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O&M CØR.color Nudes Launch — Insider Info

The newest addition to the O&M clean color line is the already popular O&M CØR.color Nudes!

O&M Global Creative Director Janelle Chaplin and North American Brand Educator Wayne Lewis spill everything you need to know about the CØR.color Nudes, from what you can expect from each shade to the creative campaign hair color formulas.

Watch the video above for the full CØR.color Nudes Launch recap or read our 5 key takeaways below!

What are the new CØR.color Nudes?

The O&M CØR.color Nudes consist of 5 new shades added into the CØR.color family. Created to seamlesly harmonize the beauty of warm and cool tones for a diverse range of down-to-earth hair color tones, the CØR.color Nudes are formulated with an inclusive mindset and versatile color palette.

The 5 new shades that compliment all hair types, textures and skin tones are:


True to the "Free From" Motto


As an extension of the CØR.color family, the O&M CØR.color Nudes are:

  • Ammonia-Free
  • PPD-Free
  • Resorcinol-Free
  • Gluten & Soy Free
  • Cruelty-Free & Vegan

The 5 new shades have the same unbreakable commitment to clean professional hair color. When testing new lines, the O&M Academy in New York City sees a lot of models and testing in the colors team before a product to come to market. No products are ever tested on animals!

CØR.color Nudes Original Ingredients

CØR.color locks to a hero complex that is called Desert Harvest. The Desert Harvest blend of ingredients are extracted sustainably and combines benefits of exotic fruits and seeds of the Australian desert.

The CØR.color Nudes use the same Desert Harvest blend in each tint. Each carefully picked ingredient has a benefit to both the effectiveness of the hair color and the health of the hair.


Desert Lime — Rich in glycosides, skin healers that naturally repair the scalp. This special lime also helps in absorption of vital nutrients needed for healthy hair.


Desert Peach / Quandong — Unique superfood with moisture retention powers that keep hair healthy and hydrated during the color process. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C & E, and phenolic acids, these properties condition and protect the hair and scalp from oxidative stress.


Wattle Seed — Plant-based protein aids in cell regeneration and synthesis of keratin during the color process. Rich in Folate, B12, Zinc, Magnesium it prevents damage of the hair, skin and scalp.

The second part to the original ingredients are the O&M Signature Oil Blend. This special blend of native Australian certified Organic Macadamia Oil and Coconut Oil activate and enhance the in-salon COR.color Nudes journey. Each activator contains this nourishing blend of oils that each have their unique benefits for the product and health of hair.


Organic Coconut Oil — de-frizzes the hair and nourishes the scalp and aids in color molecule penetration while also promoting healthy hair growth.


Organic Macadamia Oil — hydrates and conditions the hair and scalp.

How to use the CØR.color Nudes

The great news is the O&M CØR.color Nudes are just an extension of the CØR.color line. So if you’re creating fashion colors, the application process is exactly the same as CØR.color!

When working with hair that is more than 25% white or grey, you need to add a base shade to your mixture for maximum coverage.

When using as a toner, lighten hair to the desired underlying pigment before applying CØR.color Nudes as toner.


Permanent Color

Application: Apply to clean dry hair with a bowl and brush.

Mixing: 1 part Nude shade to 1.5 parts Activator (1:1.5)

Timing: Activator of choice plus 15 minutes e.g. 10Vol = 25 mins


Application: Apply to freshly washed, towel dried hair. Apply with bowl and brush.

Mixing: 1 part Nude shade to 2 parts 1% OR 1.5% Activator (1:2)

Timing: Up to 30 minutes

#ShowUsCØR.Nudes Color Competition


Stay creative and crafty with our new Cor.color Nudes competition! Rules are simple and it’s easy and FREE to enter! Plus, you get a chance to win some major big bucks: a $1000 Simply Organic Beauty Gift Card! The winner also receives an official Instagram / Website Feature and Blog interview.

#ShowUsCorNudes Contest Rules:

1) Pre-Order ANY O&M COR.color Nudes Package
2) Once your Nudes Package arrives, show us your best NUDE
photo on Instagram with the following criteria:
– Follow @simplyorganicofficial and @originalmineral
– Tag @simplyorganicofficial and @originalmineral in photo
– Submit photo with the official competition hashtag
– Explain your process, formula and inspiration in the
caption. You must use at least ONE new Nude Shade.
– Unlimited entries permitted
3) Winner will be announced Wednesday July 1st 2020 (7/1/2020) will win a $100 Simply
Organic Beauty Gift Card and an Official Instagram / Website
Feature and Blog Interview.

Order one of the packages below and enter the contest ASAP!


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