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Meredith Johnson


For the month of March the Spotlight is on Meredith Johnson, congratulations!

She is the newest O&M Colorist of the month. She has been sharing some killer fashion shades that she created and we just couldn’t get enough! Below we interviewed her on her O&M journey and where she plans to go next.

Don’t forget to take a look at her gorgeous work at the bottom, you might just find some spring inspiration!

Get to know Meredith!

Meredith Johnson

In the world of non toxic hair color what about O&M CCT stands out to you?

O&M stands out because it’s a very wide range of tones, the possibilities are endless and that’s exactly what the stylist needs in this creative color era.

Do you have any tips or tricks you could give to a new O&M stylist?

I myself am fairly new to O&M , I would say the color chart is key. Understanding the undertones and using them to your advantage will guarantee success.

Also, O&M tends to look dark when processing, do not feel fearful and rinse before the recommended processing time has been fulfilled .

Do you have any favorite styling products?

My favorite product is the O&M Surf Bomb.

Once I’ve curled the hair in a wave pattern, I let the curls cool, then I tousle them and spray the Surf Bomb simultaneously to create the perfect beachy look.

O&M Surf Bomb

Your work is flawless! Where do you find inspiration for these beautiful fashion shades and do you have any favorite O&M colors or formulations?

That’s the compliment all stylists want to hear but never think we deserve. Thank you so much.
I could say I draw most of my inspiration from nature, which is true, but my clients inspire me more than anything else.

Their individual beauty, personalities, and triumphs through life give me all the inspiration I think I’ll ever need.
My absolute favorite in the O&M line right now are the Pearl tones .

For example, 8/81 + 9/8 + 10/16 is the perfect toner for a pearlescent blonde.

What color trends do you foresee for spring 2016?

2016 is already a rebellious year in the hair world. Playing with warm and cool tones in a way that they compliment each-other without clashing. Creating fantasy colors at every level, fun colors aren’t just for blondes anymore .

Check out Meredith's work with O&M!

You have been awesome with sharing your work in the online forum, what about the online community do you enjoy the most?

I love the online forum! It is vital for stylists to be able to communicate, formulate and problem solve together. The O&M forum gives us a fun, judgement free zone to do just that.

Join Meredith and other like-minded stylists in the O&M Hair Color Forum here!

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