LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL BENEFITS: The Aromatherapy Oil Your Hair and Body Needs

For thousands of years, Lavender (or Lavandula) has been used as a cure for various ailments since Ancient Greece and Rome. In the 17th century, people in Great Britain believed that tying Lavender flowers to their waists would protect them against the Bubonic Plague.

But most of us know Lavender as a classic essential oil we love for its relaxing, floral scent. But do not be fooled – apart from this flower’s alluring color and sweet aroma, Lavender offers a multitude of hair and wellness benefits.

How Lavender Essential Oil Benefits the Hair

Combats Hair Loss

oway-rebuilding-serumHair loss is caused by many factors. It can be genetic, a consequence of a disease, or it can be triggered by an unhealthy scalp environment. For the hair to thrive and complete its growth cycle, it needs to be in a healthy environment. Otherwise, it will wither and fall out.

Lavender essential oil is filled with antiseptic and antibacterial properties that protect the scalp against dirt and bacteria. It also helps improve blood circulation in the scalp, which revitalizes the hair follicles.

A study in Scotland found that combining lavender with other oils, like Rosemary and Jojoba, significantly increases its potential for preventing hair loss and encouraging hair growth. Forty-four percent of alopecia patients who participated in the study reported an increase in hair growth after massaging lavender into the scalp.1

Eliminates Dandruff

To totally get rid of dandruff, we need to know the root cause. Dandruff happens when our scalp is exposed to multiple aggressive elements that alter its physiological flora. Because of this, our scalp becomes irritated, and fights off the irritation by producing extra skin cells which eventually die and fall off as dandruff.

Lavender essential oil is high in antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals, so the scalp’s pH stays within the normal range. Using hair treatments containing this plant, like Oway Rebuilding Serum, will help calm the irritation and alleviate itching in no time.

Treats Scalp Acne

Yes, even our scalp can have zits. And like facial acne, it can be annoying and painful, especially when brushing our hair. It’s also more difficult to treat because they’re hidden.

Scalp acne occurs when dead skin cells and oil clog the hair follicles – which becomes a breeding ground for bacteria that turns into acne. If not treated immediately, it develops into a vicious cycle of infection and irritation that can result to hair loss.

Due to its antiseptic properties, Lavender essential oil inhibits the bacteria causing the infection.Adding a small amount of lavender essential oil to your regular shampoo or hair serum can provide relief and soothing benefits to the affected area.

Comforts Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin can be a real challenge. It prevents you from enjoying the things you love and living your life to the fullest for fear of triggering a flare-up. Thank goodness nature has a solution for that.



Clinical studies have shown that Lavender is one of the most active essential oils against skin allergies, blemishes, and photodamage from UV exposure. It’s even proven to relieve inflammation, wounds, ulcers, and fungal infections due to the oil’s antioxidant properties.

Sensitive-skinned individuals who head to the salon for a fresh color or highlight often times experience undesirable scalp irritation – lavender essential oil can remedy this.

In Oway Hscreen, Lavender is one of many precious oils that protect the scalp during a color service. Simply add it to your hair color mix or apply directly to reduce sensitivity. For on-scalp lightening services, the lavender essential oil mixed with plant butters in Oway Hbleach can be a saving grace for the scalp!

How Lavender Essential Oil Benefits the Body

Induces Sleep

Organic-Essential-Oil-TreatmentWe’ve heard this too many times before: To get a good night’s sleep, put Lavender on your pillow. And it’s true. Just a whiff of this flower and it will lull you to dreamland.

Lavender contains linalyl acetate and linalool, which are chemicals that induce calmness and sleep when inhaled. Once they enter the bloodstream, they inhibit neurotransmitters, which put the body in a relaxed state. Because of this, many recommend Lavender essential oil as alternative treatment for insomnia, especially for the elderly.3

Calms Nerves

oway-flowerfallThere’s a reason spas like using Lavender essential oil. Its scent is an excellent tonic for the nerves,4 making us feel relaxed.

Apart from insomnia, several studies have also shown that this wonder oil helps treat anxiety disorder, depression, nervous tension, and stress by keeping the body calm while increasing the brain activity. 5 In fact, one study showed that inhaling lavender oil before taking a test can help decrease anxiety but at the same time improve cognitive function.6


There are many Lavender essential oils available on the market that you can diffuse for your salon, or you can also try Oway’s Anti-Ageing Flowerfall Treatment. Whatever you choose, you and your clients are sure to benefit from the healing properties of Lavender.


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