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They say our choice of lipstick shade tells a lot about us. But did you know the natural state of our lips can also provide a window into our health?

Each of us get dry lips or sores at one point or another. But if you find yourself constantly having lip issues, then your lips could be tipping you off to something more serious.

Health Warning Signs Your Lips Are Telling You

Dry and Chapped Lips


Dry and chapped lips are obvious signs of dehydration. While the immediate solution is to pour yourself a glass of water, it doesn’t hurt to add another layer of protection. Using an Organic Lip Balm that contains nourishing ingredients like Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, and Sunflower can help hydrate and heal cracked lips.

If your lips still feel dry afterwards, an exfoliating lip scrub might just do the trick. No scrubs? Mixing olive oil and sugar is also a great exfoliation technique.

Cold Sores

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up to find a painful blister on or around your lips? Cold sores are an infection caused by the resurgence of the herpes virus, which have been hiding in our body. It attacks when our immune system is weak, possibly due to poor diet, lack of sleep and rest, and poor sunlight.

As soon as you see signs of a developing cold sore, call your physician to request for a topical medication to prevent it from spreading.

Lip Discoloration

Discolored lips can be a symptom of various health conditions. Pale lips can mean you’re not getting some sunlight, anemia, or iron deficiency.

Bluish lips may indicate heart and lung problems. Whatever the case, it is important that you seek a professional’s opinion as soon as symptoms arise.

Cracked Corners

Developing cracks in the corners of your lips are normal, particularly during winter. The harsh cold air can suck the moisture out of our skin, causing it to crack. However, cracked corners can also be due to a yeast infection, which is fairly common for people who drool in their sleep or wear a retainer.

The dermis around our mouth is very thin. This makes it easy for infections like the fungus candida to latch itself onto the skin. An anti-yeast prescription from your doctor will make it go away easily.

Those with high level of glucose in their blood or vitamin B deficiency are also prone to cracked lips. If you think you have this, making changes in your diet is necessary. Avoiding consuming too many calories, particularly sugary beverages is a step in the right direction. Taking supplements rich in vitamin B, zinc, and iron can also help with nutrient deficiency.


Swollen and Tender Lips


Having that Angelina Jolie pout may look cute, but if your lips feels swollen and tender, you should contact your physician immediately. Inflamed and tender lips can be strong indicator of an allergic reaction. You might be sensitive to a certain ingredient in your face wash, lip stick, or sometimes hair color.

Some hair colors contain ingredients many people are allergic to, such as Paraphenylenediamine or PPD. Choosing a hair color that contains zero PPD like O&M CØR.color and Oway Hnectar is the safest way to avoid an allergic reaction.

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