Oway Stylist Spotlight: Serena Jarvis

Serena Jarvis

Our May 2016 Organic Way Hair Colorist is Serena Jarvis!

Not only is Serena a certified Organic Hair Colorist, but an inspiring young entrepreneur who knew from a very young age what she was destined for! Below you’ll learn about Serena and why she chooses the Organic Way!

Get to know Serena!

Tell us about yourself! How many years have you been a Stylist?

Last year, I decided to make a big leap and open my own business: Serena Rose Styles.

The passion and love I have for my craft has carried over into the business side of things too. It is hard to believe that I started working for a beauty salon when I was 14, and now I am an entrepreneur! Before I finished high school, I started an apprenticeship and embarked on a career path that has groomed me for the past 11 years into where I am today!

Now, I am a certified organic hairstylist, an up-do’s specialist, an award winning make-up artist, and a beauty coach!

What prompted you to adopt non-toxic, organic salon products?

My preference to obtain a healthy lifestyle started with the choice to become vegetarian at the age of 12. From there, my awareness and desire to better myself grew. The change to non-toxic, organic salon products was natural and effortless! The healthier option, is always the route I choose to take!

What’s your favorite Oway product?

One would think this question would be the easiest to answer, however, I pondered this one the longest!

If I HAD to pick one, I would say Glamshine Cloud is my favorite Oway product. I use it on every person before they leave my chair, and utilize it every weekend during wedding season! It steps up every look and each color shade with a few simple spritz’s!


Why Oway? What about their philosophy and products make it the perfect fit for Serena Rose Styles?

Honestly, I didn’t realize how good of a decision I was making when I chose Oway!

There were so many decisions to be made, and I knew this was one that would shape the rest of my business. Customer service and educating my clients, are 2 things that I pride myself in. They also are 2 (of the many) things that Oway is best at! Patricia (my representative) was so kind, informative, patient, understanding, and happy to be serving me – she sold me on the line! Later, I learned how deeply the company cares for it’s patrons and the environment, without jeopardizing the quality of the product!

In my experience, Oway’s philosophy and products trump all other lines out there and every stylist should be using them!

Do you have any go-to formulas or tips you can give new Oway users?

We all have clients that ask for highlights when they are not booked for them, and with summer approaching everyone wants to ‘be a bit lighter’ before the season starts! I have found a fun and easy way to satisfy customers that takes NO EXTRA TIME!

Pop in a few highlights on top, and pull through the ends (surrounding the highlights and elsewhere) 50% 0.0 and 50% 8.1 or 9.1 with 9V or 20V. Every single person has left happy!

What’s your life quote?

You can only change yourself!

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