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How to Create Texture with O&M Dry Queen and Desert Dry


Building texture has never been so easy! Original and Mineral have released two dry styling products that are not only good for your hair, but good for the planet as well.

O&M Desert Dry Texture Spray is full of Australian Lilly Pilly and Quandong. These two pure plant extracts can provide you with volume, texture and lift in just a few sprays.

Rice starch works wonders in O&M Dry Queen Dry Shampoo, along with Lilly Pilly and Quandong. Vitamin C, proteins and essential oils combine to make a magical elixir that nourishes and replenishes hair, removing unwanted oils and odors.

Take a look at the tutorial we put together on how to create gorgeous texture using these two new products:

Using Desert Dry Texture Spray:

Using Dry Queen Dry Shampoo:

  1. Detangle and condition with O&M Know Knott Detangling Spray on towel dried hair.
  2. Blowdry up to 80%.
  3. Add volume with O&M Rootalicous Root Lift Spray.
  4. Finish blowout with round brush.
  5. Curl from mids to ends.
  6. Shake and spray with O&M Desert Dry Texture Spray.
  7. Work through from roots to ends to build texture!
  1. Part hair on various angles.
  2. Spray O&M Dry Queen Dry Shampoo throughout hair and massage into scalp.
  3. Brush to create texture.

If you’re looking for fresh and volumized hair, you can always use one after the other.

We suggest applying the Dry Queen Dry Shampoo throughout the hair first to purify. Then, go back through using the Desert Dry Texture Spray. Focus on the roots for extra lift and texture.

This is perfect on days your hair is in desperate need of a break from the shower or heat styling. Whether you use them together or separately, these two dry styling products are must-haves in the salon.

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