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Ever wish you had an organic, non-toxic hair color barrier cream? How about a simple, inexpensive way to alleviate scalp discomfort for those extra sensitive clients? HScreen can do all of these things and more!

Check out these 5 unbelievable salon uses for Oway’s Hscreen below:


Hscreen is an “invisible glove” for hair stylist hands and nails.

hair color barrier cream
Proper hair color applications usually require gloves. However, the constant rubbing of hands against latex or at the shampoo bowl can cause overly dry hands or even dermatitis. Hscreen is the perfect skin and cuticle protectant for hair stylists who don’t want to look like they just murdered a smurf or changed a tire.

Directions: Pump 3-4 drops into hands. Rub together, paying extra attention to the cuticles. Note: Hscreen is easily removed with soap and water and won’t leave the hands feeling sticky or coated.

Hscreen prevents hair color staining on the skin and scalp.


The best way to take the attention off your client’s fabulous color service is for them to walk out with scalp staining. Hscreen’s innovative formula ensures hair color molecules penetrate the hair only. That way, clients never have to leave with unsightly scalp or skin staining.

Directions: Apply directly to the hairline or mix 3-4 drops into a bowl of color to prevent staining on the scalp with darker colors.


Hscreen shields scrapes, small cuts and moles.

Does your client have a small cut or sensitive area? Ditch the bandaid. Hscreen be applied directly to sensitive or exposed areas of the scalp during any chemical treatment (coloring, lightening, perming, straightening) for extra skin/scalp protection.

Apply directly to sensitive areas on the scalp (sores, rashes, small cuts or abrasions, moles) to create a barrier between the skin and any chemical treatment.


Hscreen can be used for client’s with allergies or sensitivities.

Hscreen’s soothing lavender essential oil mixed with it’s innovative use of polysorbates makes it an ideal option for clients with extreme allergies or sensitivities. Hscreen can be added directly to your color formula for extra protection.

Directions: Add 3-4 drops per bowl of color. Note: It’s always recommended to patch test a sample of Hscreen and color beforehand. View hair color patch test here.


Hscreen can be used to create a clear shine gloss.

For a high shine finish, Hscreen can be mixed with Hmilk No Stress for the ultimate clear gloss formula! Not only will this gloss add shine, it will improve the hair’s health and help that fresh new hair color last!

Directions: Can be done or wet or or damp hair. For every 1oz of Oway Hmilk No Stress, use 5-7 pumps of Oway Hscreen. The number of pumps will depend on the hair condition and type. For more coarse, resistant haired clients, you’ll want to use more Hscreen.

Hscreen Key Ingredients

This product is full of 99% natural, organic, and biodynamic ingredients that aid in protecting the skin and improving the hair. Some of those ingredients are:

Perilla Seed Oil
– rich in fatty acids, soothes the scalp, and combats aging and free radicals.

Cottonseed Protein – gives structure to the hair, repairing, nourishing and softening the strands while preventing drying.

Hibiscus Flower Extract – rich in flavonoids, organic acids, carbohydrates, and vitamins. It is a powerful antioxidant and adds shine to hair.

Date Seed Oil – nourishes, improves elasticity, and adds structure to the hair.

Lavender Essential Oil – alleviates inflammation and soothes skin and scalp

Do you have a professional account with us? If so, you can purchase Hscreen here! Need to set up an account? Call 888-213-4744

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