sourced from villages in Burkina Faso this oil nourishes the hair and improves hair’s structure and elasticity over time.

Ceramides: Ceramides are lipids found naturally in the hair fiber. They create a barrier, providing protection from external aggressions, while adding softness and shine.

Amazonian Butter Blend: This unique blend of exotic amazonian plant butters add suppleness and shine to the hair, while soothing the scalp.

Cotton Proteins: They soften, nourish, and add structure to the hair fiber, repairing it and preventing dryness.

How To Use Hmilk No Stress

After Hbleach or a Lightening Service


The most common way to use Hmilk is to apply it after a lightening service. If Hbleach is used, rinse and shampoo it from the hair and follow up with Hmilk No Stress. Leave it on for 2-3 minutes and rinse.

If you are toning, apply and rinse Hmilk before your toner. Hmilk No Stress will give the hair moisture, softness, and even act as porosity balancer before applying the toner, which allows it to take more effectively, while increasing longevity.

Gentle Color Removal

For a gentle lift or tonal changes (1-2 levels), a quick color cleanse can be made with the Hmilk.

Color Removal Mix Instructions:

1 part Hbleach
1 part Hmilk No Stress
2 parts Htone (9 volume developer).

Apply to hair and add gentle heat if necessary. Rinse out when the desired lift is achieved. This cleanse helps protect the hair structure while lifting out cosmetic color, and will be the most nourishing color remover you’ve ever used!

Diluting Developers


Customizing developer strengths is made easy by Hmilk No Stress. You’ll noticed many of the biodynamic ingredients you know and love in Hcolor and Hcatalyst also occurs in Hmilk No Stress.

It can be used with any developer to dilute it and make “in-between volumes.” So the next time you run out of a lower developer or want to make a 5vol, it will surely come in handy!


  • 1 part Hmilk + 1 part 20 volume = 10 volume
  • 1 part Hmilk + 3 parts 20 volume = 15 volume
  • 1 part Hmilk + 1 part 40 volume = 20 volume

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