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With more and more clients experiencing sensitivity issues and allergic reactions to hair color, we thought about creating a hair color line that not only addresses those problems, but also significantly improves the integrity of the hair.

And so Oway Hnectar was born. If you missed yesterday’s Live Online Training, here are the amazing facts you should know about this revolutionary hair color line and treatment.

Learn more about Oway Hnectar below!

Hnectar is the first color infusion with hair-replumping vegetable nectars.

Hnectar is filled with vegetable proteins from Organic Papamiel, Yerba Mate, Mallow, Elderberry, and Cotton. All of which assist in reinforcing the hair structure from within to reveal healthier, revitalized locks.

  • Organic Papamiel Nectar contains a high concentration of regenerating sugars and amino acids that perform an anti-aging effect on the hair.
  • Fair Trade Yerba Matte is dubbed as an elixir of life for its high antioxidant content (90% more than Green Tea), which help protect the hair from damaging free radicals and promote hair growth.
  • Organic Mallow Nectar contains anti-inflammatory properties and polysaccharides which help soothe and reduce the likelihood of sensitivity.
  • Biodynamic Elderberry is an ancient plant popular for its healing properties. These properties are used in Hnectar to address hair loss and add brightness and shine to the hair.
  • Organic Cotton Proteins helps hold additional moisture, making the hair stronger and more elastic.

Hnectar is a color and a treatment in one.


Because Hnectar is filled with conditioning agents and plant sugars, it also acts as a hair treatment. Hair is noticeably brighter and shinier after each Hnectar session. This makes it a perfect choice for heavily damaged strands due to repeated lightening and bleaching.

Hnectar is made WITHOUT Ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol.

Ammonia, Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) and Resorcinol are three chemicals commonly found in traditional hair color that have been widely documented as sensitizers. Ammonia is a caustic substance that when turned into gas can cause various endocrine system issues. PPD and Resorcinol are known to cause contact dermatitis on clients who come in contact with these chemicals.

Hnectar removed these chemicals and replaced them with very minimal amounts of Monoethanolamine, Para-toluenediamine sulfate and Amiophenol – just enough to make the hair color work. However, we didn’t stop there. We also removed Mineral Oils, Alcohol and Fragrance, and replaced them with plant-based extracts and essential oils to further moisturize the hair.

Hnectar now has 41 permanent, ammonia-free and PPD-free shades.


You asked, we delivered. We’ve added 7 new shades to the line to provide you more options for toning and coloring. They are:

You can find these new shades in our Oway Hnectar Blonde + Toning Color Kit, including some Education and Promo Materials.

Hnectar provides a reflective coverage and up to 3 levels of lift.

Due to the green sugars and vegetable proteins in Hnectar’s formula, it provides a reflective grey coverage – a perfect option for clients who want natural-looking, well-blended hair instead of opaque or matte coverage.

When combined with a higher developer, Hnectar can also be used to provide up to 3 levels of lift, without compromising the integrity of the hair.

Check out our Oway Hnectar Kits below!

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