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Clients love to see the work that you’ve done. So show them! In addition to a brochure and menu, it’s great to have a Before and After Book. This is an easy, fun project that brings amazing results.

First you need to get pictures of clients. It may be worth having a digital camera specifically for the salong. Before you photograph a client, ask them if it’s alright and explain what it’s for. Also, offer to send them before and after pictures of themselves. This is extremely easy for two reasons: (1) people love having their picture taken and (2) people love results. What better way to show that their money was well spent than a gorgeous before and after photo?

Take the “Before” shot immediately after you put on the shampoo cape. Then the “After” after you remove the cape.

If you have a couple minutes, or if you have an unusually attractive client, take them to a white wall or somewhere more scenic than your chair. If possible, touch up their makeup. This kind of moving around creates a creative, exciting energy in the salon. Again, people love having their pictures taken!

When your album gets too large, you can segment it by hair color.

These pictures don’t have to stay in your album. You can use them on your website and advertisements as well. If you do use the shots outside of your album, be sure to get a signed model release form from each photographed client. To give you an idea of what one of these forms looks like, check out’s.

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