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Organic Scalp Care & Cancer: Natural Treatments For Hair Loss & Dry Scalps


Cancer is a devastating disease. It takes a toll on the patient, family and friends. It’s not only physical but an emotional roller coaster of pain, joy, fear, and sorrow. It claims lives and for those who are lucky enough to survive, it changes them forever.

Life post cancer is a whole new world with whole new host of uphill battles. There’s the side effects and the worries about if and when it will return. Not to mention, the journey of rediscovering who you are without the disease.

We are sharing some of our superstar stylists who are utilizing organic scalp care to improve not only their own health and but also the well-being of clients who have survived cancer. Slowly but surely, these clients are reclaiming their life back, thanks to the in-salon treatments they receive from their trusted holistic hair professional.

*Disclaimer: Oway Organic Scalp Care and Treatments are in no way shape or form a cure for cancer or promote cures of any kind. The following are testimonials ONLY*

Meet Marla Kradletz

After working for a prestigious hair brand, Marla Kadletz noticed that by the end of the day she couldn’t bend her fingers without pain. “If this stuff is doing this to me, it’s got to be affecting others badly as well. Something had to change!” Suffering from a toxic overload propelled her to seek alternative ways to continue doing hair.

Marla suffers from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease that is extremely difficult to keep under control. Given her profession, she didn’t want to expose herself to poisons any longer that were ultimately worsening her condition. “I had to realize that I could eat perfectly and workout, but if I’m slathering toxic garbage on my skin, I wasn’t going to feel any better.”


These changes are reflected in the salon she now owns: Marla’s Organic Salon in Columbia, Missouri. Her business is her platform and she takes pride in educating and informing her salon customers organic scalp care and treatment options.

One way she educates her clients is explaining green-washing. “I show them the Think Dirty App that breaks down the poisons in everyday products and how they affect them.” Every time a client walks in her all-organic salon, she tries to make a difference by planting a seed in their mind to live a non-toxic lifestyle.


Getting Oway organic scalp care into their hands is how they start to realize they can achieve amazing results without having to sacrifice their health. “The more they get their hands on it, the more they rave about it, the results and the quality!” Having access to products with biodynamic and natural ingredients restored her own life but now she can share her journey with others. She has especially seen a difference in those who have overcome cancer.

Using Oway Scalp Treatments, she gets to see the transitions take place behind the chair. So far, she has styled five clients that have conquered cancer. When being faced with death and have survived, it is hard to get life back on track. Cancer survivors face a plethora of issues mentally and physically post treatment. Some have depression, fatigue and trouble focusing, also known as “chemo brain”.[1]

For some survivors, they can continue with minimal side-effects. For others, radiation therapy can cause infertility, muscle weakness and hair loss. It’s hard to look and feel your best when overall you don’t feel the way you used to.


Hair growth result after using Oway Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath for 1 month. Client was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 18 years old. Marla is trying to change this, one head of hair at a time. It requires a lot of patience and an eye for detail. From her experience, cancer survivors experience very sensitive scalps and their hair is usually thinner than before and the texture changes.

To address these issues, she first cleans and preps the scalp using the Oway Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath and the Oway Moisturizing Hair Mask. Made with innovative Buddleja Davidii Plant Stem Cells and Denisplant, the Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath densifies the hair follicles and prolongs the hair’s anagen (or growth) phase. “After they see the amazing results after about a month, they come back for the Oway Densifying Remedy treatment and I use that 3 times a week”.

She uses this routine paired with the Oway Densifying Remedy to help intensify the results. This organic hair growth treatment strengthens the hair bulb and stimulates the dermal papillae to induce new hair growth and prevent hair loss. The results speak volumes.

She has high hopes that other salons catch on. It’s more than a solution but a lifestyle change for the stylist and client. Each client she comes across is an opportunity to transform lives. “This thought process makes me sleep well at night, that while I’m in a one chair salon today – I’m still making a small difference”. These small differences are making big impact where it counts.

Meet Bailey Lyn Simon

Bailey Lyn  Simon, owner of Periwinkle Beauty Studio in Geismar, Louisiana and educator for Simply Organic Beauty, has been in the industry for more than 16 years.

After the birth of her son, she decided to switch to a healthy lifestyle. “I recognized that I was eating organic foods, making my home cleaning products…however, I still surrounded myself and my son with harmful chemicals when I was doing hair.”


Bailey started having allergic reactions. Her hands covered in blisters would make it painful to work. “I would also get migraines regularly prior to switching to Oway,” she says about her physical ailments.After discovering Simply Organic Beauty, she was empowered to help others. “One of my biggest resources for sharing my knowledge with others about living a holistic life is my salon chair.” It’s the perfect place to strike up a conversation. She finds that people are naturally curious and most of her clients are open to a new perspective. “I have 30 minutes to 2 hours with clients to sit and share my knowledge of a plant-based, clean and safe beauty lifestyle.”

Watching the changes manifest in the clients using Oway products is gratifying for Bailey. “I do have clients that are cancer survivors and I have had some that weren’t able to overcome their battles.”

Recovering from cancer is a sensitive and intimate process. It requires education and compassion. So she ensures that all of her salon clients questions are addressed and answered. “Before addressing the physical concerns of their scalp, I think that it is most important to address the thoughts and worries of the client for what they are concerned with in reference to the future for their hair.” Some of the questions that are asked are: “Will my hair come back?” and “Will it start falling out again?” “These are all legitimate concerns and one of my central goals is to help realistically sort out these worries for my clients”.


Stress, worry and anxiety are all factors in hair loss. Post cancer, that can be hard to avoid. After making a full assessment, Bailey examines the physical condition of the scalp. “Some of the common issues I have seen as a result of cancer and cancer treatment are dry scalp, fragile hair texture, change of growth patterns, weak follicles, slow hair growth, inflammation of the scalp and some lower density hair in certain areas of the scalp that were not previously low.”

A thorough evaluation helps Bailey to create a plan on how to improve the scalp environment for hair to grow healthy. Bailey recommends using Oway Herbs and Clay Peeling Cleanser in conjunction with the Oway Strengthening Essential Oil Blend. “The combination helps to rejuvenate, nourish and revive the scalp.” The Oway Herbs and Clay Peeling Cleanser frees the scalp and hair from stress and toxins, an essential part of scalp restoration and follicle renewal. Combined with the Oway Strengthening Essential Oil Blend, it aides in micro-circulation in the scalp.

However, each client is different and for each case, Oway has various scalp treatments that address these concerns. “Taking proper care of the scalp and appropriately treating the scalp should lead to a strong base that supports healthy hair.”

For sensitive scalps

For any irritation or redness, the Oway Soothing Treatment fit best. Comprised of Biodynamic Helichrysum and Zanthoxylum, this formula relieves sensitivity by repairing and healing the scalp.


For dry scalps

For dryness that is not irritated, the Oway Purifying Dry Treatment is the way to go.  Made with Biodynamic Rosemary, Thyme, Rice Wax and Soy Lecithin, this special blend relieves itching and burning. It also promotes an anti-irritant and antimicrobial action, inhibiting growth of malassezia, the fungus responsible for dandruff.


No matter what scalp issue the client faces, Bailey has faith in Oway and holistic living as a solution. “Of course, I fully advocate having input from a client’s medical professional to ensure that there are no contradictions to any post cancer treatments that the client may be undergoing.” So, before beginning any treatment, always check with a medical professional.

As holistic hair stylists, we may not be able to stop this disease, but we are given a unique gift to effect positive change. These inspiring women are proof that with proper education and tools, we can transform lives, one scalp treatment at a time.

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