The Organic Way of Men’s Hair Care & Grooming — What You Should Know

Now more than ever, men have become more mindful of their appearance, health and the environmental effects of their personal care choices. The rise of the “well-groomed and informed man” has market research predicting the men’s grooming market to explode to the tune of $29.14 billion dollars by 2024.

We’ve rounded up the facts and figures, and these are mind-blowing facts about the booming men’s grooming market you just can’t ignore. Plus, we share how you can help and service and better this rapidly growing segment of the personal care industry.

#1) Men demand natural & organic hair products more than women

In a shocking 2017 study, researchers found men are requesting natural and organic hair and styling products more than women.

Men Demand Organic and Natural Hair Products More than Women.

Clearly, there’s a great opportunity to fulfill the growing demand for organic hair products for men.

This next fact about men’s grooming products shows just how big of an opportunity salons and hair stylists really have in this segment.

#2) 80% of men's grooming product sales are generated from brick and mortar stores.

Unlike most personal care products, which are seeing most of their growth happen online, men’s grooming product sales are booming offline! This marks an amazing opportunity for retailers and service providers – like salons, spas and barbershops – to prosper with an exclusive, organic product line for men.

The facts are in, tribe.

So, we’ve answered with the launch of our Oway Men’s Collection — a complete range of men’s organic products for hair, beard, body and skin. Explore our products below!

Organic Hair Products For Men

While there’s a growing demand for male-focused items, our timeless collection of products won’t isolate your female and gender fluid clientele, either.

Meet our inclusive collection of professional organic hair care and styling products that are ideal for men, but great for most everyone.


Men's Organic Hair Styling


Organic Pomade

Oway Water Resin is a medium-hold, satin finish hair styling pomade and stem-strengthening treatment for creating versatile hairstyles. Clear and water-based, this pomade hydrates and re-plumps the hair with Phyto-Peptides and botanical extracts to lightly soften and shape the hair.

Perfect for all types of hair, but great for shaping and defining curls.

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Organic Hair Clay

Oway Raw Mud is a strong-hold matte styling clay made with Kaolin Clay, making it great for creating sculpted looks on medium and thick hair. Infused with Biodynamic Laurel, Organic Black Cumin, Ethical Bacuri and Phyto-peptides, this styling wax conditions the hair while protecting it from external aggressors.

Ideal for creating definitive texture and sculpted hair styles.

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Organic Hair Wax

Oway Bungee Fiber is a strong-hold hair styling paste for creating soft, tousled looks on wavy and curly hair.

Rich in Phyto-peptides and natural moisturizers from Biodynamic Laurel, Organic Black Cumin and Ethical Bacuri, its fibrous texture gives the hair enviable shape and volume without weighing it down.

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Men's Organic Hair & Body Care

Organic Silver Shampoo

Oway Silver Steel Hair Bath is a brass-banishing shampoo to neutralize unwanted yellow and golden tones, enhancing the hair’s vibrance and shine. Biodynamic Rice, Organic Agrimony, Ethical Carambola and Phyto-Peptides cleanse and nourish the hair from the inside out to keep it looking healthy and strong.

Ideal for clients with grey, blonde and white hair.

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Organic Body Wash For Men

Oway Hair & Body Invigorating Body Wash is a revitalizing hair and body wash that hydrates and detoxifies the skin and scalp from harmful pollutants. Biodynamic Juniper, Organic Maqui, Ethical Carambola and Plant-Derived Hyaluronic Acid draws out excess oil, dirt and and toxins, giving the scalp and skin a burst of freshness and energy.

Ideal for daily use and post-workout.

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Organic Hair Loss Treatment For Men

Our Oway Nocturnal Hair Remedy contains a synergy of hair-fortifying proteins from Biodynamic Anise, Organic Hops and Ethical Carambola that strengthens the hair bulbs.

Plant Stem Cells from Basil inhibit the production of 5-alpha reductase – the enzyme responsible for the conversion of testosterone to DHT. Excess DHT is known to be one of the most common causes of male hair loss. 

Ideal for treating men’s hair loss and promoting hair growth.

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Men's Organic Grooming Products

Organic Face & Beard Wash

Oway Face & Beard Hydrating Cleanser is an organic cleansing mousse that washes away excess sebum and impurities, leaving the skin fresh and smooth. The rejuvenating blend of Biodynamic Juniper, Organic Maqui, Ethica Bacuri and plant-derived Hyaluronic Acid calms and relieves skin from shaving stress and tension.

Ideal for all skin types, with or without beard

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Organic Shaving Cream

Our Oway Softening Shave Cream preps and softens the hair for fuss-free shaving. It contains a blend of soothing plant-derived emollients which enables razors to gently glide closely and effortlessly over the skin, preventing nicks and cuts.

Biodynamic Juniper, Organic Maqui, Ethical Bacuri and Bio-ferments strengthens the skin’s immune system to fight off any possibilities for infection or irritation.

Ideal for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin

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Organic Aftershave Balm

Complete your shaving ritual with our Oway Repairing Aftershave Balm. This ultra-soothing cream provides immediate relief and calms any shaving irritation and cuts. Made with Biodynamic Juniper, Organic Maqui, Ethical Bacuri and Siberian Ginseng to even out and smooth the skin.

Ideal for all skin types.

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Organic Beard Balm

Soften and tame. Blended with Biodynamic Laurel, Organic Black Cumin, Ethical Bacuri and Safflower, our Oway Lip & Beard Salve nourishes the beard and lips with vegetable extracts, keeping them hydrated and moisturized all day without an overly greasy feel.

Apply to clean dry beard and lips for maximum results.

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Organic Skincare For Men

Our Oway Face & Eye Energizing Texture Cream is a 2-in-1 emulsion that reverses signs of skin aging on the delicate face and eye area. Biodynamic Juniper, Organic Maqui and Ethical Bacuri keep the skin smooth and supple without an oily feeling or residue, while Resurrection Plant helps stimulate cell regeneration and fight free radicals.

Ideal for all skin types.

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Get started with Oway's Men's Collection in your salon, spa or babershop below!