Retailing Skincare in Your Salon: A Guide for Stylists

“I am a hairstylist, what are the benefits of me selling skincare to my clients?”   

The skincare industry was valued at over 100 billion dollars in 2021 and is expected to continue rapidly growing. As clients become more educated on health and beauty, they are constantly looking for new products and services. Just like haircare, we can agree that not all skincare is created equal. Clean, sustainable skincare is just as important as clean haircare. 

As stylists, your clients trust your opinion and turn to you for guidance on all things beauty. Retailing skincare in your salon or salon suite can be a great way to increase your retail profits and ensure your clients are using high-quality, clean products. Keep reading to learn more on how to step up your retail game! 

Increase Revenue

Let’s be honest, we all know that our clients are visiting big, commercial retailers for their beauty needs. Many of those stores are filled with misleading or high-tox products. Next time your client is in the salon, try assessing their skincare goals with them. This can be a natural way to educate your clients and increase your revenue behind the chair! Asking questions about their skincare routine, their skin concerns, and any sensitivities they have will build their trust with you and open up the conversation around retail. 

In this fast-paced, rapidly growing industry it is important to take advantage of every opportunity to encourage your business to thrive. By including skincare in your retail collection, you allow your client the opportunity to fill their skincare needs with you! Building your clients’ service ticket with retail is a fast and mutually beneficial way for you to increase revenue, and for your clients to have high-quality, clean products. 

Display Strong Ethos

As a clean beauty stylist, you take pride and find the importance of using only the best ingredients possible. Retailing skincare is another way for you to educate and influence your clients to live a clean, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle. 

We know that there are many harmful ingredients within beauty products that can affect our health. Increase your reach in the “Clean Beauty Movement” by making sure your clients are using only healthy skin-loving ingredients, with products that are also suitable for the environment. 

This is why we are so excited to share our newest skincare line that we added to our clean beauty collection! Meet Haoma, a brand that thrives off of celebrating one’s natural beauty! 

This luxury skincare brand focuses on all the things that matter to our Simply Organic Beauty community. From their mission to clean ingredients to their eco-loving ethos, Haoma is an impactful line that values everything close to our “clean beauty-loving” hearts. Their skincare is powered by plants and bio-engineered compounds and in addition, Haoma has a promise to plant a tree for every purchase of a skincare product. This is a great selling point for your clientele and you can be sure you are backing a brand that values performance, ingredient integrity, and our planet.  

 Learn More About Haoma! 

Not looking to invest in expanding your retail offerings in the salon?

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Expanding your retail collection can be an exciting addition to your business as a stylist or salon! Choosing a brand that aligns with your ethos is crucial for the success of your retail expansion. This is why we are so excited for you to try the transformative powers of Haoma. 

Ready to dive deeper into the world of clean and sustainable skincare? Click here to start your healing and nourishing skincare journey with Haoma!