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O’right is committed to being a sustainable company by reducing carbon emissions, using certified organic ingredients, printing with soy ink on their packaging and utilizing recycled materials. This is certainly exemplified with the revolutionary “Seeds Inside” range of products that are packaged in biodegradable cardboard, and when planted in the ground after use will grow a flowers and plants. Simply Organic is proud to be partnered with a company that provides a fundamental “green” example to the professional beauty industry.

The Products

The O’right line provides hair care and styling products that can meet all the needs of a professional salon.  Aside from the normal lineup of shampoos and conditioners, they also have special creams, tonics, treatments and even a range of body washes and lotions.  One of the unique lines from O’right allows stylists to assess the state of their client’s hair, and formulate a special deep conditioning treatment for them from a range of intermixable essential oils.  These same essential oil blends form the basis of the botanical ranges in which the products are grouped.  Each botanical range is designed for a certain type of hair or condition.

The Camellia range has been formulated to help control oily hair and skin.  It has a delicate floral scent similar to freesia with hints of carnation and honeysuckle.

Goji Berry is rich in antioxidants.  It regulates sebaceous secretions and reinforces the hair. This botanical range from O’right is terrific to strengthen the hair roots, give lift, and add volume for a rich, full hair with a healthy bounce.

The Golden Rose range has been designed to give gentle cleansing and conditioning.  It is also great a hair color protector.  It has a crisp, airy fragrance of white roses.

The Purple Rose range is designed to provide maximum moisture leaving hair and skin soft smooth and glossy. For hair these products are great for split ends and frizz fighting.  It is also a superb detangler.  Purple Rose has a full-bodied rose scent with hints of grape.

The Green Tea range was created especially for chemically treated hair.  It is an excellent antioxidant that is perfect for texturized hair.  The Green Tea products have a refreshingly light scent with hints of bamboo with lemongrass undertones.

The Tea Tree range is made with pure Australian Tea Tree oil and has excellent antibacterial properties.  It is great for preventing dandruff and itchiness.  It has a refreshing natural botanical scent.

The Dandelion range is O’right’s children’s line. It is a hypoallergenic and tear-free formula. Made with natural and eco-friendly ingredients. It has a light, fresh floral aroma.

The Ice range of shampoo and body wash is cool and invigorating.  It is designed to remove oily buildup, while cleansing and tightening the scalp and skin.  Ice has an invigorating eucalyptus scent with a tingly menthol finish.

All of O’right’s styling aids are made with natural and certified organic ingredients. Their packaging is very environmentally conscious because it is highly recyclable and printed with soy. Clients will  love the ease of use and performance!

The Sizes

O’right is a professional only salon line from Simply Organic beauty.  It comes in a wide variety of sizes from backbar refill to retail that salons will find useful. The main sizes for the hair care wet lines are 10 liter refill, 5 liter refill, 1 liter backbar, 400 milliliter, 150 milliliter retail, 120 milliliter refill and 100 milliliter retail.  In an effort to help salons to become more sustainable, O’right and Simply Organic encourages them to use refills for their backbar and to offer a refill option for their clients.

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