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Owave, Oway’s newest hair texturizing system has finally landed in North America. If you missed yesterday’s Launch and Learn Class, here are the 5 things you need to know about this exciting development from Oway.

5 Things You Need to Know About Owave

It’s free from toxic chemicals found in conventional perming systems.

The 80s perm trend may have returned, but there’s one thing that’s keeping many clients from getting it: it’s a chemically loaded treatment. Because perming involves altering the hair’s natural structure, most traditional perm products contain harmful chemicals such as ammonia and thioglycolates.

Ammonia is a caustic substance than not only causes skin irritation, inhaling its gaseous form can destroy our respiratory and endocrine system. On the other hand, thioglycolates, also known as perm salt, is a common formula popular in perming solutions due to its ability to reduce the disulfide cystine bonds in the cortex of the hair, and in so doing, changing its shape and texture.

Oway eliminated these two chemicals in Owave, and replaced it with Cysteamine, an amino acid derived from keratin, the protein that’s naturally present in the hair. Cysteamine acts on the sulphur bridges on the hair to modify its structure. Unlike Ammonia and Thioglycolates, Cysteamine is a much gentler agent that respects the health of the hair.

We added Biodynamic-Organic Botanicals to further protect and nourish the hair during the treatment.

We did not stop there. We also added Biodynamic Helichrysum Hydrolates, Ethical Chia and Flax Oil and Organic Blackthorn Extract to keep the hair strong and hydrated throughout the process. Some perm solutions can suck the moisture out of the hair, leaving it weak and brittle. These nourishing botanicals give the hair that extra layer of protection by delivering polysaccharides to the strands and wrapping them in a film to ensure elastic, flexible curls.

Owave has waving treatments for both resistant and treated hair.


Owave 1A is ideally used for super resistant hair, while Owave 1B is perfect for treated hair. Both solutions have a pH of 8.2-9, which are common for thioglycolate-free perm treatments. And because it uses Cysteamine and a concoction of botanical ingredients, it elasticizes the hair while safely altering the shape.

Both solutions can be customized depending on the technique (see below).

The system comes with neutralizer that helps rebalance the hair’s pH.

The Owave 2 neutralizer is a fortifying fluid that reconstructs the sulphur bridges of the hair fiber, stabilizing the curl and preventing breakage. The biodynamic-organic botanicals also present in the formula give added strength and elasticity to the hair.

Owave is fully customizable.

Does your client want luscious body waves? How about natural beach waves and defined spiral curls? Owave is formulated to help you create every shape and texture you desire. Below are some formulas you can use to create the aforementioned looks.

Beach Waves


Luscious Curls


Spiral Coils


With the proper after-care, Owave Treatments can last from 4-12 weeks, depending on the curl. All Oway hair care and hairstyling treatments, particularly the Oway Curly Line, are designed to work with Owave and help prolong its healthy, beautiful results.

Check out our new Owave Texturizing System from Oway below!

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