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Fall In Love With Yourself: Self-Care Tips for Valentine's Day


Sometimes we forget how important it is to fill up our own love tank before we can give love to others. As many people have said (probably more eloquently), you cannot love others the way they need to be loved until you love yourself.

So this February, we are all about giving back to ourselves. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, this can be hard to prioritize or to even remember to do. We’ve come up with the best ways to put yourself first on this special day of LOVE.

Our Self-Care Tips for Valentines Day

1. Pamper Yourself

One sure-fire way to enjoy your own company is to have a spa day. That can mean booking an appointment at a local spot or just doing it at home, considering you are a holistic beauty guru! Something as simple as drawing a bath and applying an Age Defying or Calming Face Mask (and grabbing a glass of wine, perhaps) is a great way to show your body and mind some love.


2. Make Your Favorite Dinner

Cooking and food, in our opinion, are their own forms of love. If it’s just you and you’re not so sure about cooking for one, try taking a different viewpoint. Nourishing your body with fresh ingredients and your favorite spices and flavors is the ultimate act of self-care and attention. From yourself, for yourself.

Put on your favorite Spotify station, pour yourself a cocktail and take your time whipping up your favorite meal exactly the way you like it!

3. Recalibrate

Did the New Year sneak up on you and then all of the sudden, it’s already February with no reflection or refreshed goals in sight? We’ve been there. Taking some time to journal about the past year, the beginning of 2020 and ways to take better care of yourself for the year to come is a great way to care for the now-you and future-you.

We created a Self-Care Calendar for February that has one act of love on it everyday. You might have to move a few things to new dates if you want to complete a full month, but this is a great way to extend your self-love practice throughout the year.

4. De-stress

Sounds simple, but most of us rarely take the time to actually think about what this means for each of us individually and set aside time for whatever that is.

Perhaps your version of destressing means hitting the gym for the hardest cycling class of your life. For others, it could mean meditating or reading a book by a diffuser full of a relaxing essential oil. Take some time to think about what would be most relaxing for you and make sure to do that for yourself on Valentine’s Day.

5. Simply Treat Yourself

Is gift-giving the truest way to your heart? Sometimes getting yourself a little something without feeling guilty about it is the best way to show yourself that you care!

Our new Self-Love Charity Box is a great way to do just that. Not only do you get self-care Vday essentials: a Serenity Bath Bomb, Rose Quartz Healing Crystal, Rose + Sage Smudge Stick and Oway and O&M moisturizing mask must-haves, you also give to other vicariously. For each box sold, we are donating $5 To Write Love On Her Arms, a non-profit that aids those struggling with mental health such as depression and self-injury.


Treat yourself this Valentine's Day with these goodies!


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