Salon Sustainability: Plastic-Free July Edition

Our shared mission of supporting sustainable brands and spreading the word about clean care is a huge part of the greater goal of changing salons and the beauty industry for the better. We’re here to share some practical ways that you can minimize your salon’s plastic waste and participate in Plastic Free July this month!

Sustainable Swaps for Single-Use Plastic

Start by identifying the common single-use plastic items in your salon, such as gloves, plastic wrap, and foils. Explore eco-friendly alternatives like reusable gloves or biodegradable, plant-based capes. These swaps not only reduce plastic waste but also showcase your commitment to sustainable practices.

Embrace Refillable and Bulk Products

Create a refill station of your favorite bulk or liter-sized hair and skincare products. Encourage your clients to bring back their empty containers and reward them with discounts on refills. By reducing single-use packaging, you’ll create a greener salon environment while fostering customer loyalty.

The Beauty of Clean Beauty

Clean beauty isn’t just a trend; it’s a movement towards healthier choices for ourselves and the planet. Explore natural and organic hair and skincare brands that prioritize sustainability, avoiding unnecessary packaging and harmful chemicals. Educate your clients about the benefits of clean beauty and help them make eco-conscious choices.

Eco-Friendly Tools and Accessories

Upgrade your salon tools to eco-friendly alternatives. Choose brushes and combs made from sustainable materials like bamboo, use washable and reusable cotton pads instead of disposable ones, and invest in high-quality, long-lasting towels and capes. These small changes add up and show your dedication to a plastic-free salon.

Join Green Circle Salons

Green Circle Salons is a company dedicated to making the salon industry more sustainable and environmentally friendly. They provide comprehensive waste management and recycling solutions specifically designed for eco-conscious salons. By partnering with Green Circle Salons, salon owners can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener future.

For a Greener Future

Plastic Free July is a fantastic opportunity for hairstylists and salons to become environmental advocates and create positive change. By implementing these easy tips, you can minimize plastic waste while continuing to offer top-notch services. Together, let’s make Plastic Free July the beginning of a sustainable journey for your salon and the planet!