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organic hair lightenerAs part of our continual development process we have decided to introduce a new and improved Naturlite Lightening Powder.   This lightening powder has been quite well received and provides improvements that have been requested several times by our salon clients over the last couple of years.  The new product still provides all of the great qualities including the ability for salon professionals to do on-scalp lightening.

The key benefits to the product are:

  • Two new ingredients have been introduced to the
  • product, one being Bisabolol which is derived from Chamomile and provides scalp protection, helping to reduce the risk of irritation. The other ingredient is Panthenol (vitamin B) which acts as a good conditioner.
  • Due to violet pigment in the powder it provides an anti-yellow effect meaning cleaner blondes can be achieved.
  • Contains no ammonia
  • Includes active wheat proteins
  • Is gentle to hair leaving it smooth
  • Lifts hair up to 7 levels whilst maintaining the hair’s condition
  • Easy to mix
  • Does not dry, but retains moisture
  • pH is kept at optimum level leading to intense bleaching action

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