O&M Colorist of the Month: Holly Goss Johnson

November 2015: Holly Goss Johnson

As a community of passionate Hair Stylists, one of the most valuable things we have is learning from one another. Each month, the Simply Organic Beauty team highlights one Colorist who not only shares their exceptional work, but one that helps others in our online community.

Today, you’ll get to know Holly and what she loves about our Original & Mineral color line, and of course, get to see some of her amazing work.


What got you interested in trying more chemically-conscious salon products?

A lot of things assisted in my choice to find better options, but mainly health is the biggest driving force. I am trying to make small changes to promote a healthy lifestyle for myself, spouse, son, and others and the best way to do that is one step at a time. Making better choices when it comes to eating, skincare, or haircare are just my starting point.

Why did you choose Original & Mineral?
I have a friend in London that has used the line for a while and she loves it, so I thought I would give it a try!


What’s one of your favorite shades or formulas from O&M?

So far I love the /7’s. Most if my clients prefer a little warmth in their hair and the /7’s are great for adding the warmth without adding to much!

Do you have a favorite retail product? If so, why?
I love them all so far…but I use a cocktail combo of Style Guru and Frizzy Logic on every client that sits in my chair!!

How important is it for Hair Stylists to build communities and empower each other?
I think it’s very important that we build a community that empowers each other. We are in a very cutthroat industry and instead of everyone tearing you down its so much better when we build each other up and assist the ones who may need a little help or push in the right direction!

If you could give one piece of advice for new stylists using O&M what would it be?
Try it!! I have been in the industry for 14 years and have tested/used many color lines probably in the high teens to low 20’s. How will you know if works for you unless you try it. We are in a forever changing industry and the world is becoming way more conscious of what products we use and put in our bodies so we all need to get outside our boxes and learn to roll with the changing times!

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