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karine jacksonSummer hadn’t been kind to my locks and they were in need of a serious perking up – cue a hair education for flat, dull color at Karine Jackson’s Hair and Beauty Salon in London’s West End.

My days of dipping my locks into any old color pool are about to be numbered…

The Treatment:

Karine believes in organic hair color, courtesy of Organic Color Systems, so I’m intrigued to see whether this really is any different to the usual colors I have slathered on in the past. The organic colors use naturally derived ingredients and have been featured in the likes of Tatler and Vogue.

I’m also set to have a scalp treatment to lock color in with seaweed, fennel seeds, aloe vera and chamomile. So I’m hoping that- for once – my locks will look sleek and chic.

What’s Involved?

I take one look at my colorist, Candace Redden’s, great hair and I know I’m in good hands. She’s sporting ashen blonde locks a la Gwen Stefani that I’ve always dreamed of having, but after a consulation with her, I realise I’m destined to be a brunette for a while yet. She whips out a chart and starts matching my skin tone to colors. She then brings me a chart of hair colors, telling me a medium, warmer brown will suit my coloring. In no time her magic mixture is done and she’s covered my hair in brown colorant.

After a stint under a heater then some cold air, I’m whisked downstairs where the color is washed out. Next is my scalp soothing treatment, Scalp Soothe Plus. This makes my scalp tingle and is combined with a head massage to make sure the product is absorbed properly. Then my head is covered with a hot towel for a few minutes (this feels amazing), before everything’s washed out and I’m sent upstairs to see the results.

Candace consults with me on what style I’d like to accompany my sleek new color. I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to scissors and my hair, so I opt for a shaping trim.

The Verdict

As someone who has colored their hair for years, organic color is a real revelation for me. It just feels so much better post-application. My scalp, which in the past has reacted to other colors, feels great and my hair feels silkier than usual. My colleagues tell me my locks look glossy and that the color is a natural fit. All in all, I’m in love with my new color and fresh-feeling scalp.

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