Biodynamic vs Organic Ingredients

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A new wave of sustainability is sweeping over the beauty industry. Biodynamics takes organic farming a step further, with its focus on unity,
high processing standards, active ingredients, naturally-derived extracts, and ethical trading.

This farming method has raised the ideals associated with those of traditional and organic farming techniques. Oway, our new haircare line, embodies this ideology of farming through harvesting healthy plants that are good for our health and which increase the overall well-being and quality of life.

What Is Biodynamic Farming?

bio1Biodynamics may sound like an intensely complex concept, yet demystifying it is quite simple. The basis of it relies strongly on a farm’s intrinsic nature to sustain itself.

Biodynamic farming does not rely on the earth’s resources, but instead contributes them. There is also an understood respect and harmony between land, animals and people.

While, organic farming uses materials from outside sources, a biodynamic farm is best seen as a self-sustained system. It also creates the opportunity to give back to its surroundings, by being regenerative instead of degenerative. Biodynamic farming has brought about a hearty view on how comprehensive our quest for health and wellness should be.

bio2Unlike organic, biodynamic farming incorporates higher standards of animal welfare, including free-range mobility, lack of antibiotics use and environments free of harsh gasses and other harmful elements.

Also, farmers of biodynamic farms do not use synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers to help grow and maintain the land. In Oway’s case, their biodynamic farm (OrtOfficina) is over 50,000 miles of land that has never seen a drop of synthetic chemicals!

Instead, manure that is buried in cow horns and strengthened throughout the wintertime is used as a homeopathic fertilizer. This method of fertilizing creates high quality and pure functional active ingredients, such as the effective extracts that are infused into Oway’s color and care line. Farmers also reserve 10% of their land for biodiversity, which allows for a variety of ecology, more fertile soil and healthier results.

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Biodynamic farms are minimally dependent on imported materials. Any waste produced from an area of the farm is re-used as energy for other parts of the farm. Feed and fertilizer are produced from recycled organic material the system generates.

Oway’s farm is a prime example, as it has a permaculture that aims to meet its own needs, rather than seeking outside resources. The farmland also works with the rhythm of nature to achieve the best and most efficient results possible.

The benefits of using products that are produced on biodynamic farms include increased quality, better health and lower eco-impact. These benefits are attributed to the fact that biodynamic farms go beyond organic methods, which includes promoting the health, balance and effectiveness of the soil.

So, Why Choose Biodynamics?

Biodynamics truly is a step above organic. If you are after a clean and healthy approach, products with biodynamic ingredients are your best bet to achieve a refreshing look with the least amount of synthetic chemicals and preservatives. When health and wellness are your top priorities, it is easy to see the benefits of choosing biodynamic products over others. You have the power to set a precedent with the products you choose to use and the services you perform!

If you are looking for a brand that offers products with biodynamic ingredients, look no further than our new haircare line, Oway. This holistic system offers an entire line of products that adhere to the biodynamic certification guidelines.


The raw materials, formulations, production process, and packaging of Oway’s products are certified by NATRUE, an authoritative international non-profit organization that enforces high standards in order to ensure naturally-derived ingredients.

Find out for yourself just how amazing biodynamically-produced products are, and how helpful it is when it comes to achieving your goal of healthy beauty.

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