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Stylist Spotlight: Holistic Hair Stylist Lauren Klein


Lauren Klein took the leap this year by opening her own Salon Suite in Mobile, AL. Lauren’s dedication to her craft and ambition to work towards her goals has always been something we’ve admired as long as she’s been a client. We’ve loved watching her career transform and grow, so we knew there was no better stylist to kick off our Stylist Spotlight Series for 2020.

Lauren specializes in dimensional lived-in color and tailored haircuts, all while bringing her clients sustainable luxury. We chatted with Lauren to find out about her experience venturing out on her own and even snagged a Formula Friday from her featuring Pantone’s Color of the Year: Classic Blue.

Read on to learn more about Lauren and see her killer Classic Blue creation!

Tell us when and how you decided you wanted to be a holistic hair stylist.

I chose to become a holistic hair stylist because I was in need of something more. The holistic approach is so mindful and intentional, it’s not just about a client’s hair…it’s about them as a whole person (body, mind and soul) from their hair to their lifestyle. Plus, I love all things beauty and I have been very passionate about health—to be able to combine the two every day with my work is so fulfilling.


Are you using both Oway and O&M? What do you love about each line?

Currently, I am only using the full Oway line and I use some styling products from O&M. I love everything about Oway from the results of the Hbleach, HColor and styling products. I really love a good Sea Salt Spray which Oway has. I have not played with O&M color or lightener yet, but I love the styling products Frizzy Logic and Style Guru. I just ordered the O&M Paint Powder Clay Lightener and I am so excited to try it!

What do you say to clients who are skeptical about the effectiveness of organic* hair color?

I tell my clients who have been skeptical about whether it works or not that, just because the color is organic* does not mean it’s so gentle it will not work. I think some people do not realize how powerful and effective plants can be. I have noticed over using this product the past few years that my clients hair is softer, shinier and healthier after a color service and even when they come back for a follow up appointment!

*contains the highest percent of organic and biodynamic ingredients on the market

This year's Pantone Color of the Year is Classic Blue. Can you walk us through the process and your formula?

Yes, so my client was prelightened with highlights prior to coming into this appointment. I started with doing a soap cap with Hbright on her hair to extract the toner from the last appointment.

I started by mixing Hcolor 1.8 + 9vol about 1/2 inch out from the root. Then mixed 1.8 + 8.1 (equal parts) with 9vol creating around level 4 / 5 blue on any of her hair where she was not previously highlighted. Then I mixed Hbright 10g + Hmilk 50g + 200 drops of Hmelt Blue Charm to paint on her highlighted hair. Her highlights varied because a level 7 to level 10 so the Hmelt formula took to each of those levels differently. Which I really love because it created lots of dimension. Let it finish processing for about 30 minutes. I rinsed the hair with cold water at the bowl.


When it comes to fashion tones, maintenance is everything. Based on your experience, how long will this Classic Blue hair color last? And how do you make sure your client's expectations about longevity is managed?

I’ve noticed any fashion tones are always very short lived. The brightness of the colors last about two weeks when washing it once a week. I stress to all my clients that all fashion colors fade and that it is so important to not wash the hair a lot and when they do shampoo use cold water and use a color depositing conditioner. I will mix Hmelt and Oway’s Color Protection Mask custom to the formula of the client for at home maintenance.

What Oway products do you recommend for maintenance and why?

I always tell my clients if they are investing into their hair it is so important to invest in the right shampoo. I highly recommend to my clients with prolonging fashion tones to use Oway Color Protection Hair Bath and Color Protection Hair Mask. I like mixing in the Hmelt Blue Charm into the mask for them to have the color depositing conditioner. As for styling products, I highly recommend the Oway’s Color Protection Veil and Oway’s Thermal Stress Protector. Both of these products protect the hair color from environmental elements to help prolong the color.

You've recently become an independent hairstylist. Have you encountered any challenges so far?

Oh my gosh! I am LOVING IT! The freedom to be able to do the things I love when I want to and work on my own terms is so liberating, but I have encountered a few challenges that I am trying to overcome with myself. To name one, I am a workaholic/people pleaser so one of my major challenges I face is saying no to people. I usually always try to go with the flow and say yes to everything to please other people. In the long run, it only hurt myself and I felt drained all the time. I was so quick to put myself in the back burner. Over the years I have worked on becoming more assertive. I tend to be a timid and reserved person—going out on my own has forced me to really break out of my own shell and not hide behind someone else’s shadow. I am more assertive now, speak up and stand up for myself.

What is your advice for hairstylists who want to go on their own?

My biggest advice is to JUST DO IT! If you keep waiting on “the right time” it will never happen. Sometimes you just have to make the leap into the unknown. Your clients that love YOU for YOU and value your craft will follow you to the ends of the earth.

I feel like we are never presented with a task that we cannot handle. Our minds are powerful in so many ways. We can do the wildest things if we surround with good energy and think positive. If there’s a will! There’s a way!

Of course make sure you save up plenty of capital to be able to have a smooth transition into your new space and be able to afford all the supplies you need and do your research of how you want to run your own business. Always continue to further your education with classes for business and for the craft.

Do not let negative thoughts or people tell you, you can’t do something or make you feel inadequate.

If you have the idea of wanting to branch out on your own, DO IT!

See Lauren's other Oway creations below!

Image source: @laurenkleinhair

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